Silver Screen Video
Silver Screen Video's Information
Type: Movie Rental
Rating: 1 Star
Location: Water Tower Plaza
Fame: NA
Atmosphere: Causal
Owner(s): Corporate
Manager(s): Numerous
Employee(s): Numerous

General Information

Silver Screen Video offers a wide selection of entertainment, offering movie rentals in mostly DVD format now and gaming station (i.e. Playstation) games. Every week they offer half-priced rentals on Manager selected materials. Also they have an Adult section in the back of the story.


When entering the Silver Screen Video rental shop, one is faced with.. videos. A good three dozen shelves run across the room in herring-bone stripes as well as the walls lined from toe to top with VHS and DVD movies, cartoons, mini-series, and documentaries. Every few feet along the top of the shelves stands a monitor, displaying some 'Manager's Choice' film for half-price rental that week. The opposite wall from the front door has the children's section, while both the Adult videos and various Nintendo, Playstation, and CD-ROM games are available over to the side.

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