Selene de Segrave's Vitals
Name: Selene de Segrave
Race: Were-Cheetah
Shortdesc: Midnight hair, blue eyes, tall
Position: Businesswoman
Fame: Higher-up within Somnium Improbus
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: n/a
Rachel Weisz as Selene de Segrave


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Selene is a businesswoman, arrived to Chicago in October 2004. Her company seems to be looking at making some investments in the Chicago area.

Vampire: Selene seems to work for a company, Somnium Improbus, that is known to be the company of a vampire that often buys up businesses here or there in various cities. The company is looking to invest now in the Chicago area. She is slowly becoming noticed as being the Animal Servant to Keme Moonriver.

From the summer of 2008 to Spring 2010, Ms. deSegrave's businesses found her busy in cities outside of Illinois, but it would seem she has recently returned. Perhaps this time, she will be staying longer than she did before.

Known Associates:

  • Keme - Her mate and business partner
  • Travis - Business associate, manager of the Circles
  • Gino - Business associate, second under Travis
  • Charley - Once friend and lover, since split

Known Associates Gone

  • Niccolo - Old business associate, no longer in the city
  • Noah - Old business associate, no longer in the city
  • Grey - Friend and lover, no longer in the city.



Midnight hair falls about her face in a straight line down to the middle of her back. Light dusky skin competes with the thickly lashed eyes of grey-blue that reflect her emotions, sparkling with mirth or dark as a storm-head when angry. There's an oddness about them, a slight slant of pupils to give the impression of a feline's gaze, flecks of amber that lie within like islands upon the blue. Full lips always seem to be smiling, sometimes smirking, as if she knows some hidden secret, while an elegant slant of a nose that sits atop those lips finishes filling out the features that sit within the beautiful heart-shaped face. Tall and slim, yet holding obvious curves, her form shows a strength that is often hidden. Arms are long, ending in slim fingers, while legs stretch out to end in small feet.

She wears a finely tailored business suit of dark blue. The jacket closes with 3 buttons and has a notch collar with vertical slash pockets and princess seaming detail that falls to just at her hips. It is paired with a slim skirt that is free of pockets, tucks and pleat. It is made of lightweight wool and sports a back vent to make walking easier. With the suit, she wears hose and smart black heels. Simple, understated, yet expensive jewelry alerts one that she is no mere secretary.

NPC Retainers

Personal Assistant:
Hannah Hardgrave, 43, powered human

Daniel Michael, 34, coyote shifter


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