Savina's Vitals
Name: Savina (Octavia) Dastras
Race: Master Vampire
Shortdesc: Petite, dark hair, warm skin tone, dark eyes.
Position: Vampire Poster Femme, Manager of La Pomme Rouge
Fame: One of the First Vampires to Receive an Honorary Degree
Temperament: Usually warm and polite. Usually.
Themesong: "Queer" by Garbage
Rachel Weisz as Savina (Octavia) Dastras


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Savina Dastras is the Chicago vampire liaison to the humans and, in tandem with the manga artist Shiganami Mikoto, deals with the press, the police, and the public. A petite, exotic beauty, it has been noted that this master vampire is a bit more American in attitude than her kin. She is known politically and academically because of a series of fictional memoirs released after vampires were first given legal status within the US. Most people find Savina warm and delightful, charming and polite. In fact, most say it is really difficult to dislike her…

OOC: She controls the emotion limerance, which is like an intense romantic desire. (This is pretty much how you love someone when you first fall in love with the person. You put them on a pedestal, and they seem to have no faults). Active use of this ability will be rare, but some/thing/ may be felt within so many feet of her presence even if it is just a hint of 'maybe you should warm up to her'. Of course, what one feels does not necessarily determine the response.

Vampire: Savina is a master vampire of Belle Morte's line. She has been in the US for over a century. Her sire is master of Tampa Bay, where she spent time before going to Seattle. She has travelled most of Europe, both eastern and western, as well as northern Africa with significant stays in Rome, London, and parts of Egypt. Some say she has the ability to make others including vampires obsess over her, even to the point of self-destruction.

Began managing La Pomme Rouge after Mirage's departure from the city in December 2007.


Samuel - Her human servant.
Mikoto - If being friends with her didn't feel like such a risk…
Amun - Oathed to him now, open to like him or dislike him at this point.
Sydney - Fascinated by her.
Selene - They look oddly alike, no?

Elle - A human held in regard for her intelligence and compassion.
Tobias - Once a fellow trouble maker.
Rodrigo - A fellow master vampire who has her respect.
Koray - Oathed to him once. Served as one of his lieutenants and ambassador to the human population.
Ember - Has a few of the same friends but never traversed the same circles at the same time.

Other Associations:
Edmund, her son. Deceased.
Stephen West, her first human servant. Deceased.
Dominic, her sire, Master of Tampa.
Absolom, her "brother" in undeath. Old lover and friend. Enemies since 1958.
Emiliana Perez, Absolom's servant.
Master of Seattle, served from 1960 until 2006.

She does not approve of the Church of Eternal life, especially not since the Traveler visited Chicago.


If only Amun's letter were less vague… I suppose I cannot ask for more from the god of mystery. - Said to Samuel.


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