Sanura's Vitals
Name: Sanura Sinclair
Race: Werewolf, American
Shortdesc: Small young woman graced by blue-gray eyes, blonde hair, and delicate curves.
Position: Former CEO of Intellect, Inc and Ulfric of the Whispering Creek Pack. Current corpse.
Fame: Ran some big tech company, murdered
Temperament: Snarky.
Themesong: Raspberry Swirl - Tori Amos
Manko of the Suicide Girls as Sanura Sinclair


All info should be considered OOC unless there is IC reason otherwise.

Sanura had been out of the city for awhile now, rumour has it that she went back home to New Orleans for awhile, to finish up some family business. She returned, a bit more grown up seeming than before, and reclaimed her position as the CEO of InTellect, one of the world's leading technology companies. Then one night, she was reported to have been murdered.

The head of new tech development at InTellect, calling Sanura the brightest crayon in the box is an understatement. Rumour has been circulating that she was once known among hackers as ps1gh0st, and was pretty good with her hands. But that was in the past…or was it?

Sanura had been missing from the city for sometime, just up and left one day to move back to her home city of New Orleans. Once, she was close with the Pard, through various connections, and one of those rising in rank in the Pack. Always willing to lend another shifter a helping paw, she placed more than her share of the furry community in cozy jobs at InTellect. She came back again, after her long absence, one can only assume to bury Cain, her one time lover, and make her amends with the dead. Then, in an unexpected turn, she challenged and killed the Ulfric of the Whispering Creek Pack, Oren. The Whispering Creek pack was small, and Sanura liked to call them her Band of Misfits—Lukoi that didn't want to be associated with the larger pack headed by Raphael and Andrew for one reason or another. And when it was demanded by Raphael that the two packs merge, Sanura stood her ground, and fought for the desires of her pack. It got her killed, but one can't say that the girl didn't go out good. Shortly after, Raphael and Andrew fled the city to avoid murder accusations, leaving the newly merged pack high and dry.

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