Something Wicked
Something Wicked's Information
Type: Bar & Dance Club
Rating: 4 Stars
Location: 369 Blue Island Avenue
Fame: Murder of Agnese Casanova
Atmosphere: Dark.
Owner(s): Antal
Manager(s): Varies
Employee(s): Honey


Something Wicked is a dark danceclub and bar with a horror theme. It is also the place that people go out to see vampires, to brush up against them, to observe them and to interact with them.


Immediately upon stepping into the club one is greeted by life sized figures of Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and the WolfMan standing silent vigil in the black painted Foyer of the Club. Each has been carefully arranged in a pose suitable to its nature. Frankstein's Monster's arms extended, palms down, Wolfman balanced in a low crouch on the balls on his feet, Dracula standing regally, one hand extended in a beckoning gesture. Beyond them stands the Bouncer's table, manned by broad-shouldered mean-looking gentlemen dressed in black leather checking incomers (see below).

Once inside, the club is painted floor to ceiling in flat black paint, the walls and ceiling traced with cobweb patterns in a dark shade of grey. Black lacquer tables and chairs offer places to sit and drink, or carry on conversations under the protective cover of the throbbing bass. The dance floor stretches out in the center of the club, the tiles designed to look cut stone, twin gargoyles looming over the archway that leads to the dance floor. Overhead, a series of platforms are hung from the ceilings: Professional dancers wearing carefully designed costumes in tight black leather twist to beat of the music, their bodies grinding for the potential enjoyment of the audience below.

At the far end of the dance floor, another gargoyle adorned archway leads to the bar that dominates the far end of the club. The bartenders and waitstaff are all clad in tight fitting leather, purposely cut to reveal trim hard bodies.


There are actually at least four looming thugs of bouncers near the door and the bar, and four more around the edges of the dancefloor or other parts of the club. One checks right at the door (two on a busy night), but they all have the same training and try to keep a sly eye on things.

No-one who looks under 21 is tolerated unless they can prove they're over 21 or are personal guests of Antal, a manager, and/or the present MotC. The residents of Something Wicked (rumoured to reside in basement apartments) are allowed to shuttle individuals under 21 through, but not if it seems to be under the eyes of the Chicago PD.

Weapons and "notable" objects of faith are also not allowed to pass by the bouncers' checking unless the person bearing them is a badge-bearing officer of the law or a friend of Antal's, a manager, or the present MotC. Weapons are fairly obvious for what wouldn't make the grade during the pat-down, but some objects of faith are tolerated; if obviously jewelry or a small token (no worse than a cigarette lighter against a vampire), they're often allowed if not displayed out and openly (under the shirt is fine, though, unless the person seems to be there to cause problems). If it's large enough to hang on a wall or work as a paperweight, they either confiscate it or turn the person back.

A healthy bribe couldn't hurt in trying to get past the age, weapon, or cross standards, though.

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