Shawn's Vitals
Name: Shawn Patrick Fuller
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Good looking man in his mid 20s, always showing a smile.
Position: Street Racer
Fame: Unknown
Temperament: Calm and laid back, but not if his buttons are pushed
Themesong: Mustang Nismo by Brian Tyler
Chris Evans as Shawn Patrick Fuller


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Shawn stands at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches. He has medium brown hair and certainly keeps it short, a bit less than half an inch there. Caucasian with lightly tanned skin from head to toe, full eyebrows perfectly matching his hair color, a thin nose that becomes just little thicker towards a tip that slightly points downwards. His sideburns fall halfway towards the end of his jaw line, he carries a shadow beard and seems that this is done on purpose because it never changes. His eyes are medium to dark blue, they can go to a little lighter color if the weather is nice.

A well defined and strong torso, he currently wears a black t shirt with nothing printed, just plain back. It fits perfectly around his torso and his muscle tone can be noticed. Arms are long and strong, he carries a small tattoo on his left forearm, just a single star, drawn with black ink. Strong looking hands as well, perhaps a bit coarse looking too.

His legs are covered by dark blue jeans, the color is just a tad faded in front of his thighs. While not tight fitting, his legs also show a sign of muscle mass, nothing like a body builder, but someone that does work out. He wears a brown belt around his waist, to keep the entire outfit line fixed.

At this moment, his feet are being protected by dark brown shoes, they don't look brand new, a few marks are visible but they are well taken care of.


Shawn was born to a upper middle class family in Saint Paul, MN. His father, Joseph, was a mechanic that died of cancer and his mother, Carla currently works at a dinner as a waitress.

His childhood was a normal one , both his parents worked really hard to offer him the opportunities to develop himself. He was never surrounded with friends but did had a few that he kept throughout high schol. For extracurricular activities? He helped his dad at the Garage (both learning how to fix cars and how to handle the business), also his father used to send him to a boxing school, but Shawn was more interested in the 'Street Fighter' style, so he tried to focus his learning on that side of the cookie. At the age of 7, he told his parents that he wanted to be a race car driver, this was because he got to see all sorts of cars, falling in love with them, falling in love with speed; this is something his parents discouraged at first, they wanted their son to go to college if possible, and possibly major in business since his father saw he had attitude for that. At the age of 14, his father died of lung cancer, this was the outcome of year after year of heavy smoking. After his death, Shawn informed her mother that he was indeed, going to become a race car driver and stay in Saint Paul.

During High School, he had a couple girlfriends, he was on the good looking side so this worked for him, added the fact that he developed a charming personality. However, these relationships didn't last long, few months each but both of them ended up in friendly terms which made him a lot happier with the situation. His charm, did cause him problems once, he attempted to hit on a female teacher that quickly enough, sent him to the Principal's office, this had no major consequences, however, in later dates, it could be said that every time that teacher saw him, smiled at him. Upon graduation, he used some money that his father left him and bought his first 'good' car, a 1971 Dodge Charger. His high school friends left for college, all of them moving away to different cities, so while he didn't end up alone, all his childhood friends went away.

Shawn spent about a year helping his mother, working as a waiter on that same dinner. By doing this, his mother trusted that his idea of becoming a Racer was gone, far from it. A couple street races soon brought him money, and trouble, and during the last one, Shawn was advised by the authorities to leave the city limits. Shawn agreed to that, and told his mother that he would find a job and send her money every month, and so, he took the Charger and headed to other cities. In the past years, he has lived in many different cities and now, he finally reached Chicago where he looks to established himself, and perhaps never leave. His main income at the moment, comes directly from illegal street racing, tho he has the idea to go pro someday. He made a few new friends, and has been seen drinking beer at the local bars, playing darts and just enjoying whatever free time he has, which is not much.


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