Log:20100408 - Shattered - Part Three


Burger Tzar -1 - Clark Street South

Burger Tzar - Home of the 'Whammer.' An all beef patty, grilled to perfection, topped with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and served on a sesame seed bun. Would you like fries with that? No problem. How about Tzar sizing that meal… it's only a few cents more?

This establishment is the standard build of a fast-food place; a counter with highlighted menu for ordering, a few laminated tables and booths with attached metal chairs. Not exactly 'fine dining,' but hey… it's cheap, quick, and mostly clean. Equipped with a drive-thru, it's a handy place to swing by for a bite on the go. And remember… "It's your way, right now" at Burger Tzar.



RL Date

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

IC Date

Thursday, April eighth 2010. 6:39 pm

The sun is down. The waning gibbous moon is up. <70.0% full and fading>
The tide is low and ebbing.

Cold rain pours from thick grey clouds, driven by a howling north wind. The average temperature is around Fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit, Twelve Centigrade.


It's a bit after dinner time. Every once in a while you need to have a burger "your way, right now". In those cases most people won't head to Burger Tzar no matter what their slogan says, because what passes for a burger here is probably not the way you want one…ever. However, when the budget is tight, sometimes you end up here. Or sometimes there are high school kids standing just inside the doors, selling candy bars to fund their senior trip and you're in a charitable mood. Ok, so maybe you just like the fries. Regardless, welcome to the home of the self-declared King of Fast Food. His crown sits, replicated a couple dozen times in tacky greenish-gold cardstock, stacked to one side of the counter to be handed out with kids meals. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

The high school kids in question mill about in the area between the doors and the order counter, begging all the customers to fork over $1.00 each for a chocolate, chocolate with almonds, chocolate with caramel, or chocolate with rice crisps candy bar. They're all wearing lanyards around their necks with badges declaring them to be from George Pullman High School.

Behind the counter, Casey, a disgruntled looking, rail thin young man takes orders beside Stacey, a short older woman whose grey curls and cheery smile seem to irk Casey to no end. Maybe it's just that their manager thinks it's super cutsey to put the people with rhyming names on the counter. Behind them are the stainless steel chutes the burgers and other items are slid down for distribution, like a giant game of edible Plinko. Through gaps in the equipment the infamous assembly line and fryers can be seen, handled by other employees who seem to share Casey's lack of joy in their work.

Keme enters into the Burger Tzar, because what better place to find people who desire a little spice to brighten up their lives? He is about to brush past all those students, but suddenly backpedals to head back over to them. "Only a dollar for a chocolate bar? If they are those really thick bars and they taste good, you might be about to get people to pay $2.00 for them. If you do that, you can run a special that's 2 bars for $3.00. And you would still be picking up an extra $.50 for each bar." He points out to them. "So what is the money going towards anyway?"

Mmm, edible Plinko. At least, one thinks it's edible. Gwen's hungry enough, she doesn’t really care. Okay, she /cares/, but not enough not to grab some fries on the way home from work. Salt. Grease. Mmmmmmmm. A glance is slid to the chocolate bars, considering for a moment, hands lifting to loosen the scarf tied around her neck. It's still cool enough that Gwen can get away with wearing a scarf, but she's ditched the coat. Sacrifices for fashion and all that. But which junk food to have? The vastly overpriced and likely very cheap, but chocolatey, goodness? Or the artery clogging, likely poisonous in some way, but cheap, vaguely resembling potato stick things? With a sigh, Gwen turns to the high school students, for once, doing something charitable. Oh what the heck, she'll have two. Go really wild. Eyes slide to Keme and lips quirk. "Carefully, you'll give them dreams of riches and millions. Like the Girl Scout cookies, yet in candy form."

Rachel is wearing the backpack on her left shoulder only, hung there by it's one good strap. Every step she takes it does a little bounce and swing despite her slow entrance due to the crowd of candy peddlers at the front door. "no." she moves a bit. "no." another few steps. "I said no." finally she stops, mostly cause Keme is standing there talking to them. So finally she gives in and pulls out a 5'er and hands it over to one of the more pushy school kids. "One of each I guess."

Rob simply gives the candy peddlers a raised hand and a shaked head, saying, "I'm sorry, but I don't have any small enough bills. After I get my food I'll gladly buy some." This usually works in the past, namely since Rob's telling the truth here, that he's willing to purchase some, but he doesn't want to force them to break a large bill unless it's absolutely necessary.

A candy bar gets waggled under Keme's nose by a bubbly dark-haired high school girl. "Oh Em Gee! You are so smart! You like re-heeeeally need to buy one of my candy bars, right? Like there's a contest to see who sells the most and I like totes have to win! If I do I get to eat dinner at Cinderella's Castle on the Disney trip and like, I am SO totes a princess and stuff!" It's a miracle the other students haven't tried to hang her with her lanyard yet.

Gwenhwyfar and Rachel's money is happily taken by the "princess" since she snatches at it before anyone else can even register the lovely green shade of the bills being waved around. "Like you guys totes rock! Here you go!" She passes out the candy bars to the women with a super cheery flash of an overly lip-glossed smile.

At the counter, elderly Stacey smiles sweetly at Rob. "Welcome to Burger Tzar, how may I help you today? I recommend the Barbeque Bacon Whammer. It's here for a limited time only."

Keme glances down at the dark-haired girl and just nods. "Let me guess, you're Belle." He pulls out a five dollar bill for each of the youth. "I'll take five from each of you then. But only if you tell me which organization you are with." He holds the five away from the money grabber princess for just a moment. Then glancing towards Gwen, he flashes her a smile. "I am only teaching them marketing techniques. There is nothing wrong with learning how to grow your money."

These kids are good. Managed to snag three people. Oh, no wait. They simply have numbers, not brains. An eyebrow twitches at the "princess" as Gwen's money is absconded with. At least she gets the chocolate. Still, she wonders how princess tastes. "Clearly, you haven't read your history of non-fictional princesses." Nownow, arguing with a High Schooler isn't going to get Gwen anywhere. She should know, she was a right bastard of one. Eat the chocolate, Gwen, there's a good girl. The wrapper is torn off, then the foil that covers one end of the chocolate bar. Smiling sweetly, the foil is crumpled up and (shoved into her face) given to the princess's grasping hand as she spots the fiver. "Have some tinsel for those juvenile dreams." Eyes look to Keme and she chuckles. "Nah, if you were doing that, you toss the five in the middle of them and have them brawl for it."

"I'll just have the Bacon-Double-Cheeseburger combo with a Coke," Rob replies as he reaches for his wallet. "I appreciate the offer, but I'm more of a simplistic person, you know." He grins a little.

Rachel looks at the handfull of candy bars she has received and sighs as she again tries to make her way to the counter. With a quick look at Rob as he escapes the horde of teens she falls in behind him and lets him open the path to the smell of hot food. When he stops and the woman behind the counter begins to talk to him, Rachel taps him on the left shoulder then leans to the right if he turns around to look to see her there, if he catches her, she giggles at him. "hey, haven't seen you in a while." and she shoves one of the candy bars at him. "here, want some candy little boy."

GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 21 against 50% <+44%> : 73% success (Notice Check)
GAME> Rachel rolls 56 against 50% <+15%> : 9% success (Notice Check)
GAME> Rob rolls 62 against 50% <+15%> : 3% success (Notice Check)
GAME> Keme rolls 96 against 50% <+30%> : 16% failure (Notice Check)

The Candy Princess shoves her ill gotten gains into a pink and silver bedazzled 'Hello Kitty' purse. She smirks at a few of the other students nearby who are glaring daggers at her. "Oh stop hating, haters! Just because you have no people skills!" She does a hair flip of epic proportions and changes gears at Keme's question. She raises both arms up to conduct her far less enthusiastic cohorts in a cheer. "George Pullman High, we are the best, we stomp all over all the rest! Go Pullman!" She smiles at the man. "George Pullman High School class of 2010! This is for our senior trip to Disney." She steps back from Gwen's wrapper and exclaims, "Oh ew, there's a trash can right there!" She points to the one beside the door with trays stacked on top.

"Of course, sir!" Stacey notes cheerfully as she rings Rob's order up and takes his money to make change.

A shriek of surprise erupts from the kitchen. Then another, and another. To those perceptive folks, through the gaps in the delivery shelves, food and equipment seems to be flying as employees run helter-skelter from things that are little more than flashes of burnt orange.

Keme laughs with Gwen's suggestion. "Yes, well.. then I have to wait for them to argue it out until I get my chocolate." He moves back to the other kids and away from the scary chick. "Hey.. you don't have to be as forthright as she is. You could always ditch her for another place where you can get sales."

Gwenhwyfar is in total agreement with the "haters." Lips purse before she smirks as the princess cringes back, glancing towards Keme. "No, that's when you take advantage of the confusion and take more than five dollars worth of chocolate." Gwen is clearly NOT a good role model for kids. So the wrapper gets tossed at the princess before Gwen moves on. Though she doesn't go far, cocking her head to a couple of the other High Schoolers, though Keme seems to have the same idea. A bite of chocolate is munched and she chuckles. "Or you can gang up on her. Or cut the strap of her purse. Lock her in the bathroom…" She trails off at the shrieks, chocolate bar partially in her mouth and mismatched eyes curious as she looks over. The flashes of orange cause said eyes to narrow in confusion, shifting back a bit so that the chocolate table, and the high schoolers, are between the flashes and her.

"Well, I was gonna buy a few more over there, so why don't you hold onto them for now," Rob replies before turning to pay for his order. As soon as he gets his change, he starts counting his money. "I should be able to buy a few…" Rob's thoughts trail off as he hears the strange noises and then looks up at the craziness that is now ensuing. His eyes go wide as his internal voice says, "Bad idea coming here tonight."

Rachel freezes with her hand out holding the candy bar toward Rob, "oh creeping hell, not again." and she begins to backpedal from the counter until she slams into one of those waist high dividers that separate the lines at the counter from the dinning area. If it were not for the pack hanging from her left shoulder she might not have flipped over the thing to land nearly upside down on the other side with one foot showing above the divider.

"She follows us, everywhere," a young man with fashionably short dreads laments to Keme. He shoves his hands in his pockets and shrugs at Gwen, "She's like our own personal Tracy Flick. We just all kind of resigned ourselves to her w—-hat the hell?!" He turns his head towards the counter.

The beasties crawl under the heat lamps and wade through the stainless steel bin the french fries get dumped into to reach the front of the restaurant. They flood into the sort and bag area of the back counter, six leathery skinned creatures of a burnt orange hue, with wide mouths full of sharp white teeth, talon tipped claws on hands and feet, stunted short tails, ribbed abdomens in a yellowish shade, and ears that resemble bats. They stand about a foot and a half high, with ugly heads too big for their bodies, and built graduated from broad in the shoulders to spindly in the legs. They look a bit like Gremlins from the 1984 film, but less green.

Of the ones climbing under the heat lamps, one has one has brown freckles mottling his skin, another has bleached out-looking white spots on his back, and a third has tufts of yellow hair sticking out of his ears. Pausing a moment to shove a fistful of french-fries from the bin into his mouth is one whose left arm is nothing but a stump. He gets shoved through by one with spikes sticking up out of his head like a Mohawk and another with large gaps between its teeth.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 14 against 50% <+20%> : 56% success (Initiative)
GAME> Keme rolls 34 against 50% <+30%> : 46% success (Initiative)
GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 20 against 50% <+14%> : 44% success (Initiative)
GAME> Rachel rolls 37 against 50% <+25%> : 38% success (Initiative)
GAME> Rob rolls 40 against 50% <+15%> : 25% success (Initiative)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 33 against 50% <+20%> : 37% success (Freckles Acrobatics)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 21 against 50% <+20% -26%> : 23% success (Mohawk attacks Rob - Thrown)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 3-sided die : « 2 » (Mohawk damages Rob)
GAME> Rob sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries> (Mohawk damages Rob)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 63 against 50% <+20% -30%> : 23% failure (Mohawk attacks Rob - Thrown)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 84 against 50% <+20% -14%> : 28% failure (Gaps attacks Gwen - Thrown)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 36 against 50% <+20% -24%> : 10% success (Gaps attacks Gwen - Thrown)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 1 » (Gaps damages Gwen)
GAME> Gwenhwyfar sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries> (Gaps damages Gwen)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 40 against 50% <+20% -65%> : 35% failure (Spots attacks Rachel - Unarmed)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 18 against 50% <+20% -65%> : 13% failure (Tufts attacks Rachel - Unarmed)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 96 against 50% <+20% -59%> : 85% failure (Stumpy attacks Keme - Unarmed)

Casey and Stacey freeze in place and stare at the creatures in shock. Then Casey leaps over the counter into the lobby with his eyes the size of saucers, and rushes to shove the glass doors open. With a loud shout of "This way!" he starts ushering people out of restaurant and hopefully out of danger. The high school kids shriek in that tone that only they can seem to manage, the one that crawls up an adults spine and gnaws on their nerve endings until they are compelled to do whatever they must to make it stop. They begin running willy nilly around the lobby, with candy bars flying everywhere. The few in possession of an ounce of sense follow Casey.

Freckles hisses in Stacey's face before he leaps over the trays on the order assembly line and skids into the stack of kid crowns. Dear little old Stacey's cheerful smile turns into an "O" of terror. Her right hand goes to her left arm as she makes a strange noise. She appears to be having trouble breathing.

Mohawk scrambles across the floor behind the front counter before he scales it and emerges on top with the mustard and ketchup packet bins in his grimy little claws. He hurls them at Rob. The ketchup bin flies wide but the mustard bin WHAPS into his chest as the creature laughs maniacally. Gaps decides Mohawk has the right idea and swipes the salt shaker and scooper from the french fry bin, chucking them with all his might at Gwenhwyfar's head. He misses with the shaker but the scooper clips her shoulder.

Spots wastes no time leaping from the back counter to the front, then right at Rachel. He snaps his jaws at her shoulder as he misses and flies past to land on the floor beyond her. Tufts springboards off Stumpy's back to do a fly by slash of claws at Rachel as well before landing on top of the trash bin with a wild cackle. Stumpy grunts as he's used as a launching pad, but he hops down off the front counter awkwardly and runs amok through people's legs, trying and failing to sink sharp teeth into Keme's ankle.

GAME> Keme rolls 50 against 30% <+41% +18%> : 39% success (Keme grabs Stumpy - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme rolls 61 against 30% <+41% +18% -10%> : 18% success (Keme attacks Stumpy - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _6_ damage. (Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Success: 18, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 6 (Keme damages Stumpy)

Keme glances down at his feet and sighs. "Where are you little critters coming from?" He picks Stumpy up by his neck and then secures him in a choke hold. The little critter’s flailing there in his arms. His gaze looks up while holding this one to see where the others are.

GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls one 3-sided die : « 2 » (Gwen checks her silver boost)
GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 35 against 29% <+22%> : 16% success (Gwen increases her reflexes with Air Magic)
GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 2 against 30% <+20%> : 48% success (Gwen attacks Gaps - Thrown)
GAME> Gwenhwyfar's melee attack does _3_ damage. (Gwen damages Gaps)
GAME> Success: 48, Muscle: 15, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 6 (Gwen damages Gaps)

Gwenhwyfar yips at the sudden impact of the fry scoop into her shoulder, her open chocolate bar dropping to the ground. Not the candy bar!! NOOOOO! Mismatched eyes narrow and focus on the Gap-orange thing, annoyance flickering. She paid a whole dollar for that candy bar! With a scowl, she swipes a bar off of the table in front of her, hurling it back at the little punk. She can't stop the "Woohoo!" as she beans it in the head, though Gaps doesn't seem as thrilled at her success, snarling and gesturing what are likely very nasty things at the red head.

GAME> Rachel rolls 2 against 30% <+25% +10%> : 63% success (Rachel attacks Spots - Thrown)
GAME> Rachel's melee attack does _1_ damage. (Rachel damages Spots)
GAME> Success: 63, Muscle: 15, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 8 (Rachel damages Spots)

Rachel wiggles and squirms until she is sitting with her back to the divider and the first thing she sees is Spots on the floor in front of her not far away. She shrieks as she grabs up a plastic tray then almost without thought she flings it Frisbee style at the little ugly critter. She curses loudly. "Bloody hell." when all the damage is that it's just hit enough for the thing to topple over backward.

GAME> Rob rolls 4 against 30% <+15% +15%> : 56% success (Rob attacks Mohawk - Gun)
GAME> Rob's ranged attack does _4_ damage. (Rob damages Mohawk)
GAME> Success: 56, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 28 (Rob damages Mohawk)
GAME> Rob rolls 46 against 30% <+15% +15% -10%> : 4% success (Rob attacks Mohawk - Gun)
GAME> Rob's ranged attack does _4_ damage. (Rob damages Mohawk)
GAME> Success: 4, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 8 (Rob damages Mohawk)
GAME> Rob rolls 99 against 30% <+15% +15% -20%> : 59% failure(Rob attacks Mohawk - Gun)

"Not these freaks again!" Rob mutters to himself as he starts to step back, only to be pelted by Mohawk. It doesn't hurt all that much per se, but it does annoy Rob. Fortunately, Rob has gotten his hand gun out of his holster. "All right, you wanna fight from a distance? Well, I'll play with ya!" He fires three shots, the first two hitting directly, but the third going a bit wide. Mohawk seems to take a bit of damage from the attack, but he's not down yet. "Come on, I'm waiting for ya!" Rob says in a taunting voice.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 30 against 50% <+17% -26%> : 11% success (Mohawk attacks Rob - Thrown)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 63 against 50% <+17% -36%> : 32% failure (Mohawk attacks Rob - Thrown)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 1 » (Mohawk damages Rob)
GAME> Rob sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries> (Mohawk damages Rob)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 69 against 50% <+20% -14%> : 13% failure (Gaps attacks Gwen - Melee)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 31 against 50% <+30% -65%> : 16% failure (Spots attacks Rachel - Unarmed)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 90 against 50% <+30% -75%> : 85% failure (Spots attacks Rachel - Unarmed)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 19 against 50% <+30% -59%> : 2% success (Stumpy attacks Keme - Unarmed)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 85 against 50% <+30% -69%> : 74% failure (Stumpy attacks Keme - Unarmed)
GAME> Eleanor rolls one 2-sided die : « 2 » (Stumpy damages Keme x2)
GAME> Keme sustains 4 points of damage <passing injuries> (Stumpy damages Keme)

The Candy Princess trips over Spots and with a wild flailing of arms and an ear shattering screech of terror, she falls down under the stampeding feet of the panicked patrons. Karma. It is a bitch. More and more of the restaurant patrons stream out of the doors, leaving only those crazy ones who are trying to fight them behind. Stacey clutches at her chest and she falls down behind the order counter, trying to squeak out a plea for help through lips that start looking a little bit blue.

Freckles cackles down at her as he grabs an armload of the paper crowns. He scrambles back over to the food delivery chutes and scales them like a talented little monkey might a tree, before squeezing back under the heat lamps into the kitchen. More screams follow from the cowering employees back there.

Mohawk gets shot twice and he grunts in pain as black ichor leaks from the bullet holes. He wobbles a bit as he switches from bins to microphones as ammo. He yanks them off the counter and throws them at Rob.

Gaps gets a candy bar in the forehead. His head snaps back, then he growls and smashes his fist into the keypad of Stacey's abandoned cash register and the drawer pops open. He yanks it out, leaps, and swings it at Gwen, missing widely and sending money flying everywhere.

Spots gets WHACKED with Rachel's tray right in his little nose and, though it doesn't hurt much, he tumbles backwards from the sting. He rights himself and leaps at Rachel, his teeth snapping at her thigh twice but catching nothing but air. Tufts leaps off the trash bin onto the Candy Princess and runs up and down her back, slashing his claws as he goes with reckless abandon.

Stumpy flails in Keme's grasp and waves his one spindly arm around, sticking sharp claws everywhere. It seems that random flailing is a better strategy than the rest of his brethren are employing as he draws blood.

GAME> Keme rolls 20 against 31% <+41% +18%> : 70% success (Keme attacks Stumpy - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _7_ damage.(Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Success: 70, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 11(Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Keme rolls 78 against 31% <+41% +18% -10%> : 2% success (Keme attacks Stumpy - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _2_ damage.(Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Success: 2, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 4(Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Keme rolls 64 against 31% <+41% +18% -20%> : 6% success (Keme attacks Stumpy - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _2_ damage.(Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Success: 6, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 4(Keme damages Stumpy)

Keme continues to work on strangling that little critter. He's got the thing's neck stretched so far that black ooze is coming out of his orifices.. er, his nose and ears and drooling from his mouth. That ooze to get all over Keme's shirt. "Oh yuck! I swear… I am tired of having to buy new shirts. You are lucky my girlfriend likes shopping, little dude. Or else I'd cut your toes off before I kill you."

GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 63 against 30% <+14% +16%> : 3% failure (Gwen attacks Gaps - Unarmed)
GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 67 against 30% <+14% +16% -10%> : 17% failure (Gwen attacks Gaps - Unarmed)

Gwenhwyfar would prefer reaching into cash drawers than getting whacked with them. Mismatched eyes widen as Gaps and money come at her, dodging out of the way. Yay for skidding on heels! Turning back, her foot swings out, but sadly her aim is as good as Gaps as she misses. Even trying with the other damn foot doesn't work either! "You're supposed to stand /still/, damn it!" Combat chivalry…or something.

GAME> Rachel rolls 98 against 30% <+25% +20%> : 23% failure (Rachel attacks Spots - Melee)
GAME> Rachel rolls 51 against 30% <+25% +10%> : 14% success (Rachel attacks Spots - Melee)
GAME> Rachel's melee attack does _4_ damage. (Rachel damages Spots)
GAME> Success: 14, Muscle: 15, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 3 (Rachel damages Spots)

Rachel scrambles to her feet, the pack on her left shoulder now sliding down to her arm. She growls and grabs the strap of the pack with her left hand then brings it over so she can hold it with both hands. "all right you little creep." and she begins to swing the pack back then takes a step forward and brings it around but misses the bouncing little critter. She growls again and on the return swing she hits it, sliding his body back a foot or two. "Ok that's it." and she pulls open the back pack.

GAME> Rob rolls 34 against 34% <+15% +15%> : 30% success (Rob attacks Mohawk - Gun)
GAME> Rob's ranged attack does _4_ damage. (Rob damages Mohawk)
GAME> Success: 30, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 16 (Rob damages Mohawk)
GAME> Rob rolls 94 against 34% <+15% +15% -10%> : 40% failure (Rob attacks Mohawk - Gun)

The microphone whacks Rob, and he stumbles backwards, holding his head in pain. He goes for his gun again and fires two more shots. The first one hits dead on, but the second one goes wide again. Even though Mohawk is still injured, he's moving with ease.
GAME> Eleanor rolls 30 against 50% <+4% +0% -59%> : 35% failure (Stumpy attacks Keme - Unarmed)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 40 against 50% <+18% +0% -59%> : 31% failure (Mohawk attacks Keme - Unarmed)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 85 against 50% <+30% -65%> : 70% failure (Spots attacks Rachel - Unarmed)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 60 against 50% <+20% -14%> : 4% failure (Gaps attacks Gwen - Melee)

From the kitchen comes the sound of the back exit slamming shut and a cry of "It went out the door!" from one of the line cooks. Freckles has left the building. The employees would give him a standing ovation if they weren't all cowering under the kitchen equipment. Stacey is definitely having a heart attack. No doubt about that now as one arm flails seeking aid.

Stumpy's flailing is weakening and he's beginning to resemble a plucked chicken with a wrung neck. He makes a last ditch effort to sink claws into Keme to no avail. Mohawk is out of things to throw and collecting bullet holes at an alarming rate. He decides Rob is too big of a fish to fry and leaps down off the counter to rescue poor Stumpy. He rushes Keme and claws at his thighs with a demonic howl but misses. Gaps is still swinging that cash register drawer at Gwen like a club. An awkward badly made club, but a club nonetheless. One that doesn't connect with anything on Gwen.

Spots gets whapped in the head with Rachel's bag. He looks momentarily dizzy before he shakes his head hard and lunges at her with a ferocious snarl. His bark is worse than his bite, however, as he misses her. Tufts does a somersault over the downed high school girl and with Freckles gone he decides to bail too. He rushes out the open front doors into the panicked crowd outside. They do the panic dance and part for him like the Red Sea for Moses.

GAME> Keme rolls 39 against 54% <+41% +18%> : 74% success (Keme attacks Stumpy - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _10_ damage. (Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Success: 74, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 11 (Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Keme rolls 75 against 54% <+41% +18% -10%> : 28% success (Keme attacks Stumpy - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _6_ damage. (Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Success: 28, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 7 (Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Keme rolls 33 against 54% <+41% +18% -20%> : 60% success (Keme attacks Stumpy - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Keme damages Stumpy)
GAME> Success: 60, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 10 (Keme damages Stumpy)

Keme is tired of this critter in his arms that keeps clawing him. Thus, he rips the little guy's head right off. The body and head getting tossed over behind the counter where Stacey is located.

GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 88 against 30% <+14% +16%> : 28% failure (Gwen tries to grab Gaps' Weapon - Unarmed)
GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 15 against 20% <+22%> : 27% success (Gwen activates fire magic on Gaps)

A little hope to the left. Nono, to the right. Thankfully, cash registers are big enough things that even not particularly graceful Gwen can get out of the way of them. But really, he's so /annoying/. All she wanted was a damn chocolate bar, and she's still not getting one!! She makes a grab for the cash register to stop this nonsense, but Gaps loves his club. FINE! She snarls and grips her hands, mismatched eyes seeming to glow, the color deepening into three separate rings of color in each as a ripple goes through Gwen's glamour, her attention clearly focused on Gaps…who bursts into flame quite spectacularly. Toasted gremlin anyone?

GAME> Rachel rolls 70 against 31% <+25% +20%> : 6% success (Rachel attacks Spots - Melee)
GAME> Rachel's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Rachel damages Spots)
GAME> Success: 6, Muscle: 15, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 2 (Rachel damages Spots)

Rachel reaches down into the opening of her backpack and pulls out the wide blade that she uses in killing chickens. The pack is dropped and she moves toward Spots, and thrusts the knife out to slash over whatever part of him she can get to. Some how, she's connected and now he's bleeding that black stuff and seems to be wearing down.

The Candy Princess is injured badly, and if someone doesn't help her, she's not going to live to see graduation. Meanwhile, Rob realizes that they're gonna need more backup here, but his cell phone isn't getting a good reception inside Burger Tzar. Seeing the opportunity, though, Rob runs towards the Candy Princess and kneels down to help her up. "It's OK, I'm with the police," Rob explains calmly as he helps her towards the exit.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 52 against 50% <+30% -59%> : 31% failure (Mohawk attacks Keme - Unarmed)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 11 against 50% <+30% -69%> : 0% success (Mohawk attacks Keme - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries> (Mohawk damages Keme)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 90 against 50% <+25% -65%> : 80% failure
red|GAME> Eleanor rolls 5 against 50% <+25% -75%> : 5% failure

NOMNOMNOM-erk!! Spots is persisting in his belief that Rachel's thigh is far tastier than all the burgers lying around. He opens wide to chomp down hard and gets stabbed for his trouble instead. That looks like it hurt as ichor leaks from the wound. His jaws snap twice on nothing but air.

Gaps jerks his cash register drawer out of Gwen's reach when she grabs for it and cackles at her. That's cut short though as he SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTS. There is a WHOOOSH of flame, and all that's left for a moment is a Wile E. Coyote caricature of a blackened gremlin. Then he tips over dead.

Mohawk decides to change his name to anklebiter as he sinks his teeth into Keme in revenge for the death of dear little Stumpy.

Stacey would scream if she could when the headless critter corpse comes sailing over the counter to land beside her. Followed by its head. But she's fighting to maintain consciousness.

GAME> Keme rolls 99 against 42% <+41% +18%> : 2% success (Keme attacks Mohawk - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Keme damages Mohawk)
GAME> Success: 2, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 4 (Keme damages Mohawk)
GAME> Keme rolls 68 against 42% <+41% +18% -10%> : 23% success (Keme attacks Mohawk - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _1_ damage. (Keme damages Mohawk)
GAME> Success: 23, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 6 (Keme damages Mohawk)
GAME> Keme rolls 79 against 42% <+41% +18% -20%> : 2% success (Keme attacks Mohawk - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _2_ damage. (Keme damages Mohawk)
GAME> Success: 2, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 4 (Keme damages Mohawk)

Keme once more grabs this critter that's biting his ankle and picks him up. Using most of this strength, he doesn't bother the strangling this time. Rather, he's tugging the thing's head off. Blood is coming from his mouth and nose; ears and eyes. It's really a gross sight, and Keme will NEED a shower or bath after this.

GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 88 against 34% <+13% +20% +2%> : 19% failure (Gwen targets Spots for Fire Spell)
GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 84 against 50% <+13% +20% -65%> : 66% failure (Gwen's spell also misses Rachel engaged with Spots)

Well, that worked surprisingly well. And never let it be said that Gwen stops whiel she's ahead! Oh no! With triumph (and low blood sugar craziness) in those mismatched eyes, Gwen spins around and spots..SPOT! Ah hah! Perhaps the grin on her face is a bit too maniacal as she misses! But wow, look at that trashcan burst into flame… Just call her Zippo. And please ignore the laugh that's starting to build beneath her breath.

GAME> Rachel rolls 39 against 31% <+25% +20%> : 37% success (Rachel attacks Spots - Melee)
GAME> Rachel's melee attack does _3_ damage. (Rachel damages Spots)
GAME> Success: 37, Muscle: 15, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 5 (Rachel damages Spots)
GAME> Rachel rolls 68 against 31% <+25% +10%> : 2% failure (Rachel attacks Spots - Melee)

Rachel is encouraged by her connecting and finally causing some damage on the critter. So the next thought is to do it again. Another step and another slash. She grins as she connects again and brings her hand back for a backward slash that misses for the -poor- thing is dying now, and it staggers back just in time to miss getting slashed at the second time.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 78 against 50% <+25% -65%> : 68% failure (Spots attacks Rachel - Unarmed)
GAME> Eleanor rolls 61 against 50% <+25% -75%> : 61% failure (Spots attacks Rachel - Unarmed)

GAME> Eleanor rolls 23 against 50% <+6% -59%> : 26% failure (Mohawk attacks Keme - Unarmed)

After Keme yanks the everloving crap out of him, Mohawk flails feebly in his grasp. Vertebrae really aren't supposed to twist like that, ya know? He tries to scratch the man's forearms but he doesn't even know which way is up at this point.

Spots hisses at the trash can erupting in flames before he's distracted by being stabbed. AGAIN. He is definitely weakening as he slashes claws twice at Rachel and misses both times.

Stacey loses consciousness and stops breathing behind the counter as her coworkers from the kitchen peek out through the food chutes to try and see what's happening. "Oh my God, Stacey!" one of them declares. But they are too terrified to do anything about it as they continue cowering in back.

GAME> Keme rolls 67 against 54% <+41% +18%> : 46% success (Keme attacks Mohawk - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _3_ damage. (Keme damages Mohawk)
GAME> Success: 46, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 8 (Keme damages Mohawk)

GAME> Keme rolls 1 against 54% <+41% +18% -10%> : 102% critical success (Keme attacks Spots - Unarmed)
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _30_ damage. (Keme damages Spots)
GAME> Success: 102, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 42 (Keme damages Spots)

Keme is really tired of all this stuff, AND.. there's a trash can on fire. He tears Mohawk's head off and drops him. Then he rushes at Spot to rip the poor critter in two pieces vertically down the middle. Yes, now he's covered from head to toe in that black ooze. Yuck!! Once the last is dead, he starts heading for the door; but first? He's stopping to see if any of those chocolate bars are still good for eating.

It's eerily quiet without the chittering of the gremlins. All that's left now are dismembered corpses. Oh wait. Those are gone too, as they melt into puddles of sticky, smelly, putrid black ichor. Goo is really awful to get out of one's dry cleaning.

There are candy bars everywhere on the floor. Some even managed to not get stepped on or bled on! Stacey's coworkers are still too scared to come out as her heart attack continues behind the counter.

GAME> Gwenhwyfar rolls 44 against 20% <+20% +2%> : 2% failure (Gwen attempts Flesh Magic to help Stacey)

They had better damn well be good for eating! The fact that Keme just dismembers the two orange beasties hardly earns a blink, lips still quirking at the crackle of the trash can. Thankfully, the laughter's dying down. And look at the bounty! With a sigh of deep satisfaction, Gwen bends down to scoop up a couple of the untrampled chocolate bars near her. Yes, a couple. She thinks she earned it. As she straightens, eyes flick to the counter before turning curious. Her steps are unhurried as she makes her way to the counter, peeking over. "Oh. Well.." Seems someone's having problems. Chocolate bars still in hands, she goes around to kneel behind the counter, pokes Stacy in the arm as if to check, before placing a hand on the woman's chest. Thankfully, Stacy does /not/ burst into flame. But neither does the magic work either. Hrm. "Maybe someone should call an ambulance."

Rachel takes in a deep breath after Keme comes to the rescue and she finally looks around at the rest of the place as she calls out a "hey, thanks." to him. It's at that point that Rachel sees Gwen going around the counter then hears her asking for someone to call out for help. She looks at the floor and locates her bag and opens the little pocket where her cell is. "ok, I got it." and she hits the 911 speed dial. Into her phone, Rachel says, "Winger here." Into her phone, Rachel says, "we have one woman down, not breathing looks like a heart attack. A few others with claw damages."

Keme picks up a handful of those chocolate bars. Seven in total. Wrapping them in a clean napkin, he then heads for the door. "You owe me one." He calls out behind him to Rachel, even as he's headed out FAST before all the cops and people get there.

Gwenhwyfar absently pats Stacy on the shoulder as she hears someone get the phone, standing and dusting her pants off. Mm, chocolate. With a couple bars still in her hand, the top is ripped off one and a big bite taken. Chocolate. Sugar. Is that a heavenly chorus Gwen hears? With emergency called and all the little things dead, plus chocolate, Gwen thinks it's time for a shower. Rachel gets a curious look as the red head walks by before she turns her eyes to the black goo. Must avoid puddles of black goo. But they don't slow her down much on her way out of the door. Nomnomnomchocolate.

The inside of Burger Tzar #1 is a mess. There is black goo all over the place, a trashcan is on fire, the counter mics, condiment packet bins, fry scooper and salt shaker are all over the floor amid tons of trampled and bled upon school fundraiser-style chocolate bars. Rachel an Gwen are still here, with Rachel relaying things over her cell to 911, even though the people out front and in the kitchen (there are line cooks and dishwashers cowering back there) called a few times already. Behind the front counter one of the employees, a grey haired elderly woman whose nametag reads "Stacey" is unconscious, not breathing, and in the middle of a full on heart attack. One of the line cooks comes out timidly with a fire extinguisher and puts out the trash can.

Lights and sirens fill the air outside the Tzar as local EMS personal begin to arrive. As the rain rolls outside, the side door of the first ambulance opens, and a dark haired medic bursts out of it. Darting through the rain he yells something back to his partner before he reaches the door, the pack containing his gear slung over one shoulder. When he enters the door he pauses for a moment, and lets blue eyes take in the scene. His hand touches the radio on his chest as he begins to move towards the woman on the ground, speaking into it. "Fire control, multiple wounded, one civilian down, backup requested…" He drops to his knees beside her and touches the side of her neck for a pulse.

Rachel closes her phone as soon as Rodney enters and goes to her knee by her backpack and begins to put cell, sheath and knife back into the pack. She finally stands and slings the only good strap over her left shoulder and watches without approaching for fear of getting in someone’s way.

GAME> Rodney rolls 34 against 40% <+10% +15%> : 31% success (Rodney diagnoses Stacey's Condition)
GAME> Rodney rolls 11 against 40% <+15% +15% +31%> : 90% success (Rodney stablizes Stacey)

The older woman is definitely in cardiac arrest. Pulse is weak and thready. She's not breathing. Nothing like having gremlins running amok scaring the hell out of elderly people!

Rachel smiles while watching Rod do his thing with the woman. She doesn't know if he has noticed her or not but she gives him a thumbs up before she heads for the door and makes her way through the crowd outside.

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