Scare Tactics

When checking against fear, it is typically centered around Willpower. If up against active Control Emotion or Dominate, the roll in 'news Control Emotion' or 'news Dominate' covers the effect(s). Passive Control Emotion, Dream Magic, Mind Rolling , Intimidation, and the side-effect of Self Decomposition can work to add to a Willpower vs Willpower +compare. Situational modifiers may apply, examples given below:

  • Just barely visible (distance or darkness): +20
  • Safe distance (down the street), scare heading away: +10
  • Visible blood, unexpected sight (fangs): -5
  • Close distance, copious blood, unexpected motion, approaching scare, angry or aggressive scary-thing: -10
  • Blatant death-signs, near-human visage (part-human were): -15
  • Exposed viscera, severed limbs, inhuman visage (blatant monster): -20
  • Flying screaming flaming tangle of intestines and eyes: -LOTS

These can be cumulative, so a standing bloody were-thing is -20 (-15 & -5), one heading towards you is -30 (-10 for approaching), one heading away is -10 (+10 for receding), etc.. If the scary thing gets the upper-hand, try a +roll with its advantage as a percentage (or play it by ear)

01%-10% Fear STARTLE You're awfully surprised for a pose.
11%-30% Fear ALARM You scream, flail, etc.. can only defend for a pose, or run, or continue to scream and all.
31%-60% Fear PANIC Nothing other than screaming, running away, or hyperventilating. Check again at 10 calmer, next pose.
61% + Fear TERROR Fainting or shock-type effects. Lasts a good hour.

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