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April 28, 2011


Brick Duplex: Living Room - Ashland Avenue: Bucktown
With the semi-open floor plan of many Arts and Crafts style homes, the main floor of the duplex has dark-stained wood floors and trim around the doors and windows and soft, off-white colored walls. The ancient wrought-iron grates for heat (and now air) are still in place but connected to a modern central air system rather than an ancient furnace. The living area is large, with a rectangular, many-paned window facing the street and heavy, masculine club furniture. The dining area is smaller with windows facing the narrow space between houses, filled by a table for six and the kitchen is ancient, with the modern stove, refrigerator and dishwasher looking like afterthoughts to the Formica counters and cool, blue tile floor. Open stairs off the living room lead up and a closed door in the kitchen, opposite the exterior door to the back yard, leads down to the basement.




Jeremy is moving stuff in and out of one of the bedrooms. He apparently has been working on making the room HIS. Though so far he's not found enough tie-dye to satisfy him

It's late at night when Forest shows up, knocking before entering and looking around, "Dylan?" He's not been here before and he hates to intrude. His beast has a very odd energy to it, worry and exhaustion high on the list. He sees a couch and moves to sit down on it heavily.

Jeremy comes down the stairs and sees Forest. Looking a bit worried, he walks to the couch and leans in against Forest, snuggling him before giving a proper greeting. "Hey….are you okay?"

He doesn't say anything, instead he just wraps his arms around you tightly and holds you, seeming to finally find someone safe enough for him to relax around. You can sense the intense worry that throbs through him.

Jeremy doesn't seem to mind being hugged. He makes a point to purr louder for Forest's sake. Watching Forest's behavior, he just tries to make the situation feel more comfortable for him. So for the moment, he doesn't speak, just letting himself be the teddybear that FOrest needs.

Forest moves to rest his head on your shoulder, closing his eyes, feeling very weak in this moment but seeming to just need to hold someone and be held in return.

Jeremy moves his arms just enough to wrap around Forest too and hug him tightly for a moment before relaxing into just a hold. "love you Forest…"

A deep sigh rises from the man as he sits there on the couch, Jeremy sitting on his lap getting the stuffing hugged out of him. Forest's beast is very off key for the moment, worry rising off of him in strong pulses.

Jeremy's own beast is calm and restive. It stays relaxed and just tries being supportive to the king kitty. He leans his head against Forest's chest, listening to the nimir's heart beat and sighing contently.

No explanation has been given as to why Forest is so full of worry, he just sits there for the time being, seeming to need the presence of another as he fights with his emotions.

Jeremy is working on doing his best impression of a stuffed animal. He purrs loudly and nuzzles now and then. But for the moment it seems as if Forest needs the quiet comforts rather than a philosophical debate.

Dylan wanders in from outside, hanging his jacket and kicking off his shoes just inside the door. His scent is relaxed and he smells strongly of Elias and very close contact. When he sees Jeremy and Forest, he crosses the room to give Forest a proper greeting, submissive and friendly and then moves on to Jeremy to give him a greeting of equals. "Forest. Welcome. My place is yours. Ah, can I get you anything?"

At the entrance of Dylan and his greeting, Forest looks up, eyes tired and stressed. He clears his throat and his arms loosen from around Jeremy. His voice also shows strain as he speaks but he's trying to push it away, "Something to drink would be welcome Dylan."

Jeremy smiles at Dylan and stays relaxed against Forest. He does look up. "Dylan's been nice enough ta let me hang out here with him. He's been really cool."

Dylan stands from greeting Forest and heads for the kitchen, securing a few beers from the fridge and handing them out to all and sundry, Forest first. He grins faintly at that comment from Jeremy and says, "For the thousand and first time, you're pard." He gives Forest a wary, worried expression and says, "You doing okay, Forest?"

Elias opens the front door and walks in as if he owns the place. "I found it! No worries," he says as he comes inside and closes the door. "I think it must have fell out when I pulled my cell phone out back at the corner," he finishes, and then looks around, seeing they aren't alone. "Oh." He smiles, "What up, yo?" he asks with a friendly grin at Forest and Jeremy.

Taking the beer, Forest opens it and takes a slow drink, before saying softly, "Zack is missing." His words show the worry he feels, his beast practically pacing.

Jeremy looks at Forest at the mention of Zack being missing. He then leans in a bit more and just relaxes against the Nimir. At least that's the good thing for him to be doing

Dylan grins at Elias when he arrives, crossing over to nuzzle the other man lightly and press a beer into his hands. "Glad you made it." He looks back to Forest, eyes getting a bit wider and says, "Do we need to start circling the wagons or is he lost because he wants to be lost?" He tilts his head a bit, eyes narrowing as he starts considering options.

Elias lets out a sigh that clearly indicates concern, but he doesn't say anything. He takes a solemn drink of the beer, and remains silent.

Forest hands Jeremy his beer, arms loosely wrapped around Jeremy's form where the empath sits on Forest's lap. "He was taken… shot or tasered, I'm not sure… into a black van."

Jeremy holds the beer for Forest since well. Personally beer tastes nasty. He frowns, "I could try trackin if you need me to. I've got a good nose.

Dylan scowls deeply and shakes his head. "Does this have anything to do with the exiles and their human friends?" He pauses a moment and glances at Elias and Jeremy before looking back to the Raj. "Do we have any idea who w should be killing?"

Elias likes Dylan's final question, and he nods, stepping over to Dylan and folding his arms over his chest. "Say the word, dude, and we roll," he says adds to Forest.

Forest shakes his head, "No, it wasn't them. They saw it happen, talked to them earlier, they got a license plate number of the van but couldn't catch it. Cale is going to get ahold of Robert to see if he can help us find the location of the van." Worry etches his face, "I searched the area where the van took him. I could smell Zack but only faintly."

Dylan shakes his head and says, "Did you catch their scent when they spoke of it? Because it seems … convenient that those three would be the witnesses to something that random and dangerous. And possibly bring them back into the pard if they inject themselves into attempts to recover him." He sighs and says, "Speaking of which… what are we going to do? Do we have any cops in our pockets? Witches? Psychics? Somebody who can give us a trail to sniff out?"

Elias shakes his head affirmative to Dylan's words. "I know if I wanted to get back it, that would have been exactly the fuckin' move I woulda pulled."

Forest looks between the three of you, anger starting to rise in him, but where it's directed is difficult to tell, "I don't know who did it or why, all I know is I'm going to find the bastards that took Zack and I'm going to make them regret ever taking breath!" His arms squeeze Jeremy tightly as he speaks, anger moving through his body.

Dylan sighs and says, "Wrath is good. We'll bathe in their blood when we catch them. But first we have to catch them." He shrugs and says, "And we have to assume that whoever has him may know whatever he knows about us. Including where you live, Forest. This house is new. Nobody but the people in this room and Tripp know about it. You can stay here, if you'd like. I can even clear out so you can stuff the place with alphas if they come after you."

Elias nods, "That's not a terrible idea. You'd have to find somewhere else to go though, Dylan," he says, with a grin. "I'd hate to see—" his cell phone rings. "Ugh." He pulls it from his pocket, sees the caller idea, and says, "Sorry, guys. I like, totally have to take this an' shit." He lifts it to his ear and answers, "Hello, sir." He opens the front door, letting himself out for privacy. "Yes sir. Of course, sir. I know, sir. Yes, I know, I was- …Yes sir…" And he closes the door behind him.

Forest nods, "The only clue we have so far is the van, until we know who it belongs to we can't do much more than we already are." He shakes his head a bit, "I'll not kick you out of your home Dylan, but appreciate the offer to let me stay here. I'm needing somewhere to crash for the night." He closes his eyes and leans his head down against Jeremy's head, it's likely the man is exhausted with the worry and stress.

Dylan crouches in front of the couch, looking up at Forest. He says, "You are the Nimir-Raj, Forest. Everything I have is yours. That's just the way it is. If you need the house, I'm happy to stay with Elias a while." He pauses and says, "I don't have anything to offer when it comes to helping find Zack. But when we do, I'd be honored if you'd allow me to go with you help recover him. And I can act as a guard for some of the, ah, less able, betas, if we need to start organizing things for a war."

Forest reaches a hand out to rest on Dylan's shoulder, nodding to his words. "I need to be around family right now Dylan, stay. It doesn't do me any good to be alone in this." Still he holds the quiet Jeremy on his lap, seeming to just need the presence of other leopard's for awhile.

Dylan nods and smiles faintly. "Good enough." He gets up on the couch himself, sitting near Forest and Jeremy. He says quietly, "We will find him, Forest." He pauses and says, "You honestly see it that way, don't you? The whole family bit?"

Forest reaches his arm out across Dylan's shoulders and pulls him in against his side to nuzzle, nodding in answer to his question, "Yes… I do." he shrugs his shoulders a bit, "Maybe it's because I'm from Utah…" he's joking, but his heart isn't really in it.

Dylan wraps an arm around Forest's waist, relaxing in the sense of Forest's beast and the heat and scent of both Forest and Jeremy. It is probably the first time he's actually relaxed in Forest's presence. He snorts quietly at that Utah quip. He says, quietly, "I'm trying to get a handle on that part of things. The idea of not just being pard but being family as well. The two things are different for me. But I don't see any reason why we can't have both. And if it helps having us around until we can get a clue of who needs to be taken down, then we'll be here."

Rubbing his cheek against Dylan's head in a kitty-like manner, Forest closes his eyes and tries to relax, exhaustion hitting the man, "Thanks Dylan." He takes a few slow, deep breaths, just trying to relax and fight the emotions that are warring in him before saying softly, "Family is important to me, it always has been."

Dylan nods and says, his tone somewhat regretful, "Yea. Me too." He doesn't say anything else, though and just settles in next to Forest, his beast low and submissive but also carefully affectionate, sort of a metaphysical licking at the psychic wounds. He's still careful to keep his place, though. "We'll get Zack back, Forest. Best you can do until then is try to stay calm and focused."

Forest yawns tiredly and nods, "I know we will. And I'm going to cause great pain to those who took him…." That worry still courses through him, but he seems to be doing his best to try and keep his emotions in check. "We should let everyone know what's going on." His eyes are closed though and he seems too tired to do much right now though.

Dylan nods and says, "Yea. We will." He nods and says, "Maybe leave a voicemail for Gage and Frank and let them organize things from there? That's why you /have/ a command chain." He pauses and says, "Also, why don't I change the sheets in the big bedroom and you can bunk down there, if you want. We can call in whoever you'd like to keep you company while you rest." He doesn't add, 'And watch over you while you're vulnerable', but the idea is there, unspoken.

Forest nods, "Sounds like a good idea Dylan." He pulls a phone out of his pocket and flips it open, preparing to make some phone calls.

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