Samhain The Veil Thins

Oh a Halloween Party!
Tonight the ship is draped out as a pirate ship. Cannons line the sides of the decks with tables atop with food and drink, masts, sails and lights drape along the rigging providing light and a throng of servers greet each guest with a smile, appetizer and drink that match the evenings decor. Rum based drinks are flowing, while foods from around the globe are presented in a long buffet. Disney has nothing on the "Revenge" this evening, no longer a 'Lucky Star' but a ship ready to take on the world. For those wishing to try their luck gaming tables are arranged with chips that are "dubbloons" of gold chips and "pieces of eight" silver chips. The band of bagpipers, drummers, fiddlers and trumpeters play pirate songs in a manner that well rocks.

Clambering up onto the ship comes Tobias. He gives the ship a long, thorough look over, before starting to make his way in amongst the crowd. Thanks to his…well…costume, he has no trouble moving through people, aside from the few people who recognize it, wandering up to comment on its authenticity. For the moment, he's stuck chatting with a few of the other guests, but his apparent destination is to pick up some chips. He seems to be in a good mood tonight, laughing with the guests, and even occasionally joking around with them.

Walking up the "gang plank" Gema looks around at the festivities, a wistful look in her eye. Fingering one of the multitude of silver neckaces that are looped around her neck she sniffs the rum laced drink offered up and shakes her head heading over to get a tall drink of scotch instead. Every step showing off a shapely thigh and the red garter above the tall black boot, as well as the tucked in skandu with it's deer antler hilt showing. Following the "pirate" in his authentic costume hers seems rather, pulled together, though fetching in a 20th century way.

Amidst another group of partygoers, Lexine and Luke come up the ramp, the woman hanging off of the younger man's arm. She laughs warmly as they talk together, and promptly leads the way to where the drinks are. Her skirt flutters with each step, threatening to show more than just thigh, but never managing to.

Luke is dressed in almost the same theme as Lexine, a black bandanna tied over his head with the fox skull and crossbones showing, going down into more of a plain white shirt, cut in a renessance style. Black leather gloves, and black jeans are worn, tucked into a pair of soft soled black boots. He is wearing a tail too, fox like with black fur tipped and red, and the very end of the tail capped in white.

Serving wenches with shirts tied between bountiful breasts and skirts that are torn up their thighs, move between the guests with more treats..

Finally breaking away from his last conversation, Tobias continues to head over to buy some 'chips.' He flips through a wallet, and pulls out a couple bills with his left hand, and then takes a moderate sized tray of chips, before turning back to the rest of the room. He looks around for a few moments, and then finds a table that seems to interest him, and starts walking towards it.
Announcement: Thesus shouts, "Just as a reminder, Pirate Halloween Party started bout an hour and a half ago, plenty of time to still make it."
A mug of scotch in her hand, Gema also is heading towards the table of game and chance. Her eyes gleaming as she looks over the chips of silver. Pulling out a pouch of coins, she passes over a few stacks of "golden dollars" for a stack of "silver" chips. Once the chips touch her hand though she frowns. "Plastic" she mutters tossing them down on the table in on the red bar.

Gronk looks at the way to board the ship, then just shrugging a bit he starts to climb up the gang plank to board the ship. People quickly begin to get out of his way.

With a drink of rum now in hand, Lexine seems ready to get her party on. "I rilly love 'alloween," the Brit chirps to her companion, flashing a bright, if not rogue-like, smile at Luke. The glimmer of silver catches her eyes, and she leads on that way. Something makes her nose wrinkle, but her smile stays in place as they head towards the tables.

Luke glances around, following Lexine as he shrugs a little, "Eh, maybe. CAn't say that I have been trick or treating in years though." He tilts his head, looking at Tobias a moment, then at Gema. "Some neat costumes floating around though."

Niccolo makes sure to stay out of the boats way, but he does smile if not laugh a bit. Saying to no one in particuliar. "that is an orginal costume."

Tobias makes his way through some of the busier tables, and then finally finds an empty one. He takes a seat, his back towards the nearest wall, looking out over the floor. He gives a quick word to the dealer, and then sits, looking relaxed in his chair. It doesn't take long, however, for another guest to take a seat at the table. Chips are placed down, and cards start being shuffled.

The smell alerts her first, enough to make her look up right as the little ball lands squarely on Black. From her side she hears 'Always bet on black" as Gema turns. Yeah that is definitely the smell of Ogre…but a playful one it seems. "Hi there Gronk." Avoiding the pitch and turn of the boat slung around the ogre's waist she heads over to his side. "How are you this Samhain?"

Lexine's gaze follows the boat, since it's pretty hard -not- to see. She laughs, shaking her head. "That's for certain," is chuckled. Tobias is spotted, and she waggles her fingers towards him in greeting.

Gronk sighs. "How Lady know this Gronk, Gronk is costume, Gronk not Gronk on Samhain, Gronk ship, war ship, frigate, going to do some pirate bootying. Gronk sure Lady mistaken and not know that Gronk Pirate Ship tonight."

Luke slips away from Lex, "I am gonna go find a drink. The tail sways with his moments, quietly wandering along the buffet to see what all is there.

The buffet is pretty much filled with anything you can think of for a party, chip and dip, sushi, those little sausages, some salad, finger sandwiches, deserts, my gosh, it's a food filled smorgasboard.

Tobias chuckles as the boat comes on board, and then returns Lexine's wave. He pushes the chip he's placed on the table towards the other player, and mutters something to him and the dealer. The dealer nods, and finds a safe place for Tobias' chips, save for one, which Tobias pockets. He then stands from the table, and starts walking towards the gathering crowd.

Brynja nearly skips up the ramp to the boat, before she remembers that she's a -pirate- tonight. Her walk becomes one with a slight swagger, and her head is held high. Mulitcolored eyes wander over the crowd with a sort of idle curiousity.

Gema blinks for a second then grins as she answers Gronk, "Well I am afraid Gronk that you are doomed, you are like royalty. You have a presence when you enter the room." Yes that and a smell that would make a real pirate run for cover, but Gema does not say that. "But for tonight, you are the Great ship …Lost Hope."

Lexine nods to Luke, fingertips briefly running over his tail before she moves off towards Tobias. She beams a grin as she looks over his complete costume, and tilts her head. "Where'd you park the Black Pearl, mate?" She avoids his ghoulish arm, going to his other side and offering a kiss to his cheek, if he doesn't stop her, of course.

Pirate Ship nods his head. "Gronk like, 'Lost Hope' Gronk like yes, all that see 'Lost Hope' no hope left. Lady smart, Gronk always said so. Ha. You wait, Gronk have surprise for all, Gronk took time to make good costume…Err, 'Lost Hope' is good ship, yes."

Tobias doesn't stop her, and laughs for a second, before saying "shh" and bringing a bony finger up to his lips. "It's waiting in ambush." He chuckles a little, and then gestures towards Gronk. "But then, that could just be because not all of us can carry our boats with us all the time."

The party is in full swing by this time, there is a band up on the poop deck playing swing numbers, dancing is all about deck along with folks eating like it is going out of style. Waiters male and female are moving through the crowd in pirate garb offering wine and refreshments to any that seem to want it. Security is also about, even though in pirate garb as well, it's probably the eyes and ear pieces that give THAT away.

Brynja's fingers lightly brush the hilt of her sword, a gesture that seems to be more old habit than anything. She snags some rum from a passing server, and a bit of sushi from the table, taking her time with consuming both for the moment. She leans against a rail, and breathes in the night air as she continues to look around.

Luke snags a plate and starts filling it with more of the chips and dips and sausages that look somewhat normal. If its really exoctic looking, he leaves it alone. He peers at the drink selections when he finally gets down that way, and grabs a clear sparkly one (sprite). Then he moves off to the rail, the fox tail swaying once more as he moves, glancing over to Lexine as he finds a place out of the way.

Lexine aaahs softly, winking to Tobias. "Sneaky pirate," she muses teasingly, before looking back to Gronk. "Yeah, that must be rilly 'andy. Probably ne'er needs to worry about getting a parking ticket, either." She sips at her rum, dark eyes going to Luke after a few moments, a subtle gesture made to let him know she'll be there in a moment.

"Good good ship" Gema pats the side of the rowboat avoiding the cannon. Looking around she says "Oh look, there is Bry." She points to the Pirate over at the side of the boat heading towards her. "Come on Lost Hope." The scotch is swigged as she heads over to the other woman ducking in and out of the mass of people without any problem.
Tobias chuckles, and then glances over towards Luke. He turns his gaze back to Lexine, and grins at her. "Get on then, mate" he says, gesturing with his 'good' hand towards Luke. "Wouldn't want to keep the good lad waiting." It's a horrible impression, but at least it sounds pirate-y. He then starts glancing about at the rest of the ship, taking in the others that have showed up.

The party is in full swing, pirates, wenches, and even a boat, all enjoying the festivities. Gambling is allowed above and below decks tonight, and drinks flow in abundance along with food from all corners of the "known" world.

One partygoer dressed as a croc with a ticking clock hanging about his neck chats with a small fae perched on his shoulder.

Pirate Ship moves about the ship, carefully, people do as much as they can to get out of the way. More then one person is heard to say: "OMG that ship doesn't have any pants on."

When one mentions ships and pants int he same sentence like that, one must wonder just how much rum is flowing tonight. A whole lot with no stopping, it looks to pale blue eyes as another pirate swaggers onboard the 'Revenge'. Lips quirk as Rian looks about, hands on her hips before she stride to the buffett table. Quick way to see how the party will be, but if she knows the host of this thing, nothing will be lacking. Pale eyes catch sight of the ship with no pants, eyebrows arching before she just grins and shakes her head, multicolored plume bobbing with the movement.

"Feel free to come n' join us if you want, mate," Lexine murmurs to Tobias, giving his cheek another kiss before she heads towards where Luke awaits her. Her skirt swishes and hips sway as she makes her way across the ship's deck, and returns to the fox-tailed pirate's side. "Mebbe we'll go trick o' treating later," she says, with an impish grin.

You whisper "|Suddenly its as if the boat begins to spin, things seem closer than they really are." to Tobias.

Luke watches the crowds ebb and flow, his eyes following Gema and Gronk as they make their way over to Brynja. He rubs the side of his nose with a gloved hand, then goes back to eating, giving a shrug to Lexine when she returns. "Eh. Might scare the locals if we did."

Brynja glances over to her incoming company, blue lips twisting into a bright smile. She performs an elaborate bow as Gema and the Ship come closer, something obviously well-practiced. "<..a soft word in some language..>" she chirps to the two, the liquid within her necklace swirling around with her motions.

Tobias smiles back at Lexine, and says a quick "maybe." He then blinks a couple times really fast, and takes a quick step backwards. Apparently he never really got his sea legs. His hands spread out, as if to help him gain his balance, and then his eyes open slowly. They seem a touch out of focus, to those close around. "Excuse me" he says to Lexine, and then starts walking slowly, and deliberately towards the nearest table.

Niccolo moves around the ship, making sure that things are being taken care of.

Niccolo stops at a few places, making sure that security is what it should be, that servers are serving and that people are just generally having a good time. He does make sure to stay out of the way of the walking ship.

Gema smiles and nods, doing an elaberate bow as she responds in the same chirping language. "<..something brief in some language..>" Glancing over the others costume she grins shaking her head. "<..a few words in some language..>" She motions to the ship behind her.

Niccolo grins. "You haven't missed much, cept the coming of the ship over there. (Point at Gronk/Pirate ship)

Lexine gives Tobias a concerned look before he takes his seat, and then continues to Luke. "That's the point o' the 'oliday, mate. Unless they do it different over 'ere. Ghouls n' monsters n' all that good shite," she murmurs, taking a swig of her rum.

Announcement: Thesus shouts, "YOu have to type Enter Lucky to board the ship, sorry programming error"

Rian dusts off the crumbs of a tidbit from her fingers, head cocked absently as she picks up bits and pieces of conversation, though not really listening. Turning with the intent to mingle, she pauses as Tobias suddenly moves to the table, looking not quite right. Well as she doesn't really see anyone she knows, might as well make an acquaintance and see if something's up. So with a jaunty little smile and a sway in her walk, she moves up to Tobias, reaching out to lightly touch his arm. "Are you okay?"

Luke glances up at Lexine, then chuckles, "Aye lass, but then me thinks that I'd be more of one tricked and less treated..or be doin more tricks." He offers up the plate he has been munching from. "Sides, ye don't want yer ships crew bein too hyper.."

You whisper "|Something every odd is happening, the world seems to be spinning slowly. As your hand reaches it seems as if it grows longer to touch the arm." to Rian.

Brynja shakes her head quickly, looking over the walking Ship. "<..something hasty in some language..>" she says, her voice a bubbly and happy thing. "<..a soft word in some language..>" she offers to said ship. "<..something brief in some language..>"

You whisper "There is a feeling, that feels wonderful flow about you, its magical and "Home like"…but it seems to fade away." to Brynja.

Tobias glances up at Lexine as she walks away, and when he's addressed, turns towards Rian. "I am" he says with a small grin. "Thank you." With that, he stands up again, and considers Rian for a moment. He doesn't say anything further, however, and gives the ship another quick once over.

You paged Pirate Ship with 'I do not know what being in faery would feel like to an ogre, so take your pick either very "home like' or like the world tilted on its end for a second'

Aiden doesn't really make a very good pirate, at least when trying to pull off a vicious, scroundel like Blackbeard. Someone a bit lighter and younger might have worked better, but he let his daughter pick the pirate. Oh well. He pays the donation, puts his hook back on and heads onto the boat to enjoy the festivities and a night sans child.

You whisper "|A sense of being at home, in a magical world comes and goes during the evening, touching you briefly then flowing away."to Gema.

Pirate Ship smiles, well if you could see it smile. " 'Lost Hope, that is name of Gronk's costume, Lost Hope agrees, this is like times back before people alot…Gronk likes this, but costume like, cold.

A smile comes over Gema's face, one that beams, "Oh yes, it feels like…" she looks around as though seeing the party for the first time. "right."

"Tricks can be fun," Lexine says, winking to Luke and then leaning against his side. She plucks a little sausage off of the offered plate, popping it into her mouth. "Though I suppose you're right. I can't 'ave you bouncing in the bed or climbing the walls." She chuckles, and looks around. "Mebbe I should buy a ship. We'd make good pirates."

You whisper "|A sense of odd euphoria overcomes you, a sense that everything is a mad cap party." to Lexine.

Rian blinks and slowly draws her hand back even as Tobias turns towards her. Fingers flex as she looks over her hand before glancing up to TObias with an arched eyebrow and a curious expression. With a little mental shrug, she drops her hand back to her hip and bobs her head in a nod and a grin. "You're welcome." eyes drop to his arm and she cocks her head. "Going for the seedier kind of pirate?"

You whisper "Your world rights itself" to Rian.

Brynja's eyes flutter closed, and she lets out a slow breath. "It does feel good," she agrees. "I wish that I could've found my original jacket, though. I'm sure it's buried somewhere. Maybe I left it in the sea…" She shakes her head, and then smiles to Gronk. "Perhaps you should've worn pants," she suggests in a near-whisper.

Tonight the ship is draped out as a pirate ship. Cannons line the sides of the decks with tables atop with food and drink, masts, sails and lights drape along the rigging providing light and a throng of servers greet each guest with a smile, appetizer and drink that match the evenings decour. Disney has nothing on the "Revenge" this evening, no longer a 'Lucky Star' but a ship ready to take on the world.

Gabe makes her way out of the inside of the ship, she was off somewhere. She's dressed up as a private maiden of some short. Corset, jerkin the whole nine yards. She's got a bandana in her hair, and even has a hook. She stalks out and fins a place to settle against, in the shadows.

Luke hmms, watching the newcomers come aboard. "I dunno. That might give in to Wes' fancies or somethin." He chuckles a little, his gaze going towards Juila as he starts watching her, "In any case, better to be on firm terra firma."

You whisper "|All at once every color becomes alive to you, it does not last long, but the effect is that the costumes themselves in their brilliance begin to shine like fireworks exploding with colors." to Gabe.

You whisper "||The ship seems to be as stable as the earth to you, the mast heads appear like trees for a moment." to Luke.

Tobias grins at Rian, and then lifts his 'bad' hand up, the gold chip in it. He rolls it across the backs of his fingers, starting from the pinky, and ending up between the thumb and the forefinger. "I'm from a movie, mate" he says, in his horrible imitation of Johnny Depp. "And my pirate ended up being a good guy in the end." He pauses for a second, pocketing the chip, and then adds "I've never been able to do a costume without going a little over the top" with a grin.

Aiden makes his way over to the bar and with a smirk orders a tumbler of Pyrat rum. The bartender gives him a wink and an 'Arr!' as he slides the drink to the reporter and collects the money for it. Aiden hoists the drink with his non-hook hand at the bartender and then turns to move into the crowded. He admires a few of the better costumes as he moves along.

Julia, too, is here to make a donation but not the fleshly kind as a Shanghai wench. Although she is dressed the part: short, tattered Oriental robe, silk slippers, and a fake dagger threaded through the black silk belt that sinches her waste. She pushes a lock of obsidian hair behind her left ear as she gazes around the room. She doesn't see anyone she knows or at least recognizes, but chin high, she pads quietly and bravely further into the party.

Lexine grins. "Aw, but 'e could be the Dread Pirate Wesley n' I'm sure we could figure out sommat for ourselves," the vixen-pirate says, before pausing. "Comeon, 'andsome, let's dance." She swigs the last of her rum and tosses the cup, starting to pull Luke to where she heard the music coming from. To those sensitive to such thing, there's a ripple of energy from her, quick and electric, excited.

"Can you ask for it back from the sea?" Gema asks as if requesting a borrowed pie pan back from a neighbor is the same as requesting a garment from the ocean itself. "Surely it does not need it." Glancing over at Lost hope she tilts her head to peer under him. "Ohhh, well yes…I believe ships have to have pants."

Luke sets the plate and drink on a passing table as he is taken out to the dance floor. "As you wish." He replies with a wink, "Although I do believe it was the Dread Pirate Roberts was it not?" His tail sways with the movement of his body.

You whisper "||For a brief moment its as if the world is turned upside down, the experience not like a rollercoaster ride into a dark tunnel then emerging into bright lights only to face a sharp turn. But its soon over and you are left with a feeling of euphoria." to Julia.

Brynja considers that for a moment, her head cocking to the side. "Maybe. I think she might give it back, if I ask nicely. I'd like some of my other treasures back, too." She shrugs a shoulder after a moment, and eyes her rum. "It tastes better straight from the bottle," she decides.

Gabe crosses her arms underneath her chest, leans back a bit more and lets her amber gaze sweep across the gathered.

Rian's eyes are drawn to the sparkly, before she blinks and grins broadly at the roll of the coin. Gloved hands lift to clap softly, amusement sparkling in her eyes. "That he did. Making every woman's heart swoon, save those who were looking at Orlando Bloom." She winks and shakes her head, sighing over such folly. Not that she hasn't spent her moments sighing over Depp, but then she's sure she's not the only one. Laughing, she looks down to his arm and then holds out her hands, asking, "May I?" She's very curious about it, yesyes. "And going over the top on Halloween is perfectly acceptable."

You whisper "You suddenly feel as though you can see the whole city from where you are standing, in that brief moment you feel your daughters arms hugging you tight, and the joy in her heart when she does so." to Aiden.

Lexine beams, brilliantly, at Luke. "Now, we just 'ave to watch out for Rodents o' Unusal Size along our way," she says with a giggle as they find the dancefloor. Hands go to rest at her companion's shoulders, their dancing the completely respectable sort, of course.

Tobias shakes his head, and looks down at his arm. "Honestly, I'd rather you didn't. It took a long time to get like that, so this prop is for display purposes only." He grins a little, and then says "I never liked Bloom's character. He wasn't believable. I think the phrase nowadays is that he was 'too good to be true.'"

You whisper "|you feel blood drunk,( for the next 2 poses.)" to Tobias.

Luke places his hands on Lexine's hips and moves with her, shruging as he looks past her to Gabe, then back to his dancing partner, "Nahh, they don't exist. Now the six fingered swordsman..he is the real menace."

Aiden too is not seeing many people he knows. There are a couple faces he recognizes from the earthquake, but having seen someone in passing in a disaster hardly puts them in the 'known' category. He looks about for someone else by themselfs and angles toward the petite pirate wench he sees walking around the crowd. "Some great costumes out there," he says to her conversationally. He blinks then and inhales sharply. "Whoa…" he says under his breath then looks at his rum curiously.

Gema nods, "Scotch always tastes best out of the barrel, after about a hundred years or so." All at once she laughs spinning in a circle her arms out stretched, luckily she is smaller than Lost Hope so not to many people mind.

You whisper "You definitely feel the energy of home, the ocean depths, the spray of a geyser, the freedom of a stream, all in a moment is part of you." to Brynja.

Rian ahhs softly, a bit disappointed but she understands. "I bet it took sometime." Instead, she crouches down to peer at it, eyes narrowing slightly before she tilts her head back to grin up at Tobias. "I'm very impressed. Does it hamper your touch at all?" Maybe this is getting into the realm of magicians and secrets. She blushes faintly and straightens, spreading her hands. "Sorry, overly curious nature." Chuckling, she wirnkles her nose playfully at him. "No, Bloom wasn't my favorite either. Though he was more believable than Knightley. I mean, /honestly/." She rolls those pale blue eyes. "I'm all for strong female leads, but please, people, what govenor's daughter at that time period would /ever/ do all that?"

Julia notes Luke momentarily. Her attention is drawn away, but the excited energy from Lexine has the petite Asian woman looking again. It's nothing rude. Julia's feet carry her in the direction of the bar. "Indeed," she says to Aiden as she looks the tall, lean man over. "Nice costume," she comments with a small but geniune smile. "It is a costume?" She goes from inquisitive, however, to obviously bewildered. She stiffens then turns her head, this way then that. She recovers well, but now her gaze has become critical. There's a faint scowl stitched between her lovely brows. "What-?"

Lexine leans in, and kisses Luke on the tip of his nose as they dance. "That's it, we're 'aving a movie night. I'll see if I can round the whole crew up, n' we can all watch our favorites."

Tobias chuckles and nods to Rian. "That's…" he fades off, and apparently seems to lose his balance again. He controls it much better, this time, however, and slowly eases himself into the chair. "I" he says, and leans his head into his 'good' hand. "I'm sorry" he stammers out, finally. "I need you to excuse me." He looks up at her, but his eyes never actually focus on her. He then looks back down at the deck, focusing very hard on the floor.

You whisper "|The music tickles your ears making your heart beat faster for a moment, your body feels like it wants to dance…and dance. (but its a passing thing)" to Gabe.

Luke blinks at Lexine, the tail moving a bit more than he is swaying, his head tilted a little, "Dat'd be one long day of movies." He then looks away, watching Tobias a moment, "Odd, yer friend..Earlier I almost thought the masts were trees, but he seems to be having a hard time."

Brynja's skin gains a bit of a glow to it, suddenly, and the fae looks notably distracted. "I…" she says towards Gema, voice trailing off into a giggle that can only be described as pure, innocent, joyous. To those paying attention to such things, the lake around the boat starts to dance a bit more, a slight rocking temporarily given to the ship.

Aiden starts to answer Julia's apparent teasing with something, but it's cut off by his 'whoa'. He looks over at the Oriental woman. "Unh, you felt that too, didn't you?" He blinks again and takes a deep breath. "I mean, so it's not just my rum." He looks around at the others near them, noting some others who seem to be having odd reactions to… whatever it was as well. He looks back to Julia. "Are you okay?"

Lexine mms softly, nodding to Luke. "Mebbe do it on a weekend or sommat," she says absently, before Luke's words have her looking to Tobias. There's a flicker of a frown, and she hrms. "Lets go check on 'im, shall we? We can finish this dance after."

Other party goers seem to be having a jolly old time of it, many now laughing as they dance, some getting up close and personal with the ones nearest them. It's as if an intoxicating air has over taken the boat itself, one of gaiety.

Rian blinks as Tobias suddenly breaks off, shifting closer and reaching out though he seems to find his balance easily enough. Pale eyes are concerned as he lowers himself into the chair. She crouches down in front of him, hands resting on her knees. Of course she can't just leave him like this. "Can I get you anything?" Her voice softens, in case a headache has come with whatever he's feeling. It takes her a moment to remember that teh boat probably isn't serving certain things, causing her lips to perse. She tips her head to looks around, shifting absently as the boat rocks a bit more.

Luke sniffs at the air a bit, frowning as he walks with the small movement of the ship. The tail because bushier for just a moment, swaying once more as he walks, and then there is a glance to Lexine as he follows her.

One of the ones who seems to have found true enjoyment is Gema who is practically climbing the yardarms or what ever this particular boat has. Indeed she is bouncing around like a ping pong ball, even going as far as to kiss those around with a heart felt smack on the cheek for the women, and a good smooch for the men, before returning to whirling dervish of a dance.

Tobias looks up at Rian, and a smile is on his face. No fangs show, but it's close. "No…" he says, looking at her like it's the first time he actually saw her tonight. "No, I'm fine" he says, sounding content. He closes his eyes for a minute, and tilts his head back, looking like he just ate the tastiest food he's ever eaten. After a quick second of that, however, he looks back down at her, and the smile fades. "Thank you though" he says, taking in a deep breath, and then slowly letting it out.

Lexine's energy prickles along her skin, her eyes closing. She manages not to stumble as she walks, though there's a certain amount of carefulness put into where she steps. Coming upon Tobias and Rian, with Luke's hand in her own, she tilts her head. "You didn' look too good for a moment there," she says to the man, concerned looking. "E'erything on the up n' up?"

You paged Aiden with '|suddenly you feel 18 again (for 2 poses), no worries, just life ahead of you.'

Julia's expression softens as she looks directly up at Aiden again. She meets his eyes, "I felt some/thing/. It was like… a rollercoaster." She smiles widely, warmly, then catches herself and rubs her hands together. The wide smile is gone, although there is no harshness in her. "I doubt it. I haven't had anything to drink." She shudders and is clearly ruffled. "Yes, thank you. I don't like…" She flusters, even allowing her hands to show just how bothered she is… "I prefer for /things/ to stay out of my head. But… are you okay?" Again, Julia smiles even though she doesn't mean to.

Gabe shifts her gaze toward Tobias considering him quietly for a moment or two. Then shifts her gaze to Rian, and then her gaze is once more shifting over the boat quietly.

Brynja looks confused for a moment, but it doesn't last very long before she decides to just enjoy the feeling. She takes a second glass of rum from a passing server, the blue tones of her skin more vibrant. Her smile is wide, showing slightly pointed teeth, nice and pearly white, and she skips over to join Gema in her dance, despite herself.

Tobias's left hand hovers over the hilt of the rapier for a moment, and then he looks up at Lexine. He seems to have finally regained some semblance of control, and grins at her. "I'm fine" he says, sounding much more convincing this time. "That…" he pauses for a minute. "Well, that wasn't that bad." He chuckles for a second, and then takes a look around at the rest of the people on deck. "And I don't think I'm the only one that got it."

Rian responds reflexively to the smile, returning it with a warm one of her own, reaching out a hand to lihtly rest it on one of Tobias's knees. But the smile fades as he takes a breath, the concerned look coming back into her eyes. She shifts slightly as she feels Lexine come up behind her, hand still on Tobias's knee unless he's moved it, looking up at the other woman. She nods her head in a silent greeting, glancing back at Tobias curiously.

You whisper "|You feel as though you have chased through the sewers, found a nest, LIFE itself, for a moment…the colors of the ship grow brilliant and you feel so alive. Its fainting a thing that is there, but with an afterglow" to Rian.

Aiden shakes his head at Julia. "I /felt/ like I could see the whole city - which I now doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Either you can see something or not. Then I could feel my daughter hugging me and feel her joy." He nods as she explains she wants things out of her head. "Me t-" He blinks and furrows his brow. "No… I don't feel so good. Right. Something. I think, actually, I'm going to get out of here." He looks for a place to set his drink down.

Luke looks around again, then hrrs very softly. He idly pulls on his gloves, making sure they are on tight as he watches the other party goers quietly now.
You whisper "|As soon as you arrive you feel a rush of life, death, and all that is magic, it swells over your skin then trails off, its HOME." to Hedwig.

Oh what a night for a party, and what a party it is. This night aboard the Lucky Star will be talked about for a while. People are seeming to break out of their shells, though others are not seeming to be as enthused. It's a chaotic free for all in a sense. Dancing and music, drinking and food.

Lexine leans against Luke slightly as the duo stand infront of the seated Tobias and the crouching Rian. She nods her head to the other woman, a smile spreading over her lips. "No, I felt it too," she murmurs, her nostrils flaring slightly. "'appy 'alloween, I guess. Looks like we're getting out tricks n' treats tonight."

You whisper "|All your cares are lifted away, you feel alive…as alive as you do when in your fur…" to Lexine.

Julia looks very concerned. "Wai-" She reaches for Aiden only to let her hand drop. There's a strange look on her face, something between humor and a great, great distaste. "I'm leaving, too," she says, mostly to herself. The small woman shakes her head on her way out. This is not her sort of party.

Feel something? Rian just looks between the three around her, then takes a slow breath. Eyes partially close and she seems to relax slightly before her nostrils suddenly flare and lips part. Her hand tightens on Tobias's knee, eyes slowly closing for a moment, lips curving into a very smug, feminine smile. "Ohhhh." Her voice has dropped and she takes another deep breath before her hand gentles on TObias's knee and she gives herself a small shake. "Happy Halloween indeed."

A shot of red comes flying across the 'ship'. "Every bad pirate needs a good parrot!" The little one screams joyously and begins to laugh. There's an echo of tiny, happy bells when she laughs. Hedwig stops, hovering over the room. Her tiny wings are parrot wings tonight- bright blue and yellow. Her body is covered in downy feathers of bright red. Apparently, she is a Scarlet Macaw tonight. "A-hoy, me maties, or whatever!"

Grabbing Brynja's hand Gema swings her around as she dances then finally drops to the deck laughing…"Oh Yes!" she calls out. Raising up, she clambers to her feet before someone steps on her in the madhouse. Oh yes this is a party. And Samhain!

Tobias looks around the ship, quickly, and almost instinctively, his eyes track the incoming bird. He glances at Rian for a long moment, and then up at the other two. "Someone," he says quietly, "is being a bad pirate indeed." With that, he stands again, and his good hand reaches into his pocket for his cellular phone. He flips it open, punches quickly at the keys, and then flips it closed again. His smile is completely gone at this point, as he looks over the crowd again, stopping at a few people, and giving them longer looks.

"Ahoy," Brynja chirps out to the fae-parrot-pirate. Joyous, carefree, and her eyes near-glowing. The silver shell between her cleavage sways with her movements, her steps getting a bit drunken in appearance. Perhaps it was from the swingging, or that second glass of rum she had started sipping.
Lexine's eyes shine, bright and golden-amber haloing the darker brown. "Oh gods," she breathes out, praiseful, with a shudder that starts at the little hat she wears and works all the way down to the tips of her boots. "I'd like to be a bad pirate," she says, voice dropping low, suggestive.

Luke lightly nuzzles Lex, "Are you okay?" he asks her softly, yellow eyes watching hers now. The tail he is wearing bristles again and he keeps an arm around Lexine.

Rian starts as she catches a flash of red out of the corner of her eyes, head jerking up before she spots Hedwig. Still a bit dazed from what she sensed, she's surprised when Tobias stands, squeaking softly, but at least not losing her balance. Her now free hand reaches up to rub the back of her neck, lips curving into a smirk as she hears Lexine. "Who doesn't?" Unconsciously riding on that slight high, Rian straightens, slowly and seductively, from her crouch, arms continuing up into a lazy stretch.

You whisper "|Almost like a kiss, the feeling of being alive trails over you, you feel as free as a fox in the woods chasing a rabbit…life…" to Luke.

Luke shivers and closes his eyes, panting softly as he leans into Lexine.

The feathers start at her bust, so Hedwig looks like she's wearing a suit of tiny feathers. Her long white hair has been pinned under a miniature black tri-point pirate hat. Hedwig overhears Lexine and grins mischievously down at the woman, "Aye, ok, but I'm not gonna be ~your~ bird!" She notes Luke and exclaims, "But he looks like a fine choice!" In a flash of color, the little fae turns to look for other fae. "Gema!" Hedwig waves widly.

Briliant blue sparkles into the glowing amber of Gema's eyes, with a slow spin she twirls in place…a sigh of absolute bliss causing her skin under the make up to shine like the sky above. "Hedwig!" she calls out again, then spins around finding a hand in the crowd and beginning to lead those around in a swaying dance. Seductive, sensual, no that does not describe it, free, wild, it's all there. The turban around her head goes waving out along the water, a scarlet banner followed by blue hair.

Tobias reaches out with his left hand, and uses a single finger to move Lexine's chin so that she'd be looking at him. "Behave yourself" he says in a slightly stern voice. He then glances at Rian, and then over to Luke. Finally, he takes a step away from the table, and says "I think I'd like to know what is doing that." There's still a sparkle in his eyes that disagrees with his otherwise serious nature. Apparently he's not quite as over it as he's trying to be.

Lexine nuzzles her cheek against Luke's before Tobias' finger moves her attention to him. She murrs, a low sound, her smile languid. "If I don't, will you spank me?," she asks with a tilt of her head, eyes looking into his as she speaks. When he takes that step away, she goes back to nuzzling against Luke. "Someone's playing us," she breathes out. "Part o' me likes it."

Rian cocks her head to eyes Lexine and Luke, before she tosses her head, as if she can rid herself of the lingering glow that way. Huffing out a breath, she shifts to put her back to them, catching Tobias's eye and arching an eyebrow. "If what I felt is going throughout the whole ship, so would I." Especially if
Lexine is the example of things before they get bad. One hand lifts to pinch the bridge of her nose, trying to focus, though the tease in her is definitely agreeing with Lexine. Oh yes, let's play~.

Luke licks Lexine's cheek and nuzzles back at her, "It does feel good..IT..could be bad.." His voice huskier than it really should be.

Brynja finds a glass of water, somewhere, and takes a slow drink of it. "Something's going on," she says, Master of the Obvious. She puts one finger in the water, as if that might ground her, clear her mind. "It feels like home…"

Turning around, Gema shakes her head as if to clear it. "Oh do we have to be…analytical, human, the veil is thin,'She states the obvious herself, "That's all it is, magic if here for us to play with…." And her hand trails through the air as if rippling the waves of the ocean of magic that is the world itself. "I have never felt it so alive in the city before."

Tobias gives Lexine an angry look, but again, his eyes say that his heart isn't in it. However, he reaches out with his left hand to grab her by the shoulder. If he manages that much, he's going to give her a quick tug away from Luke, and then speak to her.

Lexine shudders at the lick, her tongue darting over her own lips. "Yes," she says, either in agreement with Luke or just for the sake of saying it. She's tugged away from one man and to another, and she presses into Tobias much the same way she had been leaning into Luke. Playfulness, wildness, glimmers in her amber-tinted eyes.

Hedwig begins to dance as she hovers above the heads of those tall ones married to the earth. Despite the noise around her, she hums her own song, a song about the glory of the night. Her wings keep her airborn, but her spirit keeps her high.

Rian looks around the ground, eyeing Gema and Brynja before looking back at the pair near her. She wets her lips before turning to slip from the group and head towards the exit. Though she didn't get much of what's going on, she'd rather not chance being pushed harder. Especially not with how easy she is to pick out of crowds…

Luke growls lowly at Tobias when Lexine is pulled away, taking a step towards him a moment. His hands clench at his sides, and then he turns and stalks towards the edge, the tail bristled and moving without matching the sway of his body.

Hedwig stops dancing and zips down to fly around Luke in circles. "Your tail…" she starts softly as she slows near his ear. "Is it real, stranger?" She smiles and pirouettes, shifting her arms in port de bras from her sides to her over her head to her sides again. "Don't be grumbly," she whispers, too..

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