Log:20100416 - Shattered - Epilogue


Hyde Park – University Campus

Hyde Park is located right on Lake Michigan, and borders the University of Chicago. Although it's not only a park but also a subdivision that houses more than sixty-two percent of the University's faculty and nearly all of its students; as such, it is one of the most successful racially and economically integrated communities in the United States.

The 'park' is itself riddled with parks. Several restaurants, museums, and gardens help to cultivate the area in a distinct atmosphere. The air is scented with the smells of flowers in spring time, and fresh water-purified air throughout the year. Trees, foliage, benches, tables, and works of art dot the landscape, intermingling with the places of residence. In June the Art Fair attracts national attention, as does the parade on the fourth of July.



RL Date

Sunday, July 05, 2009

IC Date

Friday, April sixteenth 2010. 06:18 pm

The sun is down. The waning crescent moon is up. <16.7% full and fading>

The tide is high and rising.

Everything is grey, veiled by mist. It's cool and the air feels damp. There is no wind. The average temperature is around Forty-five degrees Fahrenheit, Seven Centigrade.


Wes is walking through Hyde Park, following the same path he had taken before meeting Edna Spitz. He has a large, cardboard box kept together with a copious amount of a lighter brown packing tape. He whistles tunelessly as he walks, looking for the rough spot that the cave entrance had been hidden in.

A tapping comes on Wes' shoulder, via a cane, and the little Orkney troll is standing behind him with a smile on her very ugly face. "Mister Ozmund. I'm delighted to see that you are alive and well and our unpleasant friend is neither." Edna gives the box a once over before she quirks a wry smile with a shifting of her wrinkles, and beckons him after her into the copse where the glamour hides her underground home.

"Worked out well." Wes says about the demon, "Barely had a scratch on anyone. Thanks to your assistance as well," he says, and then walks into the cave. "I wanted to give you sommat, in return for helping us get in and out of the tower without problems - n' thus helping save our city." He offers Edna the box - it's large - a little over a meter long, and half of that wide.

The domicile is much the same as the last time he visited. Edna hobbles over to the table where teacups and Keebler cookies are once more set out. Seems the old bat has a sweet tooth. A kettle is hung over a fire that seems to make no smoke. Either the fire is not natural, or the smoke is disguised to keep the outside world from spying it and finding the trow's home. "Well what have we here? Presents for me?" She sniffs at the box, peering at it with one jaundiced eye all scrunched up and the other bulging from her head like it might jump out and wander around on its own.

"That's right," Wes says. "I think you mentioned earlier, that you'd like something for your collection…" The box smells like…well, old cardboard box. But inside of that box, there's also the smell of oiled wood, woodglue and some other kind of adhesive. He says, "I'm afraid I don't quite have enough time to stay for tea and biscuits." Wes is, unconsciously, behaving like a young man at his grandmother's house.

"So few ever do these days," the elderly Fae laments. "The children almost never call anymore. I think. It's hard to tell sometimes since I don't have a phone." Edna slices a sharp, yellowed thumbnail through the packing tape and she pulls the box open with a curiosity that seems to shave a few decades off of her.

It's the world's gaudiest guitar. Covered entirely in fake gemstones radiating out from the center of it in psychedelic orange, blues, purples and reds, it looks like it made it through a timewarp from the sixties and was crystallized along the way. Wes says, "Well, I'd noticed that you had a lot of instruments, n' a lot o' gemstones…" he says about it, looking at the Fae to see if she liked it.

Edna lifts the instrument from the box and her eyes light up like a Christmas tree. "By the Tree! It's spectacular!" She holds it like it's the most amazing valuable antique rather than a bedazzled thing. "This is thanks indeed, boy. You have a friend in old Edna now, you do."

"'m glad to hear that," Wes says, and then says, with his hands folded behind his back, "Anyhow, 've to be off - work to do n' the like," he says, "Thank you again for your help." he says, and tips his hat to her.

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