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Sensitive is the ability to sense another being's magical ability. All non-human beings with Power are able to Sense to some degree, as are those who have the Sensitive Ability (some humans are just good at that kind of thing). To raise the ability is to raise the keenness of the Sensing, thus cutting through active Masking or active Dominate or any other attempt to conceal or bluff the findings.

Although a Sensitive being can't detect what magic has done or if magic even has been done, it can detect if magic is stored in a particular target or is moving through a particular target.

  • Example 1: A fairy makes a magical grinder that can turn chalk into cheese. The fairy, unless successfully Masked, could be detected by a Sensitive. The box would turn up to some degree, and while being used the box would really be noticeable. The resulting cheese wouldn't register to a Sensitive as anything odd, though.
  • Example 2: A sorcerer has magically zapped an injured person so their body is healing at ten times the normal rate. For as long as this magically boosted healing is active, a Sensitive has a chance in detecting something is up with the injured person, and/or that the sorcerer is doing something from afar, and might even be able to detect and trace the 'paper trail' from one to the other.

If the magical effects are being produced by a spirit from the great beyond, after being sent on a mission by a Faithful's invocation or a Summoner's evocation, the paper trail won't lead back to the Faithful or Summoner, but to the spirit itself (and from there to the black box of the great beyond). The best readings a Sensitive can get about a spirit are insight into the nature of the spirit itself; to find out who sent it, one will have to ask/interrogate the spirit (usually involving Faith, and/or Occult, and/or Theology, in conjunction with Sensitive).

If someone has a far better Masking than you can sense, your findings will often result in the person seeming no stranger than a standard person on the street, or perhaps just having a bit more 'oomph' than one would expect. If someone has a far better Dominate than you can sense, your findings will often be much higher than the person's true 'oomph'.

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