Log:20100404 - Shattered - Part One


Starbucks - Sears Tower - Jackson Street

America's Favorite Coffeehouse, or so it claims. Stepping inside, one finds a series of pristine booths and tables for the customers, an octagonal island on the far wall hosting the coffee, snacks and various offerings of this popular chain. The employees are neatly garbed and bearing polite smiles. The clientele tend toward yuppydom.



RL Date

Saturday, June 27, 2009

IC Date

Sunday, April fourth 2010. 06:29 pm

The sun is down. The full moon is up. <96.7% full and fading>

The tide is high and ebbing.

A cool breeze blows from the northwest, driving dark clouds before it which blot out the stars in patches overhead. Elsewhere they glitter brightly in the dark sapphire sky. The average temperature is around Forty-three degrees Fahrenheit, Six Centigrade.


It's a quiet lull period in Starbucks, smack between the after work caffeine junkies and the late night study session desperates. A pretty blonde barista with a nametag reading "Trixie" is behind the counter taking orders and money, with a grumpier male counterpart allegedly named "Gus" actually doing the work of mixing and delivering the drinks. He's been grumbling, hitting on Trixie, and making macho comments about how much weight he can lift in the gym all night. The current CD for sale, a mix one actually manufactured by the coffee company, is in heavy rotation, with an Ingrid Michaelson song playing over the speaker system low enough not to impede conversation at the tables.

Trixie is doing her best to push the cranberry scones, which are the special pastry today and which don't look like they've been selling all that well. She notes to every customer that all proceeds from selling them today goes towards getting new uniforms for the shop's "John Hancock Retail League" softball team.

She even points out last years first place trophy behind the counter on top of one of the espresso machines. It's a cheesy tin trophy cup which states that they were victorious over the Cheesecake Factory down the hall. There is also a pyramid of ceramic Starbucks mugs the blonde has carefully constructed on top of the pastry case with a note card declaring that they are on sale for 10% off today.

Rachel is out and about and for a chance doesn't have her backpack with her also, gasp, it's noticed that she's wearing jeans of a normal color when she pushes the door open and enters. She quickly heads for the counter to get in line.

Who else is here but Rob. Apparently off duty, the investigator carries the smell of the underground on him as he enters, signifying that he most likely took the subway here. He doesn't say much, just gets into line behind Rachel.

Olivia enters the coffee shop, wearing her usual long skirt and blouse with a matching scarf tied around her throat. A soft smile plays upon her lips as she moves up to wait in the line.

Celeste enters the Starbucks, a black messenger bag of black thumping gently against her side as she walks. She sigh at the presence of a line, and makes her way into it as well.

Tonight, two more enter the cafe together. Stormy glances up at Keme as she speaks, "It'll be quick, but I think you'd find him an interesting fellow to know.." Steps lead her into the cafe, but then she pauses and looks around, perhaps confused. "I could have sworn I saw Luke in here when we passed the window.. maybe he went to the restroom. Mind waiting for a moment?" The question is given to Keme after she steps out of the way of those entering and heading to the counter.

"Hi! Hi! Hi!" Trixie enthusiastically greets Rachel at the counter. "Can I interest you in a cranberry scone tonight? All proceeds go to buying new uniforms for our company softball team. We're going for Starbucks Green pinstripes this year. Support your coffee habit!" Gus rolls his eyes behind her. Trixie beams at the guests in line behind the young woman and flashes them her cheeriest smile. "I'll be right with you."

Rachel blinks and almost cringes back from the over zealious clerk and just shakes her head at the woman. "just coffee, and she seems to go blank on the yuppy type of coffee then quickly adds. "er, plain coffee. black." and she digs money out of her pocket to pay for her order.

Keme enters behind Stormy and glances around for why she dragging him in here. With her words, he just starts laughing. A hand to move towards her back as if escorting her out of the way of the paying customers. "If this is your idea to get me to wake up, it is working. I adore the smell of coffee and chocolate." Glancing towards the counter, he tilts his head. "Know anything about the sports teams here?"

Stormy hmms, "I do as well.. " The words are murmured before she steps aside, and then laughs quietly at the overly chipper Trixie. "I think she's been nipping the espresso on the side.." The comment is given before she flashes a small smile up at Keme, "Depends on what you're looking for in sports? But Chicago /does/ have a lot of choices. Football, two pro baseball teams, basketball, hockey.. and a lot more.."

Olivia steps up to the counter when it's her turn to order, wrinkling her nose at the mention of cranberries. She gives a polite shake of her head and says, "No thank you. I'll just have a decaf coffee with cream and sugar please." Her eyes wander over the other food items and she adds, "Oh… also one of those blueberry muffins."

Rob waits patiently for Trixie to finish with Rachel's order. He seems to be in a calmer mood than usual tonight.

Celeste's gaze moves over the menu behind the too-perky clerk, considering her choices before her own turn to order comes. "Cinnamon Dolce Latte," she decides, said mostly to herself.

Keme nods his head a moment with that information. "The sport does not matter as much as the company I go see a game with. Though I do have to say that I enjoy baseball and football more than others. Golf is a complete waste of time unless you're working a business deal over it." He seems comfortable to stand out of the way. His hands to slip into his pocket while watching those at the counter. "So how long have you been in the city?"

GAME> Rachel rolls 64 against 60% <+15%> : 11% success (Notice Check)
GAME> Olivia rolls 77 against 60% <+15%> : 2% failure (Notice Check)
GAME> Keme rolls 67 against 90% : 23% success (Notice Check)
GAME> Celeste rolls 22 against 60% <+10%> : 48% success (Notice Check)
GAME> Rob rolls 10 against 60% <+15%> : 65% success (Notice Check)
GAME> Stormy rolls 34 against 60% <+0%> : 26% success (Notice Check)

"One plain coffee! One decaf with cream and sugar! One Cinnamon Dolce Latte!" Trixie calls to Gus. She holds her finger up in a 'just a second' motion to Olivia as she heads for the pastry case. From somewhere outside the storefront in the building lobby, come a few startled shrieks and cries of "WHAT IS THAT!?" Then comes the sound of people running and an odd, somewhat eerie, chittering heading for the coffee shop. Trixie seems oblivious as she has her head in the pastry case retrieving a muffin for Olivia and surreptitiously putting the fresher looking cranberry scones near the front of the case. Gus doesn't hear a thing because he has the coffee bean grinder grinding away loudly.

Rachel has turned to face Olivia, having recognized her voice. "Oh, hi there." she smiles at the other woman. "you keeping out of the rain these days……" she jerks her head around in the middle of talking to Olivia to look at the door of the cafe.

"They all can be fun, but I'm with you on the golf and tennis. Boooring." Stormy agrees with the other, though she smiles, "Well, depends on when you ask." A teasing tone enters her voice, though something catches her attention, blue eyes to darken as her smile deepens further. "Something wicked this way comes." The phrase is almost sing-songed by the petite young woman, a brief glance given to Keme to see if he's heard what she did outside beyond the cafe.

Rob is keeping to himself for the time being, just how he is in general… until he hears something weird, and looks at the door of the cafe, cocking an eyebrow. Meanwhile, one hand goes into his jacket, taking his cell phone out and flipping it open… Only to find that he's not getting any reception. "Dammit!"

Olivia smiles at Rachel as she is greeted but suddenly her phone rings and she plucks it out of her pocket, putting it to her ear and beginning to talk to the person on the other side. She puts a hand up to cover her other ear as she talks, the shop just a little too noisy for her.

Celeste's fingers drum on her own thighs as she continues to stand and wait for her drink. The sound seems to catch her attention too, and she looks towards the door with lifted brows. She gives a soft grumble and murmurs, "Probably just a herd of rats."

Keme taps Stormy's nose with a smirk. "What? You change how long you have been in the city one whether it's night or day?" He is laughing until that sound is heard. His head to snap towards the doors and/or windows to see what's going on. The sing-song of his companion gets a twinkle into his eyes. He does step slightly to place himself between her and what comes as if ready to defend her.

Into the coffee shop comes something impossible. Well some things. Six small, leathery skinned creatures in a shade of particularly offensive burnt orange barrel into Starbucks with wide mouths full of sharp white teeth, talon tipped claws on hands and feet, stunted short tails, ribbed abdomens in a yellowish shade, and ears that resemble bats. They stand about a foot and a half high, with ugly heads too big for their bodies, and built graduated from broad in the shoulders to spindly in the legs. In all honesty, they look like someone spray painted puppets from the movie Gremlins. One has a trio of spikes on his head, one has two tails, one has ridges down his back, another has red nails instead of white, one has brown freckles mottling his skin, one has enormous crazy looking eyes.

They come skidding to a halt on the tile of the shop and look with glowing yellow eyes around the place, making noises that sound like the husky laughter of the hyenas in the Lion King. Then one of them points at Gus and they all let out a delighted howl.
Trixie goes wide eyed and bangs her head on the way out of the pastry case, scattering her precious scones all over the floor. Gus, despite all his macho grumbling earlier, screams like a little girl and holds his hands out in front of him trying to ward off the mini monsters.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 13 against 50% <+30%> : 67% success (Initiative)
GAME> Rachel rolls 9 against 50% <+25%> : 66% success (Initiative)
GAME> Stormy rolls 37 against 50% <+34%> : 47% success (Initiative)
GAME> Rob rolls 28 against 50% <+15%> : 37% success (Initiative)
GAME> Olivia rolls 30 against 50% <+15%> : 35% success (Initiative)
GAME> Keme rolls 65 against 50% <+41%> : 26% success (Initiative)
GAME> Celeste rolls 42 against 50% <+11%> : 19% success (Initiative)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 35 against 50% <+30% -40%> : 5% success (Thrown Attack on Rachel)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 46 against 50% <+30% -50%> : 16% failure (Thrown Attack on Rachel)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 9 against 50% <+30% -60%> : 11% success (Thrown Attack on Rachel)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 2 » (Damage to Rachel)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 2 » (Damage to Rachel)
GAME> Rachel sustains 4 points of damage <passing injuries> (Damage to Rachel)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 27 against 50% <+30% -26%> : 27% success (Thrown Attack on Rob)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 31 against 50% <+30% -36%> : 13% success (Thrown Attack on Rob)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 49 against 50% <+30% -46%> : 15% failure (Thrown Attack on Rob)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 2 » (Damage to Rob)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 2 » (Damage to Rob)
GAME> Rob sustains 4 points of damage <passing injuries> (Damage to Rob)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 7 against 50% <+45% -40%> : 48% success (Unarmed Attack on Stormy)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 5-sided die : « 5 » (Damage to Stormy)
GAME> Stormy sustains 5 points of damage <passing injuries> (Damage to Stormy)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 24 against 50% <+45% -59%> : 12% success (Unarmed Attack on Keme)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 2 » (Damage to Keme)
GAME> Keme sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries> (Damage to Keme)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 81 against 50% <+40% -26%> : 17% failure (Melee Attack on Celeste)

One of the creatures, the one with the freckles, dives over the counter directly at Gus, landing on his head and using it as a springboard to leap on top of the espresso machine. Gus flails wildly and faints. Trixie dives to catch him before his head hits the floor, then seems to remember all the times he's hit on her in his overly macho manner and comes up just short of reaching him. WHAM! Gus' head bounces like a rubber ball off the floor mat as Trixie drags him under the counter to semi-safety.

Freckles swipes the softball trophy cup off the top of the machine and skitters along the preparation area behind the counter with the shiny bit of worthless junk tucked under his arm like an NFL running back cradles a football. Two Tails hops up beside the register along with Ridges and they begin flinging CDs at Rachel and Rob respectively. Poor Ingrid Michaelson's dulcet tones have become weapons of annoyance as the disks sail through the air to whap Rachel in the forehead and Rob in the chin.

Spikes lets out a battle cry, that sort of sounds like a squeaky toy being stepped on, before he charges at Stormy and tries to use her ankle for teething relief. NOMNOMNOM! He chomps hard! Red Nails follows close behind him but veers off to slash taloned claws against Keme's left calf, drawing minimal blood. Crazy Eyes bellows and grabs a stainless steel tea scoop off of one of the gift displays, and brandishes it like the finest rapier. He advances on Celeste and takes a swipe at her kneecap with his makeshift weapon but misses

GAME> Rachel rolls 56 against 40% <+25% +10%> : 19% success (Rachel attacks Two Tails - Thrown)

Rachel gets pissed when hit by the thrown CDs and decides to give in return. She jerks her hand forward to slosh/dash her scalding coffee at the -thing-. "Take that…" she is also grabbing for Olivia's arm to pull her backward when Rachel begins to retreat.

GAME> Stormy rolls 66 against 40% <+34% +10%> : 18% success (Stormy attacks Spikes - Unarmed)
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _3_ damage. (Stormy damages Spikes)
GAME> Success: 18, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 5 (Stormy damages Spikes)

Stormy is being nommed on. NOMMED on! Eyes widen slightly as she turns her head to stare at the thing that's chewing on her ankle, as if surprised to find it there. "Manners.. did your mother not teach you better than this??" Reaching down, she seems to try and break the thing's neck, though the position is awkward, and she does nothing but hurt it, and perhaps make it angrier at her.

GAME> Rob rolls 24 against 40% <+15% +15%> : 46% success (Rob attacks Ridges - Gun)
GAME> Rob's ranged attack does _4_ damage. (Rob damages Ridges)
GAME> Success: 46, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 24 (Rob damages Ridges)

"Yow!" Rob yells out as the strange critters get to him, one of them actually getting him in the leg. He curses loudly and then reaches into his pocket with one hand while putting his cell phone away with the other. "Good thing I always come prepared!" Rob says as he pulls out his hand gun and slaps a clip into it. (Don't worry, he's got a permit!) He takes aim at the nearest creep and opens fire. A single shot rings out and hits it, causing it to bleed black ichor, but it's still going. "This is gonna be a long night I can tell!"

Olivia eyes go wide as she sees the creatures, her mouth dropping open as if to scream but no noise comes out. The hand that held her phone to her ear drops to her side, the cellphone dropping to the floor with a 'thud'. As Rachel pulls her back, she trips and falls down, spilling her hot coffee all over her blouse.

GAME> Keme rolls 89 against 40% <+41% +18%> : 10% success (Keme attacks Red Nails - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Keme damages Red Nails)
GAME> Success: 10, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 5 (Keme damages Red Nails)

Keme is trying not laugh at Stormy's comments to her attacker. "Dear heart," He speaks to her only pausing to kick the little gremlin that's sliced his thigh away from him. Perhaps making the thing roll away a little bit with pain, but most likely to right back at him. "how can you possibly believe these creatures have the brains to be culturized with manners? They should be entered into an ugly dog contest."

GAME> Celeste rolls 96 against 40% <+11% +13%> : 32% failure (Celeste attacks Crazy Eyes - Unarmed)

"You little, ugly bastard!," is called out by Celeste as the Crazy-eyed thing takes a swipe at her. "Who the hell got you wet and fed you after midnight?" Her previous caffeine still in hand, she thrashes a foot towards the gremlin's head, but aims too high, foot swooshing over its ears.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 52 against 50% <+30% -26%> : 2% success (Thrown Attack on Rachel)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 1 » (Damage to Rachel)
GAME> Rachel sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries> (Damage to Rachel)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 34 against 50% <+30% -40%> : 6% success (Thrown Attack on Rob)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 1 » (Damage to Rob)
GAME> Rob sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries> (Damage to Rob)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 93 against 50% <+45% -44%> : 42% failure (Unarmed Attack on Stormy)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 92 against 50% <+45% -59%> : 56% failure (Unarmed Attack on Keme)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 45 against 50% <+40% -24%> : 21% success (Melee Attack on Celeste)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 3-sided die : « 3 » (Damage to Celeste)
GAME> Celeste sustains 3 points of damage <passing injuries> (Damage to Celeste)

Freckles jinks and jives, scrambling under tables, between chair legs, across shelves and over displays, scattering Starbucks Merchandise to the four winds as he looks for an escape route with his 'precious'.

Two Tails shakes off the pain of the hot coffee and his skin is looking a bit blistered. He and Ridges are out of CDs, so they hop on top of the pastry case with its pyramid of ceramic coffee mugs, and begin using them for ammo as they throw them at Rachel and Rob, throwing them rapidly and wildly.

Spikes squeals as Stormy tries to throttle him, and he tries to stick his claws into her backside with a chittering hyena-like laugh which is cut short as he misses. Red Nails leaps up and tries to sink his sharp teeth into Keme's wrist but the man is too agile for him. Crazy eyes leaps into a roll, twirls his tea scoop, and whaps Celeste in the thigh with it. Maybe his eyes aren't the only crazy, if you know what I mean.

Rachel is grouching at Olivia and looks up at the little creeps just in time to take the damage of the cup on an arm that she lifts. "<..a soft word in Dutch..>" she looks down at Olivia and yells "<..a few words in Dutch..>" as she bends to pull on the other woman to get her to her feet. She takes a quick look at the bathroom doors and starts tugging at the other woman to get her moving in that direction.

GAME> Stormy rolls 24 against 40% <+34% +10%> : 60% success (Stormy attacks Spikes - Unarmed)
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Stormy damages Spikes)
GAME> Success: 60, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 9 (Stormy damages Spikes)

GAME> Stormy rolls 90 against 40% <+34% +10% -10%> : 16% failure (Stormy attacks Spikes - Unarmed)

"I could /hope/ they would have better manners.." Stormy offers aside to Keme as the critter before her tries to go for her back with it's claws. Growling a little, the petite girl turns, smacking the thing in the face with one hand. Before she might try for the other hand, the thing stumbles back from her, leaving her to hit nothing but air. It, of course, is looking a little more disgruntled with her. A quick glance is taken of the cafe, but her attention soon returns to the critter before her.

GAME> Rob rolls 9 against 40% <+15% +15%> : 61% success (Rob attacks Ridges - Gun)
GAME> Rob's ranged attack does _16_ damage. (Rob damages Ridges)
GAME> Success: 61, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 32 (Rob damages Ridges)

One of the mugs hits Rob in the back of the head, causing him to yell another colorful word, before spinning around with his handgun drawn, aiming at the creep that just hit him from behind. "Oh, so you wanna play dirty, huh? Well, let me show you what I do to bastards like you!" And with that, a well-aimed shot strikes the creature so hard that it falls onto the floor. And based on the intensity of the shot, it looks like it's not gonna be alive much longer.

Olivia lets out a scream as the coffee she spilt seeps through her blouse, burning her skin beneath. Climbing to her feet she tried not to fall as she started to run with Rachel towards the bathroom doors.

GAME> Keme rolls 44 against 40% <+41% +18%> : 55% success (Keme attacks Red Nails - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Keme damages Red Nails)
GAME> Success: 55, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 9 (Keme damages Red Nails)

GAME> Keme rolls 33 against 40% <+41% +18% -10%> : 56% success (Keme attacks Red Nails - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _5_ damage. (Keme damages Red Nails)
GAME> Success: 56, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 10 (Keme damages Red Nails)

As Red Nails aims for his wrist, Keme steps back only to kick the little creature in the head to daze him before coming down slightly forward to punch the ever-living daylights out of him. "Going for the wrist never works well. Whoever taught you to fight?" He tsks at the creature and then calls over to Stormy. "Hey, if I can get one of these to yield, would you like a pet?"

GAME> Celeste rolls 35 against 40% <+11% +13%> : 29% success (Celeste attacks Crazy Eyes - Unarmed)
GAME> Celeste's melee attack does _8_ damage. (Celeste damages Crazy Eyes)
GAME> Success: 29, Muscle: 15, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 8 (Celeste damages Crazy Eyes)

Celeste swears under her breath and glares at Crazy Eyes when he hits her leg. "These are my /good pants/," she hisses, twisting her body slightly. She kicks outwards, a low roundhouse, and hits the thing upside its head with the toe of her boot. The creature stumbles backwards, but stays standing.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 63 against 50% <+30% -10%> : 7% success (Thrown Attack on Olivia)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 2 » (Damage to Olivia)
GAME> Olivia sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries> (Damage to Olivia)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 69 against 50% <+42% -44%> : 21% failure (Unarmed Attack on Stormy)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 20 against 50% <+38% -59%> : 9% success (Unarmed Attack on Keme)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 1 » (Damage to Keme)
GAME> Keme sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries> ##(Damage to Keme)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 89 against 50% <+38% -24%> : 25% failure (Melee Attack on Celeste)

Freckles makes a final dive between the legs of a shocked bystander and skids out the entrance of the shop. He gallops through the evening crowd in the building lobby, sending people shrieking and running as he barrels out the door and into the night with the softball trophy.

Two Tails plucks another cup from the pyramid and this time he pauses, nods his head, and does a pitcher's windup before throwing it at Olivia. Ridges gets shot but good by Rob and he tumbles from the pastry case, hitting the floor hard and trying to crawl away weakly as he gurgles through the bullet holes in him.

Spikes makes an effort to draw a tic-tac-toe board on Stormy's back as he dances around her trying to avoid having his neck snapped. But the no-necky-snappy avoidance makes him miss his swipe.

Red Nails uses a table as a springboard to leap at Keme and try to latch his sharp teeth into his shoulder. Crazy Eyes gets punted by Celeste, and as he straightens back up he raises the teascoop up vertically, pressed to his forehead, in a salute, before slashing at Celeste's knee once more in an honest effort to dislocate it. He'd look terribly serious if his eyes weren't rolling one way and another out of synch like some horrible cartoon. Sadly, his crazy eyes make for crazy bad aim.

Rachel looks back at the mess that is going and she is not missing that Olivia is hurting from the coffee that was spilled on her. They finally reach the bathroom and Rachel snatches the door open and shoves Olivia inside. She tries to close the door after Olivia is in the other room and turns to hopefully keep any of the critters from entering. (protect the weaker)

GAME> Stormy rolls 63 against 40% <+34% +10%> : 21% success (Stormy attacks Spikes - Unarmed)
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Stormy damages Spikes)
GAME> Success: 21, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 5 (Stormy damages Spikes)

GAME> Stormy rolls 28 against 40% <+34% +10% -10%> : 46% success (Stormy attacks Spikes - Unarmed)
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _7_ damage. (Stormy damages Spikes)
GAME> Success: 46, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 8 (Stormy damages Spikes)

Pissed is Stormy by now. She's got blood in one shoe from where Spikes nommed on her ankle, and after a look at her hand, is muttering about a broken nail. To Keme, she answers, "Might make an interesting guard dog.." This time, she's prepared a little better, throwing two punches at the thing as it dances around her. The first is a glancing blow, but the second, jerks the things head backwards, leaving black ichor to leak from it's nose and knock out one of those teeth. "I do not like you at all." The words are hissed at Spikes as the thing looks badly hurt, but still up on it's feet. "Why don't you… go away??"

GAME> Rob rolls 1 against 40% <+15% +15%> : 69% critical success (Rob attacks Two Tails - Gun)
GAME> Rob's ranged attack does _20_ damage. (Rob damages Two Tails - doubled for crit)
GAME> Success: 69, Observation: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 32 (Rob damages Two Tails)

That cup-throwing creep is about to get a blast of bullet in the face as Rob turns to face it. "Looks like you're bottoming out!" Then *BANG!*

Olivia squeals as she is shoved into the bathroom and the door closed behind her. She runs to crouch beneath one of the sinks and uses her arms to cover her head, fear coursing through her body as she huddled there, trying to save herself.

GAME> Keme rolls 49 against 40% <+41% +18%> : 50% success (Keme attacks Red Nails - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _5_ damage. (Keme damages Red Nails)
GAME> Success: 50, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 9 (Keme damages Red Nails)

GAME> Keme rolls 22 against 40% <+41% +18% -10%> : 67% success (Keme attacks Red Nails - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Keme damages Red Nails)
GAME> Success: 67, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 11 (Keme damages Red Nails)

Keme laughs before those little teeth bite into his shoulder. There's a grunt of anger from him as he lifts his hands to pull that creature off his shoulder. Then tries to wrap his arms around the things neck to break it. "You are a bad little dog. I can buy a German Shepherd with a better temperament and it can bite just as badly."

GAME> Celeste rolls 28 against 40% <+11% +13%> : 36% success (Celeste attacks Crazy Eyes - Unarmed)
GAME> Celeste's melee attack does _10_ damage. (Celeste damages Crazy Eyes)
GAME> Success: 36, Muscle: 15, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 10 (Celeste damages Crazy Eyes)

Clearly, Celeste is as serious about taking out her foe as he is about taking out her kneecap. While Crazy-Eyes is all salutes, Celeste clearly isn't such a cultured fighter. No, she goes after the thing like she's in a bar fight instead of a nice, cozy coffee joint. She takes advantage of Crazy's miss and disorientation, and her left foot comes out in another hard kick, this one connecting with the back of is head. The creature is getting pretty wobbly at this point, and black ichor flows out of his visible orifices. Eww.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 12 against 50% <+27% -44%> : 21% success (Unarmed attack on Stormy)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 3-sided die : « 2 » (Damage to Stormy)
GAME> Stormy sustains 4 points of damage <passing injuries> (Damage to Stormy - Bite)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 44 against 50% <+27% -59%> : 26% failure (Unarmed attack on Keme)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 64 against 50% <+24% -24%> : 14% failure (Melee attack on Celeste)

Seeing Freckles has skeedaddled, Two Tails turns to join him, and instead gets a face full of bullet courtesy of Rob. His head explodes, and the headless creature corpse tumbles off the pastry case, landing on top of the already expiring Ridges, and sending him too, to the grave.

Spikes gets pounded on by Stormy and he's looking kind of woozy. If one can read the expression of little monsters that is. Nevertheless he lunges at her again with snapping jaws and manages to latch on to her thigh. No one said he was smart. Red Nails has things go snap, crackle, pop as Keme tries to snap his neck, and he's hurting badly as he flails in the mans grip and tries to bite him again to no avail. Crazy Eyes is staggering like he's drunk, swinging his teascoop wildly and missing everything in sight.

Rachel stands her ground at the bathroom door as she suddenly pulls off her denim jacket and wraps it around one arm. With that bit of armor, she continues to guard the door and Olivia, who is inside the bathroom.

GAME> Stormy rolls 49 against 55% <+34% +10%> : 50% success (Stormy attacks Spikes - Unarmed)
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _7_ damage. (Stormy damages Spikes)
GAME> Success: 50, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 8 (Stormy damages Spikes)

GAME> Stormy rolls 17 against 55% <+34% +10% -10%> : 72% success (Stormy attacks Spikes - Unarmed)
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _3_ damage. (Stormy damages Spikes)
GAME> Success: 72, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 10 (Stormy damages Spikes)

As Spikes manages to catch her thigh, Stormy growls again, "I am NOT a freaking chew toy!" This time, when she turns towards the critter, there is a hint of fangs to be seen in her own mouth, blue eyes flashing as she reaches down towards the thing, managing to pull it off her thigh. Throttling it, one might hear things cracking that probably shouldn't before Stormy drops it, only to give it one last kick to the head that sends the now motionless body sliding across the floor towards the other two piled up at the base of the pastry case.

GAME> Rob rolls 18 against 80% <+15% +15%> : 92% success (Rob attacks Crazy Eyes - Gun)
##red|GAME> Rob's ranged attack does _12_ damage. (Rob damages Crazy Eyes)
GAME> Success: 92, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 44 ##(Rob damages Crazy Eyes)

Now really getting angry, Rob pulls his gun on Crazy Eyes and fires off another shot. This time, ol Crazy Eyes is gone for good!

Olivia looks up around herself and notices that she's there alone, worry popping into her head as she looks to the closed door. She rushes over to the door and opens it quickly, reaching her arm out to try to grab Rachel and bring the crazy woman inside to safety.

GAME> Keme rolls 10 against 80% <+41% +18%> : 129% success (Keme attacks Red Nails - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _7_ damage. (Keme damages Red Nails)
GAME> Success: 129, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 17 (Keme damages Red Nails)

About the time Stormy is cracking Spikes, Keme is breaking the neck of Red Nails. One the thing finishes squirming, he tosses it over the pile with the rest of them before turning towards Stormy. "Sorry. I -tried- to get you one for a pet, but the thing bit me. I did not think you needed one that would bite your pretty face off." Then as an after thought, "Are you hurt?" He glances over the area to take in the damage to the place now.

Spike is in the middle of laughing like a maniacal hyena when Stormy snaps his neck and cuts his cackles off with a sickening 'urk!?'. He is dead as a doornail when he joins the rising pile of leathery corpses.

Crazy Eyes had just finally undizzied enough to prepare to charge at Celeste when he, too, became the brand new owner of a bullet to the face. His charge comes up short when he falls in a splat of black ichor at Celeste's feet.

And then Red Nails meets the same fate as Spikes when Keme snaps his neck before he can try to chew on him again.

Trixie pokes her head up over the counter, whispering into the cordless phone for the store. "And then there were bullets and neck snapping but one of them stole our softball league trophy and please hurry! Oh, and one of the barista's hit his head on the floor. So please send an ambulance!"

Celeste brushes some hair out of her face and scowls down at the corpses of the gremlin-things. "Thanks," she says over to Rob with a hint of a smile. Calm, now, she takes a sip of the drink she's managed to hold onto throughout the entire affair. She takes a step back from the ichor at her face and frowns. "Glad I wore the black ones, today.

Rachel feels the touch of Oliva's hand trying to grab her arm and she turns to her. "stop it.. "she glances back around then mutters' "it's ok, come on out now, it's over."

Stormy dusts her hands off, frowning at the black stain on her hands, "And now, I'm going to have to go take a bath.." A sigh, and she finally looks to Keme as he manages to throw his own critter away to join the pile. "It's alright. I think I prefer spiders.. or maybe a good dog.." When he asks if she's hurt, she glances down, "Just a few bites here and there." She bleeding from her ankle and thigh, a few more mutters given, then glances to Trixie as she overhears the girl talking to the police. "I think we should go…"

Olivia shudders as she slowly comes out of the bathroom, looking around with wide eyes as if not trusting what Rachel said. Moving up close to the woman, she looks horrified at the mess that surrounds her.

Keme glances to wear that call is being made, then nods his head. He offers her an arm while stepping towards the door. "I should change clothes and clean up as well. It is a shame we missed your friend. Perhaps later. Shall I help you back to your place?"

Rachel unwraps her jacket from around her forearm then slides it back on. "come on, I'll walk you back home. I think you need to get some help from that coffee burn.

Gus groans and opens his eyes from under the counter. Then he remembers what was happening and screams, "I WANT MY MOMMY!" at the top of his lungs. Trixie tries not to laugh. Trixie fails.

Stormy takes Keme's arm, and nods quietly, "It's alright. I'll give Luke a call later." Heading towards the door, she murmurs, "And yes, you may come with me, if you'd like. Perhaps we might go out afterwards, if you want?"

Olivia wraps her arms tightly around herself, the burn from the coffee seemingly forgotten in her shock, and she starts to follow Rachel out the door.

Celeste gives the place one last look and sighs. "This is what I get for going to a chain," she mutters, and then heads out the door. "Wonder what they wanted that fugly trophy for…"

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