Sonia's Vitals
Name: Sonia Dallas
Race: Wolf
Shortdesc: 5'7", brown hair/eyes, pretty
Position: Computer nerd
Fame: Being a computer nerd
Temperament: Moody, playful, greedy
Themesong: None
Kate Beckinsale as Sonia Dallas

Sonia was born and raised in the Windy City, only to leave for college. She stayed away for several years after receiving her degree in computer sciences, and has finally returned home. She doesn't seem to do much in the way of a job, though since she hardly ever goes anywhere without her laptop, her job is surely something computer related.

The following is OOC information unless you have cause to know it ICly.

Pack: Sonia was infected with the wolf strain of lycanthropy several years ago, when she was still in college. She is very much a dominant alpha female, though it doesn't seem as though she's ever held the top spot for females - but if her actions in Chicago are any indication, it's not for lack of trying. She seems fairly protective of betas, going so far as to offer her protection to those she hardly knows. Whether that trend will continue now that she's come home is something that will be seen.

Crime: Sonia is, in the right circles, a well known hacker, and a fairly good one as well. It doesn't seem that she's too picky about who she does jobs for, or what the jobs are, so long as it doesn't hurt her or those she cares about or protects. Despite that, she only takes jobs that she feels like or has good incentive to take.

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