Sierra's Vitals
Name: Sierra Ann Knightly
Race: Were-wolf
Shortdesc: Long Blond hair, Blue eyes and short.
Position: Just another Mechanic and member of the local pack
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Open and friendly, polite when it counts and even a bit silly at times. And curious to a fault at times. Cautious of her feelings when it comes to men. Will she be able to open up her heart to anyone? So far no one has even really tried.
Themesong: n/a
Kristanna Loken as Sierra Ann Knightly


General: Young woman who seems to have an affinity for fixing vehicles.


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it. If I haven't told you about it ICly.. you don't know it. I just like people to see a bit of the character.

My Younger Years - What can I say about myself. I wasn't a planned baby, for one. My parents were two totally different individuals. My mom was a college graduate with a bachelors in Ad Design. And Dad? Well dad was a high school drop out working as a mechanic. They were not married when mom got pregnant with me. Even then, she had no plans to get married even when dad insisted. She didn't even want me once I was born. I was just dragging down her career. So mom and dad separated ways and Dad got to keep me. Course, dad couldn't take care of me and work, so my Granma moved in with us.

Not much to tell about those early days. I was a baby. But I do have early memories of Granma getting sick and my dad bringing me his work. Probably why I like fixing cars like I do. I was the little grease monkey in the shop when Granma had her sicknesses. I never could just sit there, I had to go out and help the boys at the shop. The owner was a rather tolerant man now that I look back and think about it.

My school years were not too bad. I wasn't anywhere near popular with the kids in school. I was just another no body getting by till graduation. When I hit high school though, that's when I really hit the rebellious years. Looking back, I feel really bad for how I acted with my Dad and even my Granma. I wasn't a very nice person, but then isn't that kinda what the teenage years are all about? It all started when I was 16 and I met this boy, Marcus. He was the typical bad boy and I was attracted to it, but probably only cause it pissed off my daddy. Marcus was a member of one of the big gangs in LA and so to be with him I had to be one of them. Boy, was I stupid.

I learned quickly that being in a gang was far from glamorous. I still don't know what I was thinking when I let them beat me up to make me a part of it. The worse part of it? Not two days later the bastard had a new woman hanging all over him. I did it for nothing.

Infection - I do have to say I wasn't in the gang for long, six months at most. It was a horrible experience. I literally had to find a strong guy to protect me, even if I couldn't stand him. Thinking about it, I'm surprised I was able to stay away from the drugs. Though I did do a lot of drinking and was a play thing. Girls gotta do what she can to survive. Not proud of it, but what can you do? I couldn't go back and change things. Anyhow, about roughly six months later, is when I got infected. The whole thing started with Marcus and some of the guys going out to a new bar. From what I understood from the reports later, they took on the wrong guys. I guess Marcus, the horn dog he is, hit on the wrong man's girl. The whole thing blew up and Marcus and his group were slaughtered. It didn't end there. No, never does. The rest of the gang decided to go to the bar and mow down the lot of them. Little did they know, the bar was a shifter bar. When the gang headed to the bar, they took everyone, including me. I didn't want to go, but I wasn't exactly given the choice. Maybe I shoulda turned my back, and taken the bullet, but I didn't. So that night, I walked into the slaughter.

The details are fuzzy, but it's amazing that I wasn't killed, but I was tore up pretty good. Nothing like walking into a bar and waking up in the hospital, with your real family around you. You really know who cares about you by who's there when your eyes open. I was offered the vaccine against the fact I might be infected and while I had reservations, Dad didn't give me much a choice. He now wishes he hadn't made such a snap decision and he tells me every time I go to visit him.

New Life - So I took this vaccine like a good girl and things started out okay. But then the fever came around and nothing the doctors did broke the fever. One doctor finally looked at my file and told me and Dad that there is a chance that I was infected and possibly with wolf as that seemed to be what was in the batch. He gave us the number of the shifter house, but there was no way I was going there, you hear about that places like all the time. Dad made the call, but I ran. And can you guess where I went? Straight to that shifter bar.

I wasn't given a warm welcome, in fact, they about tossed me out on my ear. But there was this one guy, older man. What was his name? Brody! He stopped them from getting rid of me. He convinced them to hear me out. I owed him big for that. And lucky me, he was the Ulfric of the wolves. So when he and the other heard me out, he took me under his wing. I had no choice really. There was no way I was going to that shifter house.

So I survived my first moon under the watchful eyes of my fellow Lukoi. To be so young and have that huge weight on my shoulders, it was a horrible time in my life. I could not go back to the public school really, so they placed me in independent study. My Granma was my teacher for the rest of my school years. By time I graduated, I had pretty good control. A lot of people ask me right about now if I went to college. If I had gone, would I be working here at a garage? Heck no. No, I pretty much went from school right to working at my dad's garage. The owner had no idea that I turned fuzzy once a month and howled at the moon. That secret was only known by my family, thankfully.

My life as a wolf wasn't any easier. I was constantly fighting for my spot in the pack. Maybe it was my looks? I don't exactly look like this vicious thing. Or maybe it's the fact I was apart of that gang that hurt and even killed many of the Lukoi. But I had to fight. With each challenge I grew more confident in myself, until I decided that I wasn't gonna be one of the lower wolves anymore. I was tired of being slapped around. I did pretty good. I wasn't top dog or anything, but I think I proved that I wasn't a little weakling.

Moving to Chicago - Rather recently, Old Brody had one of the new younger alpha's, Darian, challenge him for his position. Unfortunately, Brody wasn't the same young pup he use to be and even though he gave the young guy a fight of his life. The old Ulfric was eventually defeated and killed. The bad thing about that? Darian was a bit.. Power hungry. Okay.. He was really power hungry. He was just a big bully, him and the group he made his guard. So, I left. And I figured why not Chicago? If it's too bad, I'll just leave. So here I am. Let's hope I can find a home here, I'm not exactly the traveling type.

Current Events (AKA: What has happened since)
After a shaky start with the Ulfric Darius leaving her with a bad taste in her mouth over the events, Sierra has finally seemed to have settled down in Chicago. She likes the current Ulfric and they seem to at least be striking up the beginnings of a friendship. She's meeting new people and hopefully she can move past the event's with the old Ulfric and just enjoy life. The one issue she seems to be floundering with is men. She starts to fall for them, but then backs up. Will she be able to find a guy to give her heart too? Who knows! One can hope there is a guy out there who can erase all her bad luck with men.

Recently, she's been dealing with a suddenly loss of control, which her current Ulfric has drug her into his home to help with. Hopefully, it won't last long. Shortly after the full moon, Sierra simply disappeared….Her apartment still had her things in it, only a few clothing items missing… It was discovered that when she had returned to her apartment, there was a call from a hospital in LA informing her that her father was hospitalized. So she left without word to hurry to her dad's side.

When she returned she made amends with the men in her life, well she doesn't have any women friends yet, and met a new one. She's currently still trying to pick up the pieces of her life, feeling a bit of the stress as her place of work drop her hourly rate and she has to pay rent. Not to mention the type of man issues she's been trying to avoid. Why can't she just find /the/ one? Sheesh.

UPDATE: Sierra left town for a time. Her job in Chicago not working out she needed to see if she could find better paying work

Known Players

Her friends, her enemies… Etc.

Closest Friends
Monty -Former Ulfric of her pack. She's always calling him the 'Bossman'. She really likes the guy a lot, trusts him completely and see's him as a true close and dear friend. She's not afraid to tease him or look to him for advice and comfort. He recently left town on family business and she's going to really miss the man.
Eleanor - Human pack member - Monty's girl. Secretly she may be a little jealous of her, but that doesn't stop her from liking the woman. In fact, she's quickly becoming just as much a friend for Sierra as Monty is.

Current Romantic Interest
None at the moment

Other Friends
Jacob Kramer - The new Bossman. She's curious about him and how he will rule the pack. Will he accept her like Monty did? Will his be put off by the happy go lucky wolf.
Logan - Pack Member, friend. Facinating.. Successful.. Much older like her first Ulfric.. And good looks to boot. He completely overwhelms her when she's around him and it scares her.
Gabe - Alpha of her pack. Scary woman. Sierra likes her even if she gets growled at. It's not usually for Sierra to smile when Gabe is growly over something.
Amun - Master of the City - Why was this man interested in Sierra? Who knows, but she's had been at one point dating him. He deserved it after dealing with 'big brother'-like Monty's Q&A.
Dyson -Sobki of the Werecrocodiles and her friend. Great guy, charming and perfect. The fact that he's cool compared to her warm, facinates her to no end.

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