Seventh House Cafe
Seventh House Cafe's Information
Type: Vegetarian Cafe
Rating: 3 Stars
Location: 196 Grand Street
Fame: Tarot Readings and Specially Blended Teas
Atmosphere: Hippy/Pagan chic
Owner(s): Ivanya Kozlova
Manager(s): Ivanya
Employee(s): Hiring!


Outdoor Patio

Coming down the stairs one finds themselves stepping onto a broad bricked patio. A green and gold awning affixed to the far wall shelters tables from both fair and foul weather. A grill provides space to cook, the food served is all vegetarian fare.

The real attraction of the Seventh House Cafe is its teas and juices, however. Hippies, pagans, witches and Earth children of all makes come together to brew up potions that tantalize the mouth while providing all the natural goodness the body might desire. Six small tables are draped with colorful cloths and candles, each of these bearing a small bowl of fresh flowers taken from the nearby flower market. The walls here have been painted to resemble the Major Arcana, the ornate images of the tarot sending the mind toward an expansion of consciousness. Rumor has it, if one has the proper words, other things can be gotten in this place. Whether that is a foolish rumor or not remains known to only the staff.


The inner portion of the cafe has been painted a deep orange, offset by light wooden floors. A half dozen small black tables are on each side, and track lighting brings to attention the black-framed tarot cards done in a multitude of different styles that adorn the walls. A counter is to the left, and a chalkboard behind it boasts the daily specials. The wall that leads back out to the patio has been painted a bright yellow lined in black around the arched doorway, and designs make it visible as a sunburst. At the far end of the hallway is a sturdy metal door marked "Managers Only".




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