Skye's Vitals
Name: Francine Skye Stevenson
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Graceful biker woman with scruffy brown hair, and green eyes.
Position: Windy City Cycles Shop Owner/ Tobias' Human Servant (4 Marks)
Fame: n/a
Temperament: She's nice if you don't piss her off. Not beyond knocking a few heads if need be. She doesn't seem too intimidated by either vampires or shifters.
Themesong: n/a
Milla Jovovich as Francine Skye Stevenson


This small woman has an athletic frame that moves with a certain poise and grace. An oval face sits atop a long neck. Her chin length, wavy hair has a somewhat scruffy appearance and a reddish brown color. Dark brows, arch high over almond shaped eyes. Her eyes are a cat like green and framed by long dark lashes. A long straight nose and full lips complete this woman's looks.

She is wearing a worn looking brown leather vest. The neckline plunges to a point just beneath her breasts, keeping it modest and a little sexy at the same time. If you look at her back, you will find that where her back exposed you can see a large pair of angel wings tattooed on her back and shoulder blades. It's actually a good quality tattoo, obviously done by a professional. Also one might note a variety of scars on her body. She also wears a pair of boot cut hip hugger jeans complete with a warn leather belt and belt buckle. The jeans look rather wore and faded, even the cuffs look a little frazzled. On her feet is a pair of women's healed biker boots, that have obviously seen a lot of time. Around her left boot is a finger width thick silver chain.


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General - She is a biker who is in her mid 20's and has taken over the family Motorcycle Shop. She's seen riding a teal and black Fat Boy Harley Davidson.

Preternatural - Some might learn that she is a telekinetic. The strength of her power isn't known.

Police - A background check would reveal that her parents were members of a Hell's Angel's Chapter in Southern California. She might have done things as a minor, but of course those records are sealed, strangely enough there isn't much beyond that. Kind of like she disappeared for a span of several years.

Vampire - Tobias' Human Servant. Beyond that she does have a variety of vampire bite (gnawing) scars on her body. And any vampires that have had any connection to biker gangs might have heard of The Fangs from a few years back, which was led by a vampire and based in Nevada. They were take down by the Feds and as so far as is known all the vampires were executed and the human members jailed. However, she doesn't talk about her involvement with this group easily.


Odd Childhood - Francine Skye Stevenson was born to a Hell's Angel Biker, Buck, and his woman, Gina. Not exactly a healthy family life, for a young girl. So she grew up around the drugs, sex and death. Surprisingly, watching her 'family' deal with all this actually made her avoid the drugs or doing anything bad. She saw the results, and they disgusted the girl. She was however, Daddy's little girl and she had him wrapped around her finger. He and his buddies spoiled the little girl with mousy brown curls and big green eyes. As she grew up, she became less that little girl and more something the guys wanted to drag into their beds. Course, daddy wouldn't have none of that, and often times the guys would end up with broken noses for making passes. Eventually, the influences of her parent's lifestyle led her to dropping out of high school at the age of sixteen. This started her life on the road and fully into the biker lifestyle as simply Skye. To call her by her first name could get you a broken nose.

Strange Happenings - She was 18 years old when life took and odd turn for her. Her father's gang was at a bar in the Nevada desert, when a local group, The Fang MC, showed up and the posturing began. Words were exchanged and threats made, but eventually the Hell's Angel's left. Little did they know the other group was good at holding a grudge and followed them. And that night, while they all camped out, The Fang's attacked. It was a near massacre, the only ones that survived were some of the women that The Fang's took into their gang, like some kind of spoils. Her first lesson was learning the real truth about The Fangs, they were a group led strangely enough by a vampire. She and the other women were given over as sheep for the members as well as occasional food for some of the vampires that were a part of the group. Now in their minds they were stuck, or that's what they were led to believe. And it only took one of the girls trying to escape and her being captured and drained dry. She quickly found that the leader of the gang was crazy insane, he seemed to enjoy violence. He had her back branded with angel wing tattoo cause he thought it was fitting for someone named Skye who rode with the Hell's Angels. The pain from the tattoo needle was excruciating, as the artist took pleasure in making it worse but she forced herself to endure the hours it took. What some thought was weird was at times things shook and rattled, they chalked it up to earthquakes. What they, nor Skye, didn't know was at those moments the pain was the worst.

Escape - It was survival of the fittest in the gang, so to speak and the strongest got better treatment. While she wasn't a vampire, she had to work hard to keep at the top of the girls so that she didn't fall out of favor. Finally, she was tired of living like that and wanted to leave. She started plotting and planning. Her opportunity came one night with a surprise. She was given to one of the gang members one night. Horrible, abusive man who was known to kill a woman if the mood strikes him. And that night was shaping up to being one of those moods. She was scared and afraid, and made the mistake of trying to run. He grabbed her and threw her down and proceeded wrap those thick meaty hands around her neck. She was going to die he told her. She fought against him, scratched at him, hit at him, but the big bear of a man didn't budge. If only she had something to grab and smack him in the head. She cast about frantically for something.. anything. As the edges of her vision started to black at the edges, she spotted his knife laying not to far away. She wishes she could grab it and in her delirium reached for it. But it wasn't with her hand, the knife flew across the room and embedded itself in his neck, splattering her with blood. There wasn't a scream from him, only the gurgling gasping as he tried to breath. He rolled off her grabbing at the knife. She stared at him for a long moment and decided it was the best time to get to of there. No time to think about what happened. She climbed out his window and ran. She spotted all the motorcycles parked in neat little rows and remembering what she had done with the knife she tried to throw the bikes as well. Sadly, the most she could do was push one over\, which started the typical domino effect. And doing that left her with a hell of a headache. She ran as fast as she could, away from that place. She was extremely surprised when they didn't follow. She expected something. She was safe for now. She was free!

Recently- About a fives years ago, she thought she was in love. She met a man from a more lawful biker group, one of those good groups. This group was actually made up of various shifters. The man she fell in love with was in fact a were-rat. She fell in with them, and learned that life wasn't all about drugs, sex or violence. She learned more about the world beyond the normal human living. Within the group was also a woman that had a telekinetic gift much like Skye. So through this woman, she learned how better to control her abilities. She also learned much to her relief, that she had left The Fangs at a good time. Shortly after she fled, the Feds finally closed in on the run down building that the Fang's used as their home. Executing the vampires and jailing the human members. This explained why they didn't pursue her when she left. She felt like she had a new lease on life and she wasn't going to let it pass by. She bought herself a old Fat Boy, stopped riding on the back of others. She was taking charge of her own destiny. Even more recently, she and her lover parted ways, deciding that it was just not meant to be, when she discovered her uncle, in Chicago, was dying. She quickly returned home and at his request took over the family's motorcycle shop. He gave her full ownership of the place in his will when he finally passed. She's settling into life in the big city after so many years living such a free lifestyle.

Recent Events:
Seems she can't stay away from the vampires. A friendly game of pool with a vampire, Tobias, has ended up with her agreeing to join up with him and be his Human Servant. Eternity with a dashing man like that doesn't seem bad now, but… it's only the beginning.

Friends and Associates

Master and Lover

Tobias - Charming and Sophicitated. So totally not like her. Also her Master and lover.


Goop Head - Skye ends up the victim of a crazed lady, as she coughs up something…. Ewww.

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