Snakebite Bar
Snakebite Bar's Information
Type: Bar
Rating: 1 Star
Location: 3198 Halsted Street
Fame: N/A
Atmosphere: Blue Collar Drinkers
Owner(s): Tobias Stover
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): Avarice


This is the sort of bar where people go to get drunk. Not to listen to music, not to find a one-night stand, not to enjoy fine microbrews, not to watch sport; this is just somewhere to blot out the outside world for a little while. There's a U-shaped bar, the counter top scarred with years of cigarette burns, gouged and splintered in places, sticky with an ever-present patina of spilt beer and nicotine. There are a number of vinyl-topped barstools, the vinyl slashed and cut and leaking intestinal foam. There's a pool table, the faded baize ripped and worn, the cues warped, the rack missing one of the spot balls. There's a flickering 80s television above the bar, the color very off, but the sound's usually turned down to a low mumble. There's a juke box offering a selection of bad 90s tunes, not even bad enough to be good, and most of them are broken anyhow.

And there are the clientele - universally blue-collar workers, mostly male, coming in here like clockwork to fill the hours between work and sleep with the beer and whiskeys that the bartender pulls, their drinking interspersed with the occasional fight; it's not a place that tolerates strangers or deviant behavior.


Tobias Stover


Avarice - Bouncer

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