Log:20100107 - Starbuck Ghouls


<NIGHT> Starbucks - Sears Tower - Jackson Street

America's Favorite Coffeehouse, or so it claims. Stepping inside, one finds a series of pristine booths and tables for the customers, an octagonal island on the far wall hosting the coffee, snacks and various offerings of this popular chain. The employees are neatly garbed and bearing polite smiles. The clientèle tend toward yuppydom.


RL Date

Thursday, April 30, 2009

IC Date

Thursday January seventh, 2010. 08:56 pm

The sun is down. The waning gibbous moon is up. <76.7% full and fading>

The tide is high and ebbing.

The air is cold and slightly damp. There is about 19.5" of snow on the ground. The average temperature is around Twenty-three degrees Fahrenheit, Negative five Centigrade.


Rachel smiles and leans into Riley's hug and kiss, not saying anything right now, just sinking into the light embrace that is keeping her almost hid.

Marius blinks up at Riley, "Ummm no mate. I was just singing. The manager here gives me free stuff when I sing."

Riley laughs abit at Marius's comment offering a shrug of his shoulders to the man, he gives the girl another squeeze before turning about as the Waitress says order's up. Going to get his drink he heads back towards Marius and rachel's table.

It's not unusual to see cops in Starbucks. At least the ones who prefer blueberry muffins and scones to donuts. Eleanor Wickham has been without her deepest love, coffee, for a week due to recovering from the flu. But thanks to sleeping for a day and a half and lots of good pharmaceuticals she is once more in shape to return to work and guzzle caffeinated black water with the best of them. She strides into the shop looking a little baggy under the eyes but otherwise healthy, with Detective Hadley in tow. "A ten minute stop in the wondrous land of Starbucksistan for my coffee will not change any remaining evidence on scene at St. Rumon's, Brian. Anything I find there will be permanent enough to survive another ten minutes." She's in her thick peak coat, scarf, hat, gloves, and has her laptop case over one shoulder as she chats back at him over her shoulder.

Aaron looks at rowan and hmm, "I'll get us a pastry." dumb cop forgot his donut!, Aaron moves back to the assembly line in front of the counter

Hadley looks as though he would have rather stayed in the car, but he'd probably look like that regardless. "Yeah, yeah. Just get your fix and we can get out of here," he says, but he breathes in a deep breath because he does like the smell of coffee and he'll take that when he can. He wanders a little through the sitting area while Eleanor orders her stuff, all dressed up in his usual suit and mid length trench sort of coat.

Rowan ohs as she nods and moves to sit down at a booth. She kind of keeps quiet and to herself as she looks over the group here and ponders.

Wes pays for a black coffee of some sort, standing to the side as he awaits his steaming cup. He doesn't talk with many of the group, but looks around with cheerful nonchalance, by the side counter.

When the night has come.. and the land is dark and the moon is the only light we see.. No I won't be afraid, No I won't be afraid.. Just so long as you stand by me…

Your average night in the popular coffee shop it is no different than any other.. unless of course you happen to be one of those with preter natural senses.. as the scent of rot and decay rapidly approaching fills the night air. Without warning, without pause, suddenly a nude form comes running through the outter foyer straight across at Marius as he strums along on his guitar.. His johnson, decayed as it is flapping in the wind as maddened eyes roll about in their sockets.

-Thunk- The glass doesn't immediately give, though it cracks and shatters like a spider web from the impact as Marius finds himself face to face with undead junk.. Seperated by only a glass.

"I'd get back from the glass, and possibly behind the counter," Wes says, and vaults…over the side of the Starbucks counter, and behind it. "Face full of glass and undead cock's probably the least glorious way to go." He picks up one of the hot steamed milk pots that was there, and prepares to toss it at…well, whatever danger should appear. It was Wes the milk pot wielder. Not everyone carted around high caliber weaponry.

The sounds and scents turn Hadley's attention immediately to where they're coming from, the front of the Starbucks. He might be a little paranoid, but his gun is already in his hand and at the ready. Apparently dying doesn't really make one less likely to rely on such things. "Everyone back away from the glass," he demands, voice raised to carry. "Now."

Riley is actually grabbing Marius and Rachel before the other man's words have even hit the breeze as he forcefully tugs both of them back (unless they are resisting and I have to roll it) away from the window. Speaking rather flatly, "What the fuck, where are these things coming from.."

Wintercoat goes from enjoying the ear rub, to eyes getting wide and his foot tapping the ground quickly, sending out the rabbit warning of danger. The bunnies eyes go wide, showing the whites around the edges as he hops up, looking for the best direction to bolt, even considering directly up to cling to the bracing in the ceiling if that is the best option. He calls out. "Danger! Run, hide!" He moves quickly to position to bolt, though he does move closer to Ro to help her run if needed. "Dead, death walking, run away!."

Rachel is lookig from side to side so fast that her head seems to be spinning on her neck. She doesn't resist Riley's tugging her to safty. "I don't know, I don't know." she sends out a scent of excitment, rather than fear.

Rowan seems to be sitting at her booth sipping her coffee. She waits for Aaron to come back before everyone starts to exclaim and Rex comes up to her. She hus looking at the window and sighs. "Can't they just stay dead?!" She stands pulling her gun out and looking to Rex. "Get behind me, when you have a moment to run do it Rex. I'll cover. AARON! SOMEONE LET THE ZOMIES OUT!" She screams over to her partner moving her gun up to aim.

Eleanor unbuttons her coat to let the warm air in the shop seep through after the chill outside. She uses her teeth to aid in tugging off her gloves and shoves them in her pocket as she steps into the counter line. Aaron gets a hand wave of recognition and Rowan gets a smile. "Sergeant," she greets the woman. "I see I'm not the only one to—" whatever else she'd planned on saying goes the way of the dodo as suddenly there is a naked male zombie plastered to the now-cracking glass in the various stages of decomposition. Most cops' first instinct would be to go for their gun in this instance. Eleanor, however, doesn't move a muscle other than the ones around her eyes. Those eyes go wide, her body goes rigid, and she stops breathing as she stares, frozen, at the animated corpse trying to invade her java sanctuary. She gets about three shades paler and her head tilts ever so slightly to one side as if she isn't quite sure she isn't having a waking nightmare.

Aaron stands up, pulling his gun out, And holding it at his side, while moving to Shake eleanor, "Wake up, Not the place to oogle the male body parts." After saying this he moves back to knock a few square tables over to make a sort of barricade for the people to fire over.

As the glass shatters behind him, Marius's arms make an attempt to cover his head out of reflex. He swears outloud in Latin. He is not the biggest guy in the world, and is easily lifted out of his chair by Riley. As the man tugs at him, Marius is looking over his shoulder to see what caused the glass to shatter. He mutters, "I should just never bloody leave the house." He turns and takes a step back and cocks his head to the side, "Ummm mate that is just wrong. His frank and beans just seem…wrong."

"Well this looks fairly all right," Wes says, looking over at the front with all the cops, and then heads towards what passed for back doors in a Starbucks in the Sears Tower, likely intending to ensure they were locked, and to check if there were any windows. He jogs at a very human rate, passing by whatever staff might be there.

Out nothing.. There's a scream from behind the counter as most everyone was at first simply shocked by the ghoul at the window but the scent of dead flesh is now literally within the room. And not the vampire kind. A glass breaks and a moment later there's a scream as a bloody raggid woman stands in the back behind the counter. Her dead flesh seeming to be in actually fairly good shape, if you take into account that half of her gaunt cheeks are MIA. The other her bloody finger tips looking to be razor sharp ivory based off the pure white that showes through occassionally as the one at the window starts to pound and thrust its whole body, staring wild eyed at Eleanor the safety glass starting to give way.

Wes is also behind the counter, though a bit further down, having hidden - er, taken cover, there, sometime earlier. He's back behind the counter in about half a second, and then does what any good man in a zombie movie would do, while clutching a metal milk steaming pot. He bashes it over the head with it. Hopefully no one turns around and shoots him while he's about to do this.

Riley whirls about at the scream backing up further with Marius and Rachel, corraling them behind him to put a solid wall there. Speaking to them both he says, "Stay behind me, no shenanigans.. Don't make the fight more difficult.. Crouch down, let them come to us.. No hero shit.."

Hadley has a gun and he's damn well going to use it. As soon as he can get a clear shot at the dead thing at the front of the establishment, he takes it, two shots. And then he glances off to the side looking for Eleanor, who seems frozen. "Wickham!" he yells even as he's refocusing on the thing he's aimed at.

Wintercoat crouches as his clothing starts to give, shoes popping as feet expand, pants ripping as legs change, the bunny man quickly looking more bunny then man as the terror builds and he looks for a way out. He starts to turn quickly, looking for a way to escape the slavering dead, not to be confused with the walking dead in search of Java that are more normal here. He spins quickly as the terror builds and reason recedes with in the bunny.

GAME> Wes rolls 52 against 50% <+41%> : 39% success

Rachel is again behind Riley looking around him at what is going on. She mutters softly. "well at least I'm prepared this time." and reaching back under her sweater, she pulls a knife from a sheath that is hung a'la Crocodile Dundee. She smiles as the silver looking blade glints in the light.

GAME> Hadley rolls 47 against 50% <+30% +20%> : 53% success
GAME> Hadley rolls 44 against 40% <+30% +20%> : 46% success

GAME> Hadley's melee attack does _20_ damage.
GAME> Success: 53, Muscle: 37, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 36
GAME> Hadley's melee attack does _32_ damage.
GAME> Success: 46, Muscle: 37, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 32

GAME> Wes rolls one 7-sided die : « 4 »

Rowan's one arm moves up to start shooting but that's -/ONLY/- when she has a clean shot she starts to take it. She slides her one hand back to grip onto Rex's hand as she works on his emotions trying to calm him and using a lot of power to do that. She shoots a few more times if she can get the rounds off.

Eleanor jerks wildly at the touch of Aaron's hand, but at Hadley's voice she snaps out of her panicked state. She swallows and pulls her Glock 23, her hands trembling noticeably as she backs away towards the table barricade the other officer hastily constructed. As she does, she mutters a quiet prayer in a shaky voice. "St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in our hour of conflict. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God restrain Him, we humbly pray, and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast Satan into Hell, and with him all the other evil spirits, who wander through the world, for the ruin of souls. Amen." She looks shaken up, but she has her wits back in place. She drags her iPhone out of her coat pocket and hits 9-1-1. "Calling for backup," she announces to the rest of the police in the shop.

GAME> Rowan rolls 16 against 15% : 1% failure

Aaron looks up at the back of the shoop seeing the one Wes just smashed, and frowns, the man has it covered so he turns on the one at the window, leveling this .45 at the beast, laser leveled at the beasts leg and fires twice.

GAME> Aaron rolls 49 against 60% <+15% +20% -10%> : 36% success

GAME> Rowan's ranged attack does _4_ damage.
GAME> Success: 1, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 8

GAME> Aaron's ranged attack does _3_ damage.
GAME> Success: 36, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 5

GAME> Aaron's ranged attack does _3_ damage.
GAME> Success: 36, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 5

GAME> Hadley's ranged attack does _8_ damage.
GAME> Success: 53, Obs: 20, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 28

GAME> Hadley's ranged attack does _4_ damage.
GAME> Success: 46, Obs: 20, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 28

Marius moves behind Riley, as he nods slowly and grabs the sugar near him. He opens the top and forms a quick circle of sugar around him. It is far from perfect yet it helps him in his focus if he needs to form a spell quickly against an on coming attacker.

GAME> Wes sustains 4 points of damage <passing injuries>

GAME> Alejandro rolls 50 against 60% <+30% -71%> : 31% failure

GAME> Aaron rolls 52 against 60% <+15% +20%> : 43% success

GAME> Aaron rolls 20 against 60% <+15% +20% -10%> : 65% success

GAME> Aaron's ranged attack does _10_ damage.
GAME> Success: 43, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 30

GAME> Aaron's ranged attack does _15_ damage.
GAME> Success: 65, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 40

As Wes bashes the ghoul's skull with the pot it creates a resounding =dung= which is apparently enough to get Rowan's attention as he pulls back for a moment and Rowan fires, catching Wes in the bicep with a bullet. A moment later though the zombie lunged at Wes though it is riddles with two forty five caliber rounds that literally tears her arm off and it is sent flying as the other catching her in the chest. The other manages to break the glass just in time to catch two bullets in the face courtesy of our friendly neighboorhood Hadley. Its head is reduced to a bloody mass.. But its not over it seems as four more ghouls can be seen outside chasing around civilians, a security guard is being held down by two more and devoured and another, wearing a tuxedo comes around the corner.

"Bloody, fucking, cops," is what Wes has to say as he's shot. From the way that he has his hand over a slash of red, and the way he's complaining, it doesn't look like it's too serious. He is bleeding though. "Do. I. Look. Like. One of them?!" he cries out, as he staggers out to the back. "Bloody, fucking, shite. Last time I try to help you lot out," he says, and tries, at least, to make a break for it.

Riley looks up at Wes and just shakes his head, keeping his ass low to the ground he looks towards rachel and shakes his head. Pointing towards her knife to tell her to put it away. A baneful glare to his eyes before looking back and watching. He's got them secured behind him with a solid wall behind them to ensure no pounces from behind.

GAME> Marius rolls 42 against 93% : 51% success
GAME> Marius rolls 19 against 50% <+20% +18% +5%> : 74% success

Hadley is seriously focused on the creatures beyond the one now missing its head. He glances toward where he can sense Eleanor, notes the other officers, then advances on the opening made by the missing window, apparently lacking some of that self-preservational stuff that has others hiding or taking cover. Some might hear him mumbling about the goddamned monsters and something about their mothers.

Rachel tries to argue with Riley, "just incase they break through." she seems determined to keep the knife in hand, yet it's that Baneful glare in his eyes that does her in and she grumbles softly "okokokok." as she reaches behind her to slide the knife back up under her sweater and into it's sheath. Something that is done smoothly. "see I put it back." is whispered just before Riley turns back to see how bad things have gotten.

Wintercoat starts to shake, eyes rolling in terror as the dead close in, and something starts to happen. His body starts to twist and shake, starting to take on a monstrous look. Reason seems to be fighting with something in the fae as the rabbit starts to look far from cute and cuddly. Rex starts to take on a decidedly demonic look as he struggles with the situation, and something with in him self. The creature lets out a low guttural moan that is about as comforting as it's looks as it starts to move forward to create an opening for escape. There does seem to be a hint of reason still left in those eyes, but the feeling of madness flowing from it is stronger. As one of the zombies rushes, Rex drops and turns as iff to run, only to unleash a powerful kick with those legs and claws…

GAME> Alejandro rolls 1 against 50% <+56% -30%> : 75% success

GAME> Wintercoat's melee attack does _12_ damage.
GAME> Success: 75, Muscle: 8, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 16

GAME> Eleanor rolls 25 against 72% <+10% +16%> : 73% success

GAME> Eleanor's ranged attack does _20_ damage.
GAME> Success: 73, Obs: 16, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 36

"Two zombies attacking the Starbucks in the Sears Tower, four officers on site, send backup!" Eleanor shouts into her cell. She lets the phone slide to the floor without cutting off the connection so the operator can continue listening to the carnage and reporting to any uniformed officers en route to the scene. "Hadley, got your back!" Eleanor shouts to the detective as she resumes her two handed grip on the handgun, bracing her hands atop the overturned table. She snaps off a shot at one of the ghouls and introduces it's cranium to a .40 caliber bullet. She shouts so the police dispatch can hear "Two zombies down, a third in the shop, four ghouls outside the shop. We have civilian casualties. I repeat, /we have civilian casualties/!"

Aaron looks at Rowan, getting her to safty next to Riley, "Take care of her." he says before looking at the 'bunny punted' before looking to the ones outside, taking his luck with the other two officers he goes outside to fire on two on the secruity guard, Firing twice at the, that guard is dead already.

As he peeks around Riley while he argues with Rachel, Marius's eyes fall on the fallen guard outside. As the ghouls hold him down and try to eat him, the young sorcerer jolts up from his hiding spot. "I can't let those things get that defenseless guard." says the boy in an attempt to sike himself up. As his magic begins to swirl in the pit of his stomach, his voice seems to gain a level of power that it does not have when he is speaking or even singing. He speaks in latin his hands moving in front of him in small circles.
((Magic to Air…Air to Shape…form to my will…)) his voice speaks in latin. As his hands glow a glittery baby blue, he closes his hands into a fist. He shoves one fist forward! A fist of air flies from the first fist…he shoves the second fist outward and the second shimmering fist of air flies forward! He leans slightly over as the Fists of Air fly from him. A soft glittery path in their wake…

GAME> Marius loses 1 point of psyche <-1 penalty>

GAME> Aaron rolls 52 against 60% <+15% +20%> : 43% success
GAME> Aaron rolls 52 against 60% <+15% +20% -10%> : 33% success

GAME> Aaron's ranged attack does _10_ damage.
GAME> Success: 43, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 30
GAME> Aaron's ranged attack does _25_ damage.
GAME> Success: 33, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 25

GAME> Alejandro rolls 81 against 50% <+30% -0% +30%> : 29% success

GAME> Alejandro rolls 100 against 50% <+30% -30%> : 50% failure
GAME> Alejandro rolls 66 against 50% <+30% -20%> : 6% failure
GAME> Alejandro rolls 66 against 80% <+30%> : 44% success

GAME> Alejandro rolls 10 against 80% <+30%> : 100% success

As Hadley steps through the barricade to seemingly fight the ghouls without the need or use of cover the white rabbit goes dark and demonic. Rex is quick to rush outward headed towards the exit but stops when one of the ghouls turns towards him. Lightning flash, or rather as quick as a Jack rabbit the demonic looking Fae spins about and donkey kicks the beasty in the chest. Reeling backwards its head suddenly explodes as a single shot from Eleanor Downs it.

Wes is cutting out though and though he tries to slip around the Tuxedo wearing ghoul it's in a hurry. A hungry one. And it runs straight into him sending the two of them to the floor outside the girl's restroom, causing a 16 year old waif (Taban) to peak her head out.. Apparently she was hiding. Back out in the main area Arron's bullets fly true and bam. The head of one of the ghouls eating the guard explodes. The other looking up momentarily then picking up his food and darting away, behind the desk of said guard to finish his meal.

Men women and children are rushing about too and fro doing their best not to get caught by the sprinting zombtards and all of them succeed.. well except the guy in the wheel chair.. He just can't roll fast enough on the slipper tiles and is suddenly tackled by one of the monsters who immediately snaps his arm and begins to devour the already crippled food.

Then suddenly that second ghoul, that hid behind the desk? It flies out of cover and away from its food as though hit by a mack truck.. Though apparently having digested enough meat to regenerate itself as it instantly rises up and lashes out, grabbing a woman by her hair. The other two avoiding the rabbit demon as well as they attempt to catch prey unsuccessfully.
One of Eleanor's casualties is leaving. Wes is trying to find another way out of the Starbucks. As he does so, he passes a set of Starbucks printed serviettes, he takes a few with his clean hand, and uses that to staunch the minor bleeding. Rather than looking afraid, he looks…pissed off. He's grumbling about cops as he leaves

Having tried to slip around a tuxedo wearing ghoul, and most likely slipping on a patch of decayed flesh or something or the rather, he slips and falls when the tuxedo wearing ghoul runs into him. He makes a disgusted sort of sound, to add with his annoyed grumbling about Chicago's finest. As he gets entangled in the ghoul's limbs he looks to see how much of him is covered by the table and the like, before attempting to bash the ghoul's head into the ground, his shoulder streaked with red. Wes curses under his breath the whole time.

Rising up Riley looks over towards Wes and the ghoul fighting, then up at Taban as she peaks her head out of the bathroom. Looking back at Rachel and Marius he asks them both plainly, "Stay here, fight, or cut out?" Obviously letting them make the decision since he's the one defending them if anything does get past the plethora of bullets.

Hadley apparently decides that the other cops have the thing here more or less under control so he heads out to do the coply thing and try to escort some very terrified and some possibly injured people to safety.

GAME> Wes rolls 48 against 80% <+41%> : 73% success

GAME> Taban rolls 70 against 70% <+29% +5% -30%> : 4% success

GAME> Taban's melee attack does _2_ damage.
GAME> Success: 4, Muscle: 29, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 6

Having peeked her head out of the bathroom after hearing a loud *THUMP* against the door, the kid quickly looks on out of it as she notices several zombies still up and fighting. Upon seeing the man in the wheelchair practically torn asunder, the waif makes her way on over there as fast as she can and trying to avoid tripping over fleeing bodies as well as stumbling on rotten flesh of sorts. Taking a knife out from her pocket the teen makes a sharp stab in the zombie's eye, though misses just a bit as the knife slices across the undead's cheek and causing a swell of rotten puss, mucus and flaps of skin to peel off a biit.

Rachel risks a quick look at Marius when Riley suddenly turns to ask his question then her gaze sweeps the room and with her hand resting at her back she suddenly sends out a wave of fear. "out, out, they got guns" she motions toward the cops "and, and…." the knife is in her hand again. "lets get the hell out of here."

GAME> Eleanor rolls 13 against 50% <+10% +16%> : 63% success
GAME> Eleanor's ranged attack does _24_ damage.
GAME> Success: 63, Obs: 16, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 32

"Officers and civilians have dispatched two more ghouls, Five still animate and attacking. I can confirm at least one civilian fatality, multiple civilian casualties!" Eleanor barks out so the dispatch can follow via her phone, now on the floor between her knees. The detective watches Brian's departure and calls out, "Sergeant Hadley en route out of the building with civilian casualties. I repeat; Sergeant Hadley is departing the scene with civilians, alert paramedics that injuries are incoming. I'm leaving cover at this time." She scrambles out from behind the barricade and moves to the shop entrance to get a better line of sight on the ghouls. She levels her Glock at one of the creatures running amok and squeezes the trigger. It's head explodes in a shower of crimson and grey globules.

Rowan puts her weapon away quickly as she sees Rex starting to become an unstable bunny. She uses her psychic powers to keep the Fae under control and stable, but it seems the strain is too much even for her. Slowly blood starts to drip from her nose showing classic signs of psychic over powering. She struggles to keep herself standing, as Rex’s mind and emotions are far more powerful than Rowan’s she can’t over power him. Her mind is so built up that it’s over heating and shuts her down completely. Her body goes limp right in front of Rex as she passes out.

Wintercoat turns and lets out a scream that could chill the blood as Rowan slumps. The demonic rabbit moves directly over the woman and casts around, teeth and claws lashing out at any thing or any one that gets close. What little reason was left in the eyes fades as the beast casts about, ready to do it's best to bite, claw or kick anything or any one that gets too close. It seems to be rather limited in it's thinking, only able to really hold one concept at a time. At the moment the one concept it seems to have is keeping Rowan safe from harm. Unfortunately, it doesn't really seem to be able to tell the difference between those that want to help, and those that want to harm, and will make it clear with gnashing teeth and guttural sounds that it will attack if any one starts to get close.

Aaron looks to the nearest Ghoul, mindful of all civilans in the area and once he gets a clear shot he fires twice, keeping his shots as close together as he can. Aaron can't keep an eye on Rowan as she passes out.

GAME> Aaron rolls 58 against 50% <+15% +20% -10%> : 17% success

GAME> Aaron's ranged attack does _20_ damage.
GAME> Success: 81, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 50

GAME> Aaron's ranged attack does _10_ damage.
GAME> Success: 17, Obs: 15, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 15

As he looks to see that the zombie he hit with his spell slams into the wall like a mack truck hit him just to get up. He looks at Riley and nods, "Time to go. I can't use most of my talents in these close quaters." He lets Riley lead the way, as he reaches out a hand for Rachel to take. He says softly for Riley to hear only, "If you need to use one of your abilities…I can support you some…with one of my talents. You will just feel a boost in the one you choose."

Bam. Bam. Two more ghoulies down. The one beneath Wes is knocked out as its head is rammed into the ground by the other man. The Ghoul holding the woman takes note of this and starts backing away with her around the corner out of sight of all the gunfire. Back towards where they all came. the woman flail her arms and screaming for someone to please help her as she is pulled away. The reverbration of those screams filling the air for a moment before dying off.

Wes gets up, he sights a clear line down the hall. From the back of the hall there's a continued stream of curses, mostly revolving around the word cunt. There's a pause, and then a ghoul comes flying out, head first. On closer inspection, or what inspection can be made as it sails well overhead, clearing the entire front of the shop, it's fairly unconscious. In addition to that, rather than being a controlled pounce, it looks like it's been flung bodily down the hall by some sort of demonic force, from the levelledness at which its trajectory goes.

And with that, Wes is gone.

Rising up, Riley throws Marius over one shoulder and rachel over the other before taking a running start and leaping into the air, over the heads of the officers and heading towards the exit aswell. He is sooo not waiting around to be shot like wes, nor does he want to have his attorney come down and give a statement.

Seeing an opportunity that would be very damn hard to pass up, Tabby takes note the remaining zombie count as it seems to have drastically lessened then priviously before. Thuogh as more cops start to show up on the scene and filling within the room the young teen becomes a good deal more nervous then just having faced a mass of walking corpses. Taking the advantage she makes to slip out the back door as she exits and hides herself within the night and down a few alleyways out towards the rest of the city.

As the ghoul attempts to drag the woman off, Eleanor calls out, "Lieutenant Mac Douglas is down inside the shop. Remaining ghoul with a civilian victim is retreating north down the side corridor. Civilian is still alive. The rest of the ghouls are eliminated." To make that statement a truth, she strides up to the unconscious ghoul and levels her weapon at its cranium, pulling the trigger repeatedly. By the time the gore settles, its head is a pile of powder burned jelly.

Aaron looks at up and rushes after the ghoul, going where Eleanor said and the chase is one, his weapon on safty as he move through the crowd as quickly as he can, listening for the woman's screams.

Wintercoat stays over Rowan, keeping guard and ensure nothing gets close. Once the cute and fluffy bunny, this creature now looks like it would enjoy nothing more then eating some one's face, if only something would get close enough…

As Arron comes around the corner everything seems to be honkey doory… well that is if you consider the blood trail and claw marks leading out of a door that readd, "Maintenance."

Seeing Aaron chase after the ghoul with the hostage, Eleanor grimaces and glances back at Wintercoat. She calls out, "Ordando and Wickham in pursuit of the ghoul with the hostage. Do NOT enter the coffee shop until Sergeant Ordando returns. There is a situation. I repeat, do NOT enter the coffee shop without Sergeant Ordando. Shop and the area outside are secure. Wickham out." She then runs after Aaron with her weapon pointed at the floor, both hands on it, eyes scanning for other threats as she pursues as his backup.

Aaron knocks open the back door, following the trail of blood, hoping to god the hostage is still alive. The man points his weapon trained and ready for anyting. Looking around the the room, making a clearing sweep.

As the door is kicked open, Aaron sees the woman, her jaw clearly broken, doing her best to hold onto the manhole cover of an open sewer drain. Looking up at him with fear and desperation in her eyes she emits a whine that sounds something akin to "Help me.." Though its to little avail as she is steadily being pulled further and further down the hole as the slid slides inch by inch.

Wintercoat casts about as the danger seems to finally be past. It lets out an other scream and starts to shake as the fae starts to sag and revert slowly. Events crashing through the fragile fae's mind finally overcoming it now that the need to fight is past and Rex finally finds an escape in unconsciousness. He slowly returns to the form he knows best, just a cute little bunny as he finally passes out across Rowan.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 13 against 70% <+10% +10%> : 77% success

Eleanor skids into the room after Aaron, and she exchanges a look with him before diving at the hole and reaching for the woman's hands. She slides on her belly across the floor and locks onto the woman's wrists. "Ordando!" she cries for help, because she knows she isn't that strong.

GAME> Aaron rolls 55 against 90% <+11% +10%> : 56% success

Aaron runs over and helps the other officer out. Helping haul either the woman and the ghoul or the just the woman, Aaron makes sure he has a good grip.

There's a really grotesque sound as the woman screams in pain… Its not pleasant as she holds onto the officers and tries to pull away from the ghouls.. flesh and bone tearand slowly but surely the police are freeing her but at such a cost.. at such pain.. Yet she still fights for survival.. The woman clinging to her saviors and adding the last resevoirs of strength to her own. As she is pulled up and out she is missing everything but the bone beneath her mid thighs..

Eleanor tries not to gag at the sight of the woman's legs, and she whips her belt off to tie a tourniquet around one thigh. "Sergeant," she rasps out, jerking her head at the woman's other leg for him to do the same. "Ma'am, stay with me. What's your name? Talk to me and keep talking. The paramedics are coming and you are going to be all right." She calms her voice as best she can.

Aaron goes wide eyed as he pulls his jacket off and then his shirt, now the bullet proof vest showing as he He pulls his belt of, "Put this around her Thigh, Pull it as tight as you." the man then wraps his shirt around the thigh, "ma'am, Your going to have to stay with me. CSI Help me get her back into the coffee shot, that rabbit can heal her!"

As Eleanor bends over and picks up the manhole cover, attempting to slide it back into position she makes out at least a dozen more ghouls down in the drains feasting upon other civilians that have been dragged down.. at least until one looks up and hisses at her as the cover is closed they can be seen scattering like rats.

Eleanor nods at Aaron, following his instructions with the belt before moving to lift the manhole cover and set it back over the hole so anything coming back up won't do so silently. "Sweet Jesus, there's at least a dozen of them down there," she barks to the other officer as she scrambles to help him drag the woman to Starbucks.

Aaron keeps moving, actually finally getting the woman to the coffee shot and lays her down, making sure she is ok. Aaron moves to the Rabbit, if it is still with them and all. Causious for sure. "Rex! Rex wake up.. I need your help."

Wintercoat looks to be just a bunny, panting and out cold laying across Rowan…

Eleanor kneels down beside the injured woman and continues to talk to her in a calm and soothing tone. "Ma'am, you are going to be all right. Help is on the way, stay with me." She continues to speak to her in gentle conversational tones to try and keep her conscious as Aaron deals with the bunny.

Aaron shakes Rex. "WAKE UP! I NEED YOU TO HEAL SOMEONE!" Aaron is doing his damndess to wake that rabbit.

Wintercoat starts to wake and panic, kicking out with his feet at the shaking and shouting…

Aaron looks at Winter once he is sure the rabbit is a wake, "Rex, Rex, Look at me, I need you with me. I need you to help that woman." he points the injured lady, "She has suffered a massive injury to because a ghoul try to drag her down. I need you to help her like you helped Rowan."

Wintercoats eyes go wide, showing the whites as he wakes. It's hard to say if he's in there or not yet as he looks around in fear. The smell of Rowan, and to a lesser extent Aaron does seem to start calming him a bit as the 'lights' seem to come on in his head. He blinks a few times, eyes starting to widen at Aaron's relaying of events…

Eleanor is murmuring to the woman. Oddly enough, it sounds like she's praying with her. Her psychic energy might be felt by the rabbit, something familiar, something currently needy and very, deeply sad.

Aaron holds the rabbit and keeps talking to him. "Heal her, She will die if you don't." He says his voice calm and soothing though no less urgent.

Wintercoat starts to panic as he sees and smells the blood around, twisting in Aarons hands. He starts to mutter in a tiny voice. "Danger, bad things… Hide, run…

Eleanor looks over her shoulder at Aaron and Wintercoat and her eyes are glimmering with unshed tears. "Please, Rex. Please help her. Please."

Aaron holds the rabbit and coos, and shuus softly. "There is nothing here to hurt you, They are gone." the say lightly, "We just need your help, help save her." He doesn't know what else to say.

Wintercoat starts to calm a bit more, breathing in Ro's and Aaron's sents deeply and hearing the words. The animal mind seems to back down a bit more as the rational mind starts to come forward. He moves a bit and starts to grow, returning to his anthro look. He looks around, a bit scared and confused. "Wh, what happened?" He sees the hurt woman with Eleanor and moves to her. "Oh dear… No, don't tell me yet, just keep the danger away…" He reaches for the woman and starts to let the magic flow as the bleeding stops…

Aaron sighs softly, he will explain everything once the woman is healed again.

Once Rex is helping the woman, Eleanor moves away, retrieving her phone from the floor behind the table barricade and saying into it, "Site secured. There is a sewer access point in the Maintenance room on this floor. There are at least a dozen ghouls in there along with the remains of the humans they killed. Send up all available backup to secure that room." She hangs up, finally, then moves behind the counter to vomit into one of the waste baskets. She wipes her mouth on the back of her coat sleeve, holsters her gun, and grips the counter in both hands with a haunted expression on her face, waiting for the uniformed officers to arrive.

Wintercoats ears are back and his eyes are wide, but it's not the first time he's had to try to rebuild some one while being scared near to death. He doesn't look away from the woman but says "Please, tell me Rowan is ok, and please hold something of hers so that I may smell it. Rowan's scent will help me focus." HE keeps working as the jacket slowly starts to move, uncovering undamaged flesh as it does. the leg seems to be regrowing under his attentions, though it is not fast.

Aaron looks over and Rowan and though it's not the best thing he grabs a rag he'd given to her that day and ties it around Rex's muzzle

Wintercoats eyes still show white, and his ears are plastered down his back, but he keeps working. "Others will come soon, yes? Please, when they do, do not let them run up to me, or I will run away from them far faster… It, it is hard to not run, not hide…" He breaths deep, using the familiar smell to block out the blood and help him calm.

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