Sora's Vitals
Name: Sora Fox
Race: Japanese American
Shortdesc: {$Shortdesc}
Position: Bar staff at Jabberwocky
Fame: none really
Temperament: partially shy
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Bill Kaulitz as Sora Fox


A young man..ish, person stands before you. His short almost five foot body appears to be of oriental decent until one spies one not so common feature or three. Long reddish blonde hair is tied into a pony tail a quarter of the way down his back and instead of normal human ears, he has two black tipped fox ears near the top of his head. The other thing that tends to stand out is a foxes tail, also with a black tip, that is proportional to his body size. His face is one that might get confused with that of a young lady if one didn't know better and a pair of bright jade green eyes gaze about the world with some curiosity and some caution.


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