Log:20100413 - Shattered - Finale


Ad Net Zips - Lobby

The lobby of Ad Net Zips has a rectangular coffee table set up between some comfy couches. The walls are alternating horizontal bars of reddish and pale wood. The furnishings and fixtures all seem to be made of wood or some sort of stone, either granite, marble, or limestone. There are no exterior windows, and there is no sign of technology in sight.

Above a wooden reception desk is a granite sign with the Ad Net Zips logo and their motto, "Love is Always Unique, Find Your Unique Someone" etched into it. A single door leads further into the suite, with wooden double doors leading back out to the elevator lobby.



RL Date

Friday, July 03, 2009

IC Date

Tuesday, April thirteenth 2010. 011:20 pm

The sun is down. The waning crescent moon is up. <36.7% full and fading>

The tide is high and rising.

A wind blows from the west. The average temperature is around Forty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, Nine Centigrade.


By hook or by crook the word has been passed to five of the individuals that have fought the individual parts of Gamosh Sanguinus, He of Blood and Lightning, in the past ten days. Some were contacted by Wes, but everyone including him received a message which told them to come to the Sears Tower tonight, prepared to wage war with a demon, to put an end to the 'gremlin' menace. It included an Employee ID badge for Ad Net Zips, a company located in the tower. They were all instructed to make their best way to the offices of Ad Net Zips on the 102nd floor by 11:30 PM. At that time someone would provide the means to get everyone up to the roof, and Wes would insure they do it unseen.

The 102nd floor is a suite of business offices for prestigious companies who often maintain crazy late hours to deal one on one with overseas counterparts in teleconferences. The elevator does allow visitors off on the floor, because the suites themselves are highly secured.

When each of the eight arrives, they find the door to the lobby of Ad Net Zips unlocked and fresh coffee and Keebler cookies waiting for them on a table between some comfy couches. The inner door to the offices proper is locked, and there is no one behind the reception desk. Above the desk is a sign with the Ad Net Zips logo and their motto, "Love is Always Unique, Find Your Unique Someone". It's…a dating service?

Rodney steps from the elevator, the medic slightly unsure as to what his role for the evening would be. While he had been around for one attack and witnessed the aftermath of another, his own fighting skills had proved horribly ineffective. Despite his street clothed he wears his medic gear bag over his shoulder, and his hip carries more medical gear, including a large maglight. His blue eyes scan the area, and glances to the motto on the wall. "Great… didn't someone tell me once that love hurts? How appropriate for playing with a demon." He shakes his head, looking about for any others to arrive.

Wes arrives in Ad Net Zips, looking at the slogan, and then says, "So the plan is we find Gamosh's ideal mate, and then love him to death." He looks around to see who's come. His usual bedraggled suit has been replaced by something that makes him look like he ought to be in a construction yard instead. The stiff material doesn't fold much. Aside from the small pair of binoculars around his neck. He has a pair of gloves on, the type you'd wear to fix electricity mains.

Celeste's hair has been pulled back into a severe, tight ponytail. She's also wearing a 3/4 length leather trenchcoat, her hands encased in equally leather gloves. Her eyes hold a very strong sense of wariness within them.

Rachel arrives with Wes and runs to one of the chairs to drop her backpack on it. Reaching inside she pulls out a wide leather sheath holding a long blade and slips into the harness that will settle the sheath on her back with the handle down and slanting to her right. More things are pulled out several rolls of dimes are opened and put into her left pocket, in her right pocket goes a few bags of metal balls about the size of marbles. A hunters sling shot is tucked into her back pocket then a bag of rock salt is pulled out, this is attached to her belt. When she is finished she looks around at Wes, makes a face at him then heads for the coffee.

Rodney glances over to Rachel as she walks in, shaking his head as he sees the 'arsenal' the girl withdraws. "How did I know you would end up here as well Red?" He smiles, and reaches back to his bag, unzipping a pocket and pulling out a handgun. He nervously checks the clip on it, and makes sure the safety is on before he takes a seat, looking over the others that have arrived. By the looks of things, the blue eyed medic is at least familiar with how the gun operates, even though he's studying it awfully hard.

There is elevator music playing in the lobby of the suite. It's "The Girl From Ipanema". What else would it be?

Rachel laughs over at Rodney as she pours some coffee for herself. "well, I'm glad you are here." she takes a taste of the coffee as she looks around at the others there. "you know, incase someone gets hurt."

"All right so we need to do an inventory of what everyone can do, n' what they have with them," Wes says as he looks around, checking to see who was there. "Coordinate something so that none of us get shot by our own side, it looks like. N' share any information we might have. I'll start first," Wes says, "I can shoot n' slice things up pretty well, n' know that it's a great, big, lightning shooting demon that's about to become a lot more powerful. "What about you?" he asks Celeste.

Talen was told to meet someone here. He shows up wearing cotton pants and a t-shirt. He is running behind but he can't have been too late. His black beanie is tight on his head. He is tired and he finally sees Rodney. He smiles and runs over to him. "Hey!"

Celeste nods to those that have assembled in the room, and unbuttons her trench. From beneath it she pulls out a small hand-crossbow, complete with a quiver of arrows. "Hand to hand, along with this," she offers to Wes, still looking wary. There's a moment of hesitation, then she adds, "I'm a minor firebug. Not sure what that'll do against a demon."

Rodney nods his head at Rachel, taking his eyes off the gun in his hand for just a moment. When Wes starts talking, he gulps and shakes his head. "Great… lightning. Nasty burns, short out a heart… a brain." He shakes his head, and his eyes widen when Talen shows up. "You shouldn't be here, Talen… did they help you at the hospital ok?" His voice shows concern, and his gaze only briefly flicker to Celeste and her weaponry. "Ummm… most of what I can do would be back up… I'm afraid I'm not the best fighter. But, ahhh…" He glances to the gun sitting in his hand. "I am ok at shooting targets… but…" He shakes his head and looks at Wes for just a moment. "Demons… they aren't 'alive' right?" There is a moral conflict within the medic, and there is doubt in his eyes.

Rachel looks toward Celeste, "I was at the burger place and they were hurt by fire. They didn't like it at all." she drinks a bit more of her coffee and seems to consider the cookies there then turns away from them to stand by Wes to listen to the others.
At exactly 11:30 PM, the outer door locks with a clicking sound and the door to the inner offices swings open. A short, ugly man in a dark suit and tie emerges. He has a face that resembles a bulldog's, with a balding pate that isn't made more attractive by a bad comb-over, and a very rounded form that is on the cusp of dwarfism. The pointed tips of his ears suggest it's due instead to mixed blood of a non-human sort. He is dark of both hair and eye and his voice is husky as he begins handing out short, simple contracts to the five visitors.

"Good evening. Please do not be alarmed by the contracts. They simply assure that in no way, shape, or form will you ever mention the participation of, or association with, Ad Net Zips, its owner, employees, or shareholders, in relation to the events of this night, outside of stating you are a client and were here for a meeting from midnight to 1 AM. The company is using its assets as a favor to someone who wishes to get you up onto the roof of the building, at considerable risk to ourselves for doing so." He looks around at the individuals with a stern countenance. "Those who do not wish to sign the contract may be excused at this time. Your services will no longer be required." He hands out pens to those who agree to sign.

The contracts state pretty much exactly what he said, with the inclusion that by signing the paper, the signed will actually find it physically impossible to speak or write the name of the company in conversation or written statements related to the events of April 4th through 14th outside of precisely what the man said, that they were clients there for a meeting during those hours. There is some mumbo jumbo about glamours being used to ensure it by magical means. Those with the ability to see or sense magic can see it in the contracts themselves, and it tastes of the Fae. It is also of a simple and direct sort that is restricted to do exactly what the words state it will.

"No, they're not," Wes says to Rodney. Wes really doesn't know, but he's going to say that because it would make things easier if Rodney believed him. "All right, well, try to stay out of the way. There's some massive radio tower antennae up above - which is where we think they will become one, try to stay with one of the antennae between you and the critter, staying back. He stops talking as the inner office swings open, and then carefully takes, and reads the contract carefully.

Celeste takes one of the contracts and frowns at it. She looks to the ugly man lifted brow as she reads it, slowly, carefully.

Talen eyes Rodney carefully. "Why shouldn't I be here?" He blinks a few times. He glances down to his leg. "I am alright…I was told to come here." He mumbles quietly. "What are we doing here?"

Rodney swallows and nods at Wes, those blue eyes searching for a few long moments before the door opens, and he shifts rapidly until he sees the odd looking man approach. His hand shifts on the gun but doesn't raise it as the other begins talking, then takes the paper in his hand when it is offered. He looks over it as if reading, pursing his lips tightly when he realizes he doesn't understand half of it. He looks to the kid beside him, and shows the contract to Talon. "Does this make any sense to you? Glamours and the like to keep us from talking? Like anyone's going to believe that we were up here to kill a demon?" He pauses for a moment, and looks over to Wes and Celeste. "Well, maybe them… but me?" He shakes his head.

Rachel peers at Wes's contract and reads his as she holds out her hand to take one from the man as they are handed out. When she gets hers, she reads it again then as Wes continues to read his she trots to her backpack to pull a pen out and still reading she goes back to stand next to Wes.

The diminutive man stands with his hands holding the folder the contracts were pulled from, watching everyone silently. He has a patience about him that seems to add considerable years to his visage. He also looks oddly familiar to Wes. Like he might be related to someone he's met.

The contracts do not appear to be anything more than what they say they are: A company taking magical measures to protect its ass, in the event that the five of them do some massive damage to the roof of the Sears Tower.

Wes shrugs, "I believe everything, mate. For what reason's another matter." He checks between Rachel's and his own contract to see if they were identical. For all Wes knew, though the diminutive man and Edna might look the same, they might be the same person. He didn't have the cream that dispelled Fae illusions on him. "All right," he says, "I will not mention the participation of Ad Net Zips." After a moment, he signs the paper.

Celeste looks begrudging as she signs the contract. It's quite clear that the woman isn't happy about it, and she sort of thrusts pen and paper back towards the man. She shifts her weight from foot to foot, as if she's eager to get all this over with.

Talen eyes the paper carefully and shrugs. He sign's his contract and hands it back. "I don't care. As long as I didn't sign over my soul…I got nothing to hide." He chuckles. "I will believe it if I see it. Demons? Really.." He shakes his head. "How big can this thing really be? There are… five of us?"

When he notices Wes sign the paper, Rodney looks to the pen in his hand, and slowly nods his head. He looks over his one more time, then lowers his pen to it, holding his breath for just a second before signing his name. "Damn magic mumbo jumbo… I don't have to say I was here for dating do I? Ummm… my girlfriend will kill me…" He says the last with a nervous smile, the medic's normal way of dealing with stress being to joke about some aspect of it. He holds the contract and pen up, passing it back to the man that had offered them.

Rachel signs hers too, just after Wes does then hands the paper back over and putting her pen into her jacket pocket. She looks around the room and shakes her head. "wish we had a couple more to help out."

Once the contracts are signed, the mysterious man collects them from each individual and tucks them into a folder. "Will everyone now please repeat after me?" he requests. "Ad Net Zips let me up onto the roof of the Sears Tower on April 13th." He looks to see if anyone manages to do so in spite of the glamoured contract.

GAME> Wes rolls 2 against 5% <+5%> : 8% success (Attempt to Resist Glamour)
GAME> Rodney rolls 32 against 5% <+10% -30%> : 47% failure (Attempt to Resist Glamour)
GAME> Talen rolls 47 against 5% <+31% -31%> : 42% failure (Attempt to Resist Glamour)
GAME> Rachel rolls 18 against 5% <+31% -30%> : 12% failure (Attempt to Resist Glamour)
GAME> Celeste rolls 69 against 5% <+15% -30%> : 79% failure (Attempt to Resist Glamour)

Wes hesitates a moment before not saying anything, "Interesting effect." He says about the contract, and then tucks the pen into her pocket. He says to Rachel. "Aye, I agree. We could've used a few more hands. At least this way, though, everyone seems to be in for shooting the bastard. 's long as we're not in a circle around it - should minimize shooting each other."

Rodney looks at the man, his blue eyes questioning as he tries to repeat after him. His mouth moves a few times, and he shuts his mouth. "What the he..?" He blinks and looks back to the others. "Right… no getting on opposite sides… I'll keep that in mind. Bullets suck for patching up."

Rachel finishes up her coffee and tosses the little cup into the trash can. "ok, Wes, I know what the critters look like and how hard they are to deal with, but what I want to know is, are we dealing with their boss and if so, what is it like?"

Celeste looks even less pleased as she cannot get those words out, but swallows down any swears that might come out instead. She looks away from the man and towards those that she'll apparently be demon-fighting with.

Talen blinks as he tries to say what he was told to. He can't and he glares. "That sucks. Oh well." He shrugs and inches closer to Rodney. "Okay so… as long as you can fix me up I should be alright…right?" He mumbles to the man.

From the same folder the contracts went into, the balding man draws out two things. The first is an electronic keycard; the second is a more mundane modern key. "This," he holds up the keycard, "will get you into the stairwell through the hall beside the elevator. This," he holds up the metal key," will get you through the roof access door at the top of the stairs above the 110th floor landing." He hands both to Wes.

He looks around at the group and tucks the contract folder under his arm. "Activate your amulet before leaving this office, Mister Ozmund. And all of you must return to this office when the deed is done before the hour is up. The security cameras will have picked you up entering here tonight, but will not see you leaving until the glamour ends one hour after it begins. We have all of you on our appointment books as having been here for the duration of the next hour, so you will not be looked at by authorities in association with any damages or the unauthorized roof access. Even if they are curious, you will have an alibi that our company records and the security cameras support."

He passes out business cards to each to support the illusion of being clients. They indicate that Ad Net Zips is the ‘speedy Internet personal ad dating service' for Preternaturals to find compatible humans. He is listed as Hubert Eggleston, Vice President. "We recommend, highly, that you do not interfere with his ritual. Once complete, he will be a single entity and not at his full strength. If you interrupt and even a single part of him is able to escape, he will be able to rebuild his power and try again another time, another place. This is your best opportunity to stop him." With a gesture to the outer door, which clicks unlocked, he says, "And with that, I leave you to your mission. Good luck." He steps back through the inner door and is gone.

"Sort o' like a bigger version o' the little ones," Wes says, "'s not really their boss so much as it is /them/. Each li'l gremlin's one part of the whole. We've killed off a few, so it should be weaker. Apparently the big one shoots lightning - 'm not really sure what can block that - possibly getting out of its line o' sight. I'd suggest sitting back n' distracting it with your slingshot so Celeste can get near enough to burn it, if you can work out any sort o' help with possibly any machinery on the rooftop, or rig up something from the radio towers…" Wes shrugs. "Talen, unless you're some sort o' martial arts prodigy, if you see anyone go down, your job is to haul them over to Rodney. Everyone set?" he asks, and then looks around for confirmation from the five.

"Let’s try to keep from needing me to do that, ok?" Rodney smiles to the other, trying to appear more confidant than he really was. "Well, at least Tufts won't be there this time… little brat with his femur…" He stretches his legs for a moment and then rises to his feet, listening to Wes' words as the odd one leaves the room. He swallows and nods to Wes, looking at the door that was indicated. "Alright boss man, lead the way."

Rachel slaps her left fist into her right palm. "well." she glances around at the rest of them. "I’m ready."

Celeste readies a bolt in her crossbow and nods. "Ready as I'll ever be," she says, adjusting her equipment ever so slightly. "This is damned crazy," is said to herself with a shake of her head.

"All right." Wes says, and then grins. He has a somewhat unholy type of enthusiasm as he says: "Let's send this demon back to hell." Wes takes out the amulet and slips it over his head. For a moment, it hangs over his heart before he turns it three times anticlockwise.

The moment Wes turns the third time counter-clockwise, suddenly everyone in the room struggles to even realize he's there. Somewhere in their brains they know he is standing right there, but every fiber of their being wants to ignore him. Every eye simply slides away from him and, until he touches a hand or a hand holding his touches another, they won't be able to focus on his presence. Once he makes physical contact with another (by himself or via a chain of connected hands), the glamour will clear for the connected individuals, and he will be perfectly visible and audible as normal to them. But they, like him, will suddenly stop registering in the eyes, ears, and focus of anyone not linked to the amulet wearer.

"N' I forgot to mention, we all have to hold hands like a bunch of nancies," Wes says, and then reaches over to hold Rachel's hand.

Talen nods his head. "I am ready. As long as it doesn't …" He blinks a few times and can't seem to find Wes. "What's going on…" He mumbles. When he hears the statement of holding hands he makes a little face and extends his hands.

Rodney's blue eyes grow wide as Wes shifts the amulet, suddenly gone to his senses. Even working in a world where magic and preternatural bits touch many aspects, to one of the utterly mundane… it's still pretty frightening. He doesn't hear Wes' words since the other spoke them after the glamour was in effect, so he searches the room with his eyes, blinking again as Rachel disappears as well. "I am assuming.. this is part of the plan?" His voice seems much less certain again, and he squeezes the grip of the pistol for a moment of comfort.

Rachel gives Wes's hand a light squeeze then reaches out to touch Rodney's and slips her fingers around his. Both hands are cold,,, and sweaty and she reeks of fear that she keeps swallowing.

The touch of her clammy hand starts the medic, and Rodney blinks a few times as both of the others come back into focus. "Not to wear it out, but what was that?" His eyes notice that Wes is holding Rachel's hand and he glances out to Talen, the nearest person to him. Sliding the gun (with safety on) into the back of his pants he reaches out for the him. "So just…" fingers grasp his patient from the prior nights activities as he speaks, "grab onto his hand? This will let him see us?"

Wes reaches over for Celeste's hand, "Yeah," Wes says to Rodney. "I forgot to mention that we all have to be holding hands or sommat. The god o' magic must either be a touchy-feely type or a pervert."

Talen grabs Rodney's hand as the man tries to have his. He blinks and nods. "Odd…" He mumbles. His hands are warm and firm, holding the medic as if his life depended on it.

With the keycard and roof access key, combined with the late hour and the glamour, no one molests our intrepid heroes on their way to the roof. The Sears Tower is the tallest building in the city of Chicago with the roof proper at 1451 feet, and the antenna reaching to 1730 feet. For twenty-four years, from 1974 to 1998, the 110 floor structure was the tallest building in the world.

It is extremely cold and windy up this high and massive antennae structures flanked by smaller narrower boosters tower overhead in a dizzying manner, pure white against the darkness. Their purpose is to increase the broadcast ranges of several local media outlets, but the boosters are good at boosting all sorts of energy, which might explain the presence of a Fae-run Preter dating service in the building. And maybe it's how Starbucks addicts people to their overpriced coffee drinks. Between the antennae is a maze of metal which supports electrical wires and generators. Enormous grates are at all four corners of the roof which are the primary ventilation ducts for the building.

Perched way up on the top of one of the narrower antennae boosters are six diminutive leathery skinned creatures in a shade of burnt orange with wide mouths full of sharp white teeth, talon tipped claws on hands and feet, stunted short tails, ribbed abdomens in a yellowish shade, and ears that resemble bats. They stand about a foot and a half high, with ugly heads too big for their bodies, and built graduated from broad in the shoulders to spindly in the legs. Most of those present have seen them before and recognize them now as little demons, rather than gremlins. The ever popular "Freckles" is leading the chanting.

They are surrounding a magic circle drawn in some kind of black ichor, possibly their own blood. In the center of the circle are all the items they had stolen around the city: the soccer trophy from Starbucks (a cup of victory), pennies and nickels from Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park (the coin of the realm), a paper crown from Burger Tzar (the crown of the false king), and the bones swiped from Graceland Cemetery (remains of the fallen).

Wes comes out onto the roof. "All right, so let's get set up while they're getting set up." In spite of the glamour, he talks very quietly. "Stay away from the edge of the rooftop, I don't want anyone knocked 100 odd stories /down/. Not even one of us could patch you up after that."

Moving with the rest of the hand holders, Rodney is carefully watching his steps until they reach the roof. "Now this… invisible thing… will it work on that demon of…" He starts to say more when his mouth opens and he breaths out softly. "Holy…" The medic squeezes the hands of the two on either side of him tightly, blue eyes wide as Rodney notices the gremlins. His eyes flicker around the rooftop, noticing for the first time just how high they really are.

Rachel winces at the hard squeeze of her hand and begins to tug on it, trying to pull loose from Rodney while whispering, "that hurts, stop it."

Talen blinks a few times as he sees the rooftop. He hold's Rodney’s hand tighter. "Oh damn…oh damn…" He mutters to himself repeatedly.

Celeste continues to hold Wes's hand as they get up on the rooftop. There's a scowl on her face and she speaks softly as well. "Metal. Lots of it here. Too bad it doesn't work for demons like it does Fae…or does it?"

Rodney loosens his grips, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks should anyone actually look. He doesn't look down at her, but he does mumble "sorry." Doesn't release either hand though, not quite sure what would happen at this point if Wes' touchy-feely-pervy god's desire for hand holding was suddenly ignored. When he hears Celeste's words his lips purse, and he listens carefully for Wes' response.

Rachel jerks again and almost gets her hand out of Rodney’s grasp when Celeste speaks up and she looks around again. "crap crap crap." then up at the changing critters. She licks her lips then takes in a slow deep breath. "so, we wait until they combine before we go after it." she eyes the thing the critters are on top of and shudders.

"Haven't got a clue," Wes says. "My guess, though, is probably not. Group o' 'em were shot, had about the same effect as you'd expect a normal bullet to have." He starts to walk, slowly and still holding hands, to a spot behind one of the massive antennae, although not close enough to touch it. He answers Rachel's question. "Yeah. We wait until they've combined, should be when they're at their weakest. Do you think all of you could make a shot from here?" he asks.

Rodney looks at the gremlins on display, then back and forth to his companions. The weight of the gear on his shoulder feels heavy to him, and the gun seems to be exuding heat to his over-hyped senses. He swallows a few times, and looks at the distance from here to the gremlins. He nods his head slightly, and closes his eyes. "I think so… can't be that far, right? It's a little further then the targets on the range… but…" He shuts his mouth, realizing that his talking isn't going to help anyone.

"With one of the arrows? Maybe. But if I'm going to go all fiery death on them, I need to be about…ten feet or closer away from them." Still, Celeste eyes the demon creatures as if she's lining up her shot.

Talen isn't really paying attention. He seems to be panicking as he isn't letting Rodney's hand go. His face is pale and he is watching the critters.

Rachel has her head tilted back with her lips slightly parted and watches the ritual that the critters are doing about 150 feet above them.

"All right," Wes says, "Hopefully it doesn't grow wings n' fly off, but if it does, we aim for the wings, n' bring it back down to earth. When they're done their ritual, I'll run around the side, keeping out o' your line o' fire, n' to that point over there," Wes indicates one of the smaller receivers. "So that I can be close enough to jump it, if necessary."

The medic looks over to Talen, letting the other's state distract him. Low whispers escape Rodney's throat, the thought of someone in need letting him channel into that calmer part of him. "Hey… it's ok. We've got the big guns on our side… you did fine the other night against them… it was messy and nasty… but fine. You got a couple scratches… but hey… you tore them up, remember?" He stands near one of the ledges, ready to kneel and draw his pistol soon as Wes… or someone… gives the word to let go.

The demonlets continue their chanting while holding hands around the circle. At the stroke of midnight a flash of lighting strikes the tower from the clear sky and they disappear from view in the retina burning light and neck ruffling flash of ozone. When eyes and noses finally clear, standing in their place is a towering demon, ten feet in height and half that width in the shoulders, who laughs in a deep bass tone. He is a deep russet color, with a shimmering gold belly and dense muscular shoulders beneath his massive, toothy head. His long tail whips back and forth as if it has a mind of its own and all in all he looks like the big bad daddy of the miniature parts of himself. Six sets of eyes peer down at the beings on the rooftop, whom he apparently sees through the glamour now that he's whole, as he bellows out, "Did you think you could stop me? Fools! Gamosh Sanguinus is whole again, and I shall be your DOOM!" He raises a large taloned hand and points his palm down at them. Suddenly……

……nothing happens. He blinks all those eyes down at his hand, shakes it a few times, and declares once more as he points it at them, "I shall be your DO-" still nothing. He shrieks in fury, having apparently miscalculated the fact that without all of his various bits, he is much weaker than he should be. The many gremlins that perished at the hands of Chicago's citizens in the last ten days have taken their toll. He throws a brief stompy tantrum on top of the antennae booster before he goes suddenly still. He peers down at the group, growls, and leaps into the air. An arm hooks around a structure and he begins swinging down from the antennae, bouncing agile as a monkey between the large tower and the smaller ones, using arms, legs, and tail to catch and release, redirecting his momentum as he descends for the roof and the would be defenders of the city.

GAME> Rodney rolls 27 against 50% <+15%> : 38% success (Initiative)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 47 against 50% <+30%> : 33% success (Initiative)
GAME> Wes rolls 67 against 50% <+41%> : 24% success (Initiative)
GAME> Rachel rolls 57 against 50% <+25%> : 18% success (Initiative)
GAME> Talen rolls 70 against 50% <+31%> : 11% success (Initiative)
GAME> Celeste rolls 95 against 50% <+12%> : 33% failure (Initiative)

GAME> Rodney rolls 3 against 20% <+15% +5%> : 37% success (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Rodney's ranged attack does _16_ damage. (Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 37, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 20 (Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Rodney rolls 88 against 20% <+15% +5% -10%> : 58% failure (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Rodney rolls 95 against 20% <+15% +5% -20%> : 75% failure (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)

Rodney watches in shock for a few moments as the thing begins to swing through the air. Be it panic or some skill the medic didn't know he had, he drops the hands of his companions, the gun moving quickly into his hands. Blue eyes focus on the code brown colored demon and he begins to squeeze the trigger, with three resounding cracks. One of the bullets appears to hit Gamosh, and more of the black ichor rains down. "Oh crap…"

GAME> Eleanor rolls 97 against 30% <+70%> : 3% success (Gamosh catches self from falling)

The demon is reaching his arm for one of the antennae boosters mid-swing when he gets hit by one of Rodney's shots. He falls short of his goal and flails for a moment, looking like he might fall to the rooftop. At the last instant, though, his tail whips out and grabs the booster, stopping his plummet. He hisses at the paramedic with hatred in his eyes as he howls out, "You shall pay, little fleshling!" Black ichor oozes slowly out of the bullet hole in his abdomen as he continues his descent. He'll reach the roof in another few seconds at this pace..

GAME> Wes rolls 34 against 20% <+35%> : 21% success (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes's ranged attack does _16_ damage. (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 21, Obs: 20, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 16 (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Wes rolls 53 against 20% <+25%> : 8% failure (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes rolls 40 against 20% <+10%> : 10% failure (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)

Wes runs to the side, pulling a Beretta 92FS from a holster inside of his coat. Upon reaching a spot to the side of the group, he aims, carefully, and then fires three times. There appears to be a minimal amount of recoil. His first shot hits the demon, but doesn't down it. There's a decent amount of practice in the way that he shoots.

GAME> Rachel rolls 8 against 20% <+15% -10%> : 17% success (Rachel attacks Gamosh - Slingshot)
GAME> Rachel's melee attack does _4_ damage. (Rachel damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 17, Muscle: 15, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 6 (Rachel damages Gamosh)
GAME> Rachel rolls 53 against 20% <+15% -20%> : 38% failure (Rachel attacks Gamosh - Slingshot)

As her hands are freed, Rachel grabs a hand full of steel balls from one pocket and the sling shot from her back. Her hands shake as she loads then gives a quick pull back and lets go. She is encouraged that she hit the first time, making the demon look a bit more hurt and tries another quick shot but missing this time.

Talen shivers and starts tearing up a little. "What the hell … " He readies himself for hand to hand cause well… he doesn't have any guns or crossbows or anything. His big blue eyes in a panic of sorts.

GAME> Celeste rolls 89 against 21% <+10% +10%> : 48% failure (Celeste attacks Gamosh - Crossbow)
GAME> Celeste rolls 55 against 21% <+10% +10% -10%> : 24% failure (Celeste attacks Gamosh - Crossbow)

With the demon in motion, Celeste takes a few seconds to line up a shot. Apparently, they're not enough seconds, as her first bolt goes fairly wide of the creature's chest. "Fuck," she intones, and loads back up. Closer, this time, but still no luck.

GAME> Rodney rolls 12 against 21% <+15% +5%> : 29% success (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Rodney's ranged attack does _12_ damage. (Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 29, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 16 (Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Rodney rolls 59 against 21% <+15% +5% -10%> : 28% failure (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Rodney rolls 94 against 21% <+15% +5% -20%> : 73% failure (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)

Rodney watches as the demon continues towards him, gulping audibly as it stares him down and threatens him. He takes a step back as he watches his allies take a few shots of their own, and while back peddling raises the gun. Again he fires, miraculously hitting the big ugly, his blue eyes wide in disbelief. "What the….."

GAME> Eleanor rolls 91 against 30% <+66%> : 5% success (Gamosh catches self from falling)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 26 against 30% <+66%> : 70% success (Gamosh catches self from falling)

Wes puts another slug in him and Gamosh grunts from the impact, barely recovering to complete another grab as he continues his acrobatic swing towards the rooftop. Rachel wings him in the shoulder and that alerts him in time to duck under Celeste's crossbow bolts. That lines him up just right for another shot from Rodney though, and once more he manages to maintain his balance enough not to fall. He reaches the rooftop and lands heavily on it, shaking the ground like really strong thunder might. He lifts both hands to extend claws from them. "Now you die!" he challenges loudly.

GAME> Wes rolls 68 against 21% <+35%> : 12% failure (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes rolls 25 against 21% <+25%> : 21% success (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes's ranged attack does _12_ damage. (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 21, Obs: 20, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 16 (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Wes rolls 13 against 21% <+10%> : 18% success (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes's ranged attack does _4_ damage. (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 18, Obs: 20, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 16 (Wes damages Gamosh)

Wes pulls off another three shots, two of which hit. Although, to the rest of the crew, it probably looks like holes appearing in the side of the demon, with no crack of a gunshot. He's keeping a mental count of how many rounds he has left, and then checks to see how the others are doing.

GAME> Rachel rolls 29 against 23% <+15%> : 9% success (Rachel attacks Gamosh - Slingshot)
GAME> Rachel's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Rachel damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 9, Muscle: 15, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 4 (Rachel damages Gamosh)
GAME> Rachel rolls 40 against 23% <+15% -10%> : 12% failure (Rachel attacks Gamosh - Slingshot)

Rachel is moving back a bit and takes two more quick shots at the thing, the first shot hits, but just dings off it with little damage and the second one misses all together. Cursing in Dutch she throws the slingshot down and pulls her knife, never taking her eyes off Mr. King Critter.

GAME> Talen rolls 24 against 23% <+31% +11%> : 41% success (Talen attacks Gamosh - Unarmed)
GAME> Talen's melee attack does _6_ damage. (Talen damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 41, Muscle: 28, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 7 (Talen damages Gamosh)
GAME> Talen rolls 15 against 23% <+31% +11% -10%> : 40% success (Talen attacks Gamosh - Unarmed)
GAME> Talen's melee attack does _1_ damage. (Talen damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 40, Muscle: 28, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 7 (Talen damages Gamosh)

Talen is still shivering and he takes a few steps forward putting himself between everyone and the demon. He isn't blocking them but he is closer. "I can only do hand to hand people…" He mumbles. He flexes a little and prepares for a fight. He runs over to it and punches it twice, hitting it both times. He blinks a few times and smiles. "I hit it…"

GAME> Celeste rolls 2 against 23% <+10% +10%> : 41% success (Celeste attacks Gamosh - Crossbow)
GAME> Celeste's ranged attack does _6_ damage. (Celeste damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 41, Obs: 10, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 15 (Celeste damages Gamosh)
GAME> Celeste rolls 16 against 23% <+10% +10% -10%> : 17% success (Celeste attacks Gamosh - Crossbow)
GAME> Celeste's ranged attack does _6_ damage. (Celeste damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 17, Obs: 10, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 9 (Celeste damages Gamosh)

Celeste's eyes gleam with anger and more than a touch of determination. She steadies her stance and, after taking a deep and calming breath, fires the crossbow again. The bolt thrumps through the air, hitting the demon in its torso. Another quickly loaded and fired, this one too ending up within the creature's torso. The demon looks less than pleased at his new wounds. Celeste, on the other hand, grins fiercely.

GAME> Rodney rolls 68 against 23% <+15% +5% -10%> : 35% failure (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Rodney rolls 19 against 23% <+15% +5% -20%> : 4% success (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Rodney's ranged attack does _8_ damage. (Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 4, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 8 (Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Rodney rolls 91 against 23% <+15% +5% -30%> : 78% failure (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)

With Talen closing on the putrid looking demon, Rodney freezes, torn slightly. He raises the gun again, and carefully takes aim before firing again. "If someone stops this thing, I promise… I will learn to believe… no more skipping Hail Mary’s… or anything…" He swallows as he the three slugs fly, one catching him again, and none hitting the young man.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 31 against 50% <+50% -71%> : 2% failure (Gamosh attacks Wes - Claws)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 19 against 50% <+50% -81%> : 0% success (Gamosh attacks Wes - Claws)
GAME> Eleanor rolls two 2-sided dice : « 4 » (Gamosh damages Wes)
GAME> Wes sustains 4 points of damage <passing injuries> (Gamosh damages Wes)

Gamosh takes a heavy step in Rodney's direction before Wes shoots him not once, but twice. The demon shudders, as that really seems to hurt him, before he turns on the man, or on nothing to the perspective of the rest of the group. Rachel dings him again with a slingshot bullet but he doesn't seem to notice it much. Talen's punches get passing regard and a grunt, but it's the guy who shot him twice that he runs at with claws bared. En route, Celeste sticks two bolts into his hide and Rodney buries another bullet in him. Maybe that extra damage is why Wes is still alive. The demon swings those talons upward across Wes' torso with a feral roar of anger but misses on the first strike, and only barely grazes the man across the chest with the reverse swipe.

GAME> Wes rolls 3 against 28% <+35%> : 60% success (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes's ranged attack does _16_ damage. (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 60, Obs: 20, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 32 (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Wes rolls 87 against 28% <+25%> : 34% failure (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes rolls 24 against 28% <+15%> : 19% success (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes's ranged attack does _8_ damage. (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 19, Obs: 20, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 16 (Wes damages Gamosh)

Wes jumps backwards at the first swipe of talon, but is grazed on the returning swipe. He continues to step backwards, and then fires three more times, at nigh point blank range. He looks calm, watching the demon's movement with focused intensity. Two of Wes' three shots are direct hits. His clip has 5 more shots left.

GAME> Rachel rolls 75 against 28% <+25% +20%> : 2% failure (Rachel attacks Gamosh - Knife)
GAME> Rachel rolls 100 against 28% <+25% +20% -10%> : 37% critical failure (Rachel attacks Gamosh - Knife)
GAME> Rachel rolls 42 against 28% <+25%> : 11% success (Rachel keeps her knife from falling down the vent)

Rachel screams something in Dutch when she sees Wes being attacked by the King Kong of Critters and runs toward it, swinging her knife when she gets close. She misses and swings again then curses loudly again when the knife slips from her hands and it seems as if it will skitter across to the vents. She bats at it, not thinking of stabbing her hands or anything and luckily she knocks the knife to the roof top floor without gaining any damage from it.

GAME> Talen rolls 88 against 28% <+31% +11%> : 18% failure (Talen attacks Gamosh - Unarmed)
GAME> Talen rolls 65 against 28% <+31% +11% -10%> : 5% failure (Talen attacks Gamosh - Unarmed)

Talen turns and runs after thing and punches at it twice. He misses both times and runs after the thing standing behind it.

GAME> Celeste rolls 74 against 28% <+10% +10% -10%> : 36% failure (Celeste attacks Gamosh - Crossbow)

With others being so close to the demon, Celeste is forced to aim for a spot that isn't so convenient in order to not put Rachel and Talen at risk. She says something under her breath and lets the bolt fly. It goes wide, sailing off into the night. Swearing again, she stalks forward, getting closer. A better shot to be had, later, perhaps.

GAME> Rodney rolls 12 against 28% <+15% +5% -10%> : 26% success (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Rodney's ranged attack does _12_ damage. (Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 26, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 16 (Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Rodney rolls 28 against 28% <+15% +5% -20%> : 0% success (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Rodney's ranged attack does _8_ damage. ##(Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 1, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 8 ##(Rodney damages Gamosh)
GAME> Rodney rolls 81 against 28% <+15% +5% -30%> : 63% failure (Rodney attacks Gamosh - Gun)

Rodney sees the demon swiping at… something, and the fire lights within the medic's blue eyes. He takes careful aim to avoid everyone closer, and squeezes the trigger for another burst of shots, leaving just three left in his clip. Two of them hit, fresh sprays of the black ichor launching into the air. "Come on… go down!" He says the words under his breath, reading for another round of shots…

GAME> Eleanor rolls 53 against 50% <+10% -71%> : 64% failure (Gamosh attacks Wes - Claws)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 24 against 50% <+10% -81%> : 45% failure (Gamosh attacks Wes - Claws)

The demon jerks bodily as Wes puts two more bullets in him at point blank range. He roars, and jerks left, then right, when Rachel swings at him, then ducks underneath Talen's fists. He grins as Celeste's bolt goes wide and then he laughs heartily as he turns back towards the great and powerful Oz the magician. He raises both arms to try to shred the invisible ringleader of this band of merry demon slayers when two bullets slam into his back, making him stagger hard and miss his strikes on Wes. "No…" he hisses. "This world was to be mine. MINE! No puny creatures can destroy me," he howls in impotent rage as ichor leaks out of many, many wounds.

GAME> Wes rolls 18 against 36% <+25%> : 43% success (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes's ranged attack does _8_ damage. (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 43, Obs: 20, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 24 (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Wes rolls 55 against 36% <+15%> : 4% failure (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes rolls 18 against 36% <-5%> : 13% success (Wes attacks Gamosh - Gun)
GAME> Wes's ranged attack does _12_ damage. (Wes damages Gamosh)
GAME> Success: 13, Obs: 20, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 12 (Wes damages Gamosh)

"Well that plan went arse over tits," Wes says to the demon as the strikes miss. He continues to walk backwards, saying, "Tell your friends back in hell that if any of them want to bargain…" He says, inaudibly, and then fires his handgun again, invisibly, two of the shots tearing through the demon.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 51 against 50% <+80%> : 79% success (Gamosh's Retributive Lightning Strike)
GAME> Wes rolls 26 against 50% <+30%> : 54% success (Wes' Dodge)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 5-sided die : « 1 » (Gamosh damages Wes)
GAME> Wes sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries> (Gamosh damages Wes)
GAME> Rodney rolls 23 against 50% <+10% +5%> : 42% success (Rodney's Dodge)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 6-sided die : « 2 » (Gamosh damages Rodney)
GAME> Rodney sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries> (Gamosh damages Rodney)
GAME> Rachel rolls 92 against 50% <+25% +20%> : 3% success (Rachel's Dodge)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 10-sided die : « 3 » (Gamosh damages Rachel)
GAME> Rachel sustains 3 points of damage <passing injuries> (Gamosh damages Rachel)
GAME> Celeste rolls 12 against 50% <+12% +13%> : 63% success (Celeste's Dodge)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 4-sided die : « 3 » (Gamosh damages Celeste)
GAME> Celeste sustains 3 points of damage <passing injuries> (Gamosh damages Celeste)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 58 against 50% <+45%> : 37% success (Talen's Dodge)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 7-sided die : « 2 » (Gamosh damages Talen)
GAME> Talen sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries> (Gamosh damages Talen)

As Gamosh lay dying, the light in his eyes begins to fade. "You will suffer for this, fleshlings," he rasps out in a hoarse voice. The light cuts out in those beady orbs of his as his last breath wheezes out of nose, mouth, and bullet holes in his chest. He is still for a few long moments. A heartbeat among the group, then another, then a third.

Then something crackles in the demon's dead orbs, like synapses firing, or lightning in a bottle. It flashes out across his face, running in little electrical sparks over his head, down his body, out across his limbs until he is engulfed in a blanket of electrical energy.

Then he bursts in a pulse of lightning on the rooftop, disintegrating entirely, every last drop of him, in some sort of retributive strike. Fortunately, the buildup gave everyone some time to run for cover, and the damage to them was minimal.

"Fleshling this you sack of… OH SHIT!" Rodney notices as the lights begin to build up, and quickly moves away. Luckily since he was further away them most of the others he doesn't need to go to far. Once the pulse begins to fade, he blinks his eyes a few times before looking across to the others and swinging his kit from his back, pistol still in hand. "Did anyone get hurt?" His eyes scan each of his visible allies, looking for wounds as he moves back towards them.

"Get in line, bastard," Celeste says cheerfully towards Gamosh as he gives his predictable last words. As the lightning lashes out, the woman dives towards safety, a zolt of energy and the scent of ozone following her. "Damnit, that stung!"

Wes looks down at the amulet, and then re-holsters his firearm. He heads towards the group, again, and then goes to hold Rachel's hand. "Well that worked out well, innit," Wes says. "Let's get back to the room before someone reports the gunshots."

Talen hasn't really been paying attention so when it's done he gets a bit of a shock and blinks. "What the hell was that?!" He growls.

Rachel had grabbed for her knife at some point and sheaths it just before Wes takes her hand. "Yea," she looks at the dark spot on where the King Critter had been "glad we don't have to clean up that mess."

Rodney moves towards the door, medic bag still hanging from one hand as he flips the safety back on, on his gun. He tucks it in one of the side pockets and zips it. He watches as Rachel disappears as well, and swallows, waiting for each of the other group members to do the same before they get to him. "Ok… where can I get one of those amulets?"

"Hmm, I was hoping to collect a bit o' demon blood," Wes says, and sounds slightly disappointed. "Probably could get a good price for it." He looks like his usual, cheerful self, and then goes to hold the next hand.

GAME> Wes rolls 70 against 40% <+10%> : 20% failure (A puzzle itches at Wes but he can't quite figure it out on the roof)

Rachel calls out for Rodney. "come back here so we can join hands again and waits until he's near enough so she can touch his hand and wrap her fingers around it.

Celeste clips her crossbow back to her belt, and the bolts are slung back into place, all nice and hidden under her belt. She moves towards Rodney while he's still in her sights, eyes scanning the roof briefly.

Wes holds Celeste's hand, as Rachel seemed to be reaching towards Rodney.

Rodney is near the door, watching, waiting… when suddenly Celeste disappears. With a shrug he slides his bag back over his shoulder. His head shakes as he judges the distance, and moments later feels Rachel's small hand touch his own. Fading from sight he reaches for Talen, and swallows lightly. "So ummm… you are one of those wizardly types, right Wes? These demons… they don't come around to often… do they?" With the rest of the group, he prepares to move down the stairs.

Talen reaches for Rodney and grabs his hand tightly. His bites his lip and pouts a little. "My leg hurts…" He mumbles.

Celeste looks genuinely surprised as her hand is taken by Wes, and the others appear as well. "Oh, there you are. Everyone okay?"

"Failed conjuring spell," Wes says, and he sounds like he knows what he's talking about. "Unless another idiot tries it, probably not too often." He waits for the response to Celeste's question before moving, looking around at everyone to make sure that they were.

Now that the action is over with, Rachel seems to show a lot of tiredness.

Rodney looks over to Talen, and raises an eyebrow. "The wound from the other night? Or was it something new?" Now that he can see everyone, he looks to assess if any of them ended up with injuries.

GAME> Wes rolls 57 against 60% <+22%> : 25% success (Wes puts together that Ad Net Zips is an anagram of Edna Spitz)

Back in the Ad Net Zip's suite lobby, the cookies and coffee are still present, but have been joined by boxes of bandages, antiseptic wipes, and a few simple clothing articles somewhat matching what the group was wearing, that could pass on security cameras for unblemished versions of any damaged garb. It's as if the company anticipated the possible need to make sure their 'clients' leave looking exactly as they came in.

Once in the lobby, Rodney releases the hands of Rachel and Talen, kneeling to take a quick look at the young shifter's leg. Noting no other injury then that of the prior night, he rises to his feet and glances to each of the others, his blue eyes showing a bit of weariness. "Everyone else… is good?" He takes in first aid kit that the Ad Net guys have offered with a slight smile, knowing that he has more in his bag.

Rachel rubs at her forehead then makes her way to the coffee again. "yea, yea." and she pours out a coffee for herself then goes to sit on a chair next to her backpack.

Celeste releases Wes's hand, and then takes a moment to fix her hair into some semblance of order—lightning strikes will frizzy even the straightest of hair, after all.

Aside from a small tear in Wes' a-shirt where he had been slashed, he looks like he's in good shape. Wes takes off the amulet, putting it into a pocket in his coat. "I think I'll be all right for shirts," he says, and then takes a seat in the chair. "Wonder how well we did for time?" he says, and then looks at his watch.

Talen blinks and watches Rodney. "I am going to be sick." He mumbles. He walks over to a seat and sits down heavily. "I think I am good…I think…" He mumbles and raises his leg to rub it softly.

With no one injured, Rodney settles his gear bag on the ground, and looks over to the coffee. Pouring himself a cup he shakes his head lightly. "So I guess after Gargamel up there… the rest of this should be a piece of cake, right? Just go about our daily business… acting like nothing happened…" He purses his lips, and gazes into his cup. "Yeah… real easy."

Rachel has put her coffee aside and is quietly removing things to put back into her pack. With it in the seat of the chair next to her it's not hard work but by the time she's finished she looks exhausted.

"First part o' saving the world - " Wes says to Rodney. " - returning to it afterwards, innit." He stretches, and then finally takes one of the cookies. "Sort o' easier than I expected it to be - I thought there would be a lot more lightning."

Celeste looks over to Wes. "Oh, never say that. Now we're doomed to be struck by lightning as we walk out, or run into the demon's big, now very angry, brother."

Rachel picks her coffee back up and begins to drink it now that she is unarmed again. She looks up at the others while they talk but doesn't add anything to the conversation.

Rodney looks over to the other man, listening to his words. Though the two appear about the same age, it's obvious that their experiences in the preternatural could be no further apart. "Yeah, I guess so…" He smiles lightly, and takes a sip of his coffee as Celeste speaks while he moves over towards Talen, looking at the kid with concerned eyes. "Here, I got something that might help." He kneels down to his bag and opens it, looking for something to help the other relax.

"Doubtful," Wes says to Celeste, and then grins, "After all, 's hard to be struck by lightning twice."

Talen looks sick and bites his lip. "I haven't killed anything and in two days I turn in to a crazy…person…" He sighs quietly and shakes his head. He leans back on the chair and brings his hands to his face.

Rodney takes two small blister packs from within his bag. Opening them he cups them into his hand, and kneels in front of Talen. "Hey, you didn't do anything wrong. This… this would shake up everyone." He holds up his own hand to show how it's shaking in front of the other. "Here… these will help you to relax… they dissolve pretty quickly." He takes the boy's hand and presses them into it, looking at him carefully. "Come on, I'll get you taken care of."

Rachel checks her clothing then removes her jacket to fold up and stuff into her backpack before she gets the jacket in the stack of clothing that was left for them. She is still not saying much as she slides it on.

And as 1 AM chimes from somewhere deeper in the suite, the group is clear to leave and go about their merry way. The deed is done, Chicago is saved from He of Blood and Lightning, and the five heroes are now bound to silence about Ad Net Zips and the strange events on the roof of the Sears Tower.

Rachel wanders over to collect her backpack and gives the others a small wave. "I'm going, it's been an hour now." she is already heading for the elevator while she talks.

Rodney helps Talen to his feet, and moves towards the elevator as Rachel summons it. "I think I need to get him somewhere he can rest." He nods to the others and joins Rachel, contemplating where to bring a moody Preter trying to cope.

Celeste nods her head in farewell, and without further pleasant conversation, shows herself out.

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