Satine's Vitals
Name: Apolline "Satine" Bontecou
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: Short & wavy platinum hair, amethyst eyes, & slender build.
Position: Singer, Ex-MotC
Fame: Was a vampire star of the music industry. Master of the City of Chicago from March 2004 to October 2005
Temperament: Temperamental.
Themesong: n/a
Jessica Stam as Scarlett Johansson as Apolline "Satine" Bontecou

Vampire singing sensation known for breaking through to the music industry: mostly rock. It is said her voice is hypnotically beautiful, and accented by the gifts of her blood. She is not shy from showing her powers on stage, including summoning the ability of singing multiple music parts at once, or filling certain audience members with her choice of sensation.

When she speaks, her voice holds a peculiar melody, a dulcet tune that can be as sweet and slow as dripping honey, or as uncomfortably sharp as a steel razor depending on her mood. Then again, it is her voice which has made her famous over the years.

In late February of 2004, the previous Mistress of the City Scarlett LeBlanc vanished. Without anyone making any claims to fill the office in the following few weeks, Satine took it upon herself to don the laurel of Mistress of the City and retire from the music industry for the time being. When she took on the office she also supported Jason Karoda's bid for Mayor of Chicago, making headlines (NOTE: Odds are, -anyone- can claim to know Satine was the MotC of Chicago due to how odd of a move this was. She made more than a few television appearances announcing who she was and what office she held)

September of 2005, she took on Koray Palabiyik as a co-MotC of Chicago, letting him assume the full duties a month later. Since then, she has apparently refocused on music with little to no interest in vampire politics as she commutes between Illinois and California.

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