Stephen's Vitals
Name: Stephen LeBeau
Race: Wereleopard
Shortdesc: A large, muscular, bald, black man.
Position: N/A
Fame: N/A
Temperament: N/A
Themesong: N/A
Michael Clarke Duncan as Stephen LeBeau


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Stephen comes to Chicago from New Orleans.

Stephen served in the Gulf War in a U.S. Army Special Forces unit.


Stephen LeBeau was born a Cajun in early 1972, just before the United States began its long withdrawl from Vietnam. Living in one of the many poor sections of New Orleans, his father was drafted shortly before Stephen's birth. And he never returned from Southeast Asia, leaving behind only his name carved on a granite slab in a Washington, D.C. monument, a cross in Arlington, and his medal of valor. Awarded posthumously. Stephen's mother worked two jobs to make ends meet, and he was more or less raised by his uncle (who was fortunate enough not to have his draft number called) and his paternal grandmother. From a very early age, Stephen, or Etienne as his grandmother always called him, had a passion for cooking. And yet, while his grandmother was showing him one of her many 'see-kret REH-sip-ees', he was never allowed to forget that his father was a hero and died serving his country.

By the time Stephen had gone through public school there was trouble stirring in the Middle East. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the army without hesitation. While he had wanted to be a cook at first, his strength and size shifted him to the Infantry, initially. Once he completed Special Forces training, his unit was deployed to the Gulf War. In 1991, while rounding up captives in the closing stages of the war, Sergeant LeBeau was infected with the leopard strain of the therian virus by a prisoner. Once his condition became apparent, Stephen was quietly, and honorably, discharged. Don't ask, don't tell. He moved back to New Orleans, where he was taken in by the local Pard.

Initially, Stephen sought to take up his first love once more: cooking. However once rumors of his 'condition' leaked out, no restaurant in New Orleans would hire him. After all, no matter HOW good he was as a Chef, who wants to risk infecting their customers? So Stephen moved in with the New Orleans Pard. He learned to control his beast, cooked for them, and taught the young ones how to fight as well. After a few years they became like family, and after a decade he became like an adopted uncle to many.

He's not completely sure to this day what prompted the request, but the New Orleans Ra came to him one day and told him to 'get his black ass to Chicago'. That, and a phone number was all he was given.


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