Isabella Sidney Monroe's Vitals
Name: Isabella Sidney Monroe
Race: Werelion
Shortdesc: Brown/Blonde hair, 5ft 6in, late teenaged female.
Position: Nurse at St.Rumon Health Center & Hostess at Divine Torture
Fame: None! And it's great!
Temperament: Pacifist, Hippee, Loving, Manipulative
Themesong: Blink 182 — All The Small Things
Blake Lively as Isabella Sidney Monroe


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Sidney works at the St. Rumon preternatural clinic, and does not hide this. It seems to run in the family, for her father and mother both work there, mainly in the vaccination area. She's also attending a nursing program at the local University in order to become a Registered Nurse.

This werelion used to be against violence of any sort, but lately she's been more accepting that sometimes, violence needs to happen. She still prefers that people talk out their problems, but she has no problem biting ahold of another shifter's scruff and tossing them down. Lately she has adopted a more motherly role as the shifter Matt seems to be almost under her care for the time being.

No longer being welcome in the Pride due to her and the Rex Javier breaking up, this lionness is just going her own way and seeming to be enjoying every single minute of it. She has hooked up with Charley the leader of the Independents and seems damn loyal to him and his group and swore that she will never lead the group again. It's peaceful there. Quiet. She's content.

Along with getting in with the vampires, Sidney is now working at Divine Torture under the supervision of her boss, Damion. She can often be seen about the town distributing fliers for the place, complete in black silk and heels. Sometimes she drags her boss along, sometimes she goes alone.


Sid was a protector and enforcer of the Kiss, hired on by Annabelle, though after serving the Master Brand, she has left her position under the new Master Maximillian. If this is temporary or permanent, it's hard to tell.


She is the employee of the fae Damion and works at Divine Torture as a manager.


Sid is always up to being social with other shifters. With the departure of the Chicago Pride of Javier, Kim, Isabel, and their mortal members, she's sulking around more often than not. Tis not fun to lose those who you love in a game of politics.


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