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Fading in from Aakav's house….

Stormy leans in to kiss him softly, "Then, I can put it up. It can be served again later, or even tomorrow." She doesn't take any offense to his lack of eating it all. "I am used to shifters, I guess. They eat so much, that would have bene a snack to them." A wry grin is given as she moves to stand and put up the leftover pasta for him in the fridge.

Mmming after the kiss breaks he picks up his napkin and wipes his mouth.. Blushing abit he says, "Sorry, I mean.. I have the power of the average Therian.. But.. ya.. I'm just human.." His tone playful he finishes his juice while following her into the kitchen, "So what did you have on your mind?"

"Truly, it's alright." Stormy does say once she's finished putting away the extra food. The kitchen clean, spic and span. "As for what I have in mind.." She ponders, then wonders, "How good are you with your magic into breaking into a house?" Innocent look given to him.

Aakav considers for a moment then shrugs and nods his head, "Pretty good.. I probably don't need to use magic even.. but.." He looks towards Stormy, "They punish crimes done with magic by death here in United States I thought?"

Stormy tilts her head, then sighs, "No one will be looking for us. I just don't have a key, or I'd just go in myself." She answers him quietly before adding, "The house belongs to my brother, and he is dead. I need to find out what he was up too.."

Giving her a light squeeze, Ibn gazes into her eyes, "Stormy.. Don't sigh.. You could ask me to murder someone.. and while I would ask why, I would do so.." He is quite nonchalant as he says this, explaining, "Even if I was not your Pomme.. The House of Life can be bought for the right tithing. For any deed."

"I do not like putting you in danger, is all." Stormy offers before leaning in to kiss him softly, "Thank you though. If you don't mind going tonight, the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can start making peace with some angry people."

Going to grab his tunic he says to Stormy, "Well then let's get going beautiful." Disappearing into the bedroom, he draws his tunic from the closet and throws it on over his shoulders before heading out to meet her, "Let's go."

"Don't forget your coat. It was sleeting out there earlier." Stormy does call out, not that such would likely bother him. Grabbing her own jacket to pull on, she will head out with him, grabbing a taxi to head to Justin's place.

Justin's home? The Haunted manse.. Its really quite fitting truth be told for the Vampire to have lived in such a place.. Its no wonder why he picked it up.. Most of the neighborhood is deserted and has been torn down.. yet here this building sits amongst the squalor. Its days of wonder long faded into memory, and from memory to dreams.. The ancient gates are barred with a "Enter at your own Risk" sign and a large padlock. Though this serves as little deterrent to the Magi who, with a show of prowess slips a concussive ball of flame into the lock, causing it to quite literally pop open. Looking about, Ibn inquires of Stormy, "There is no supernatural energy here.. why do people believe it is haunted?"

Up to the gates, Stormy moves with Ibn, smiling as he manages the lock easily enough. A shrug is made as she murmurs, "People can be stupid, their minds a little more overactive than need be. And my friend did nothing to disuade people from thinking what they wanted. Kept people out of his business in the end, except for a few kids who had something to prove at times." Pushing open the creaking gate enough to let them both in, it's closed behind them before they head up to the house.

Passing through the morbid garden up towards the manse proper, Aakav again casts out his hand.. murmuring softly or several long moments he then points towards the door, a ball of flame about the size of a basketball slamming into it and once more that concussive force pops the locks.. Shaking his head from side to side he enters looking about.. Pausing, "I renege my last claim.. There is magic here.. its faded.. past.. but It existed.. It was here. Someone moved it."

Stormy stands behind him as he pops the lock on the door, her head turned to peer behind them. As the door opens, she turns back to walk inside, knowing her way around enough to make sure nothing's been fooled with. Hearing his words, she tilts her head, turning back to him, "What do you mean?" She questions quietly, curious. "I'm not sensitive to things like that…" A deep breath, and she finally speaks up, "My friend went off the deep end.. shot at the pard, injured a lot of them before they managed to kill him. I, and certain others, aren't sure why he went after the Pard like he did. Doesn't make sense to us. Was hoping if I did some digging, I might find clues here.."

Bringing a hand up through the air, Aakav works on reading the magical remnants, arching a curious brow he pauses.. Turning to look towards Stormy he says, "Witches.. Anglo practitioners.. Their magic always uses nature…" He shakes his head from side to side, "Three of them.." He looks towards Stormy, "See if you can observe any scents.. I can't track such without Edjo.."

"They have been here?" Stormy questions, then nods quietly, "Next time, we bring her with us." The snake, that is. Turning, she closes her eyes, and proceeds to take a deep breath, drawing in the various scents that linger here tonight. She turns slowly, shuffling through what she might pick up on, looking for those that aren't Justin or the female's scent that she'd picked up on him at LPR that night.

There is a faint scent of three women, one older.. one who uses too much perfume, and another who has a distinctively earthyh scent..

When the three scents are picked up, Stormy ohs softly, turning to where she finds them the strongest. Describing what she does smell, she glances to him, judging what he might think. The scents will be followed, to see where they have gone in the house, if able.

What ever it is that he thinks, Aakav doesn't seem pleased as he brings his hands up and about, "Stormy.. I need about twelve feet if you don't mind.." Flames start to pour like liquid from his hands as he murmurs an incantation, summoning forthe an incarnation of his Goddess.. Those eyes of his turning white before taking on a aspect of flame.. Softly his lips move as he speaks in Coptic, moving about as the fire leaks from his body.

Stormy nods quietly, not asking questions, but simply slips away and towards the kitchen or another room, leaving him all the room he needs, hopefully. Falling quiet, she watches him work, head tilted in a curious fashion, that unneeded breath to be taken, held now as she waits.

As he walks about, each droplet of flame becomes a serpent and starts to wander the house for answers.. The spirit of Edjo walking with him as he summons her.. It is she who rides his form, releasing her babes till one apparently finds something of note.. Moving down the stairs into the cellar the room suddenly bursts into ethereal flames… Which then die away to reveal the symbol of the Moiraie.. A circle weaved about to encompass the symbol of infinity… And as the flames die, so to does Edjo and her children, causing Ibn to collapse to the ground in a heap.

Stormy watches safely from a distance, letting him play his magic out. It's a wonder to watch, and she remains quiet there. She doesn't follow the snakes around, but when they disappear and he collapses, she rushes forwards, picking him up from the floor to craddle in her arms, "Ibn?" She speaks his name, worry to color it as she brushes his hair back to look down into his facec.

As she rouses him, he groans, his usual inner fire not nearly as bright as usuall.. Leaving him actually quite cold to the touch in the dark basement as he has no supernatural protection against the elements at this moment… Never the less, even as he shivers, he points towards the wall where the emblem remains, "They blaspheme.."

Stormy shrugs off her coat to wrap around him, offering further warmth to him as he rouses. Stormy is worried, and as he points to the wall, she frowns, "What does that mean?" She questions, but the words make her growl, "Who? The three scents that I picked up?"

Sitting up slowly in her arms and rising to his feet, he shivers abit more, pulling the coat about him, "The Moirai.. The Apportioners.." He draws the flame from the wall into himself, sighing as he feels the warmth, "Clothos, the spinner.. The all mother.. Lachesis, the alotter… The one who measures life.. and Atropos, the Crone.. Inevitability.. Inescapable.. The Shearer.. They believe they are the incarnate of the Fates.."

Now it's starting to make sense, the more he speaks. "The three.." Stormy shakes her head, frowning, "But why would they come here to Justin's house?" She's questioning herself more than he in that moment, but it's asked aloud. "Did the Crone think to end his life somehow?"

Shaking his head from side to side, Ibn explains, "These are not the real trio.. these are but mortal women who have the audacity to believe they are.." He shivers, moving up the stairs, "We need to look around for that symbol.. they, like myself.. Would have branded anything of theirs.. They are cocky and believe their seal should be present upon anything regarding them.."

Aakav pages: In Justin's den you'll find sealed envelopes with the seal and conscription papers offering him 50000 dolalrs for each were-leopard pelt he brings in.

"I see." Stormy offers quietly, and as he stands, she moves as well to her feet, helping him should he need it. Each room will be searched, the petite vampire to use her sense of smell ot see if she might trace any paths they could have taken. Then up the stairs, each room to be searched thoroughly. Within the den, she finally comes across the envelopes, "I found something.." If the envelopes are sealed, she won't immediately break the seals, reading the paper that's with them instead, "Oh.. man.. crap. "

The envelopes are not sealed, rather it would seem the papers denote that Justin apparently met with one of the Witches and the arrangements were made.. There's talk of their 'ascending' the flesh of the human bound to become 'whole' once more.. While Justin's portion of the letters are rather Justin like stating that He'd do it for the sport but will bring them three alpha pelts for 100000 a piece to counter their offer.. For his part Ibn is waiting downstairs near the front door, remaining bundled up.

Reading through the papers, Stormy curses her brother for a few moments before folding the papers up and bringing them with her. Down to where Ibn waits, she states, "I found what was going on, but.. it means those three are still out there. I can see where this will go though." She is already sure that an order to find the three witches will be made, "you're the only one I know who might be able to help me track these women down, Ibn. The Pard will want their pound of flesh from them for what was done, and we need to stop them from trying to seek out someone else to try hunting down shifters."

Blinking abit Ibn looks towards Stormy and says, "I thought we were to only find out the reason?" He rises up, still shivering abit but regaining his energies, "Can you not bring the pard here? I cannot summon Edjo on a whim.. she takes my flame when she leaves and it will not return till Ra's first light comes over the horizon.."

"We only find the reason for now, yes." Stormy says with a shake of her head, "I will present this information to the Master of the City and see if he wishes me to continue to look for more information before we present it to the Pard." She's rambling, her thoughts running quicker than her mouth, perhaps.

Shivering abit more Ibn looks over his shoulder at the weather outside, "I see.. well, what should we do?" Looking towards Stormy questionably, he is abit paler than normal and his lips are blue.

\"We are going home. This is enough tonight." Stormy offers quietly, and without another word, she tucks what she's found into a pocket of the jacket he wears, and then turns him to the door. This time, she will carry him out the door and back home if she has too.

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