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Serenity Medical Clinic: Waiting room - 125 Woodlawn Avenue
The waiting room of the clinic is actually rather cheerily decorated. Lovely artwork in bold colors decorate the walls at attractive intervals. Rows of chairs line three of the walls, a single row of chairs placed back to back face each wall. Plenty of room for patients or their families to sit and wait for their appointments.
Soft music plays in the background. A soothing and relaxing sound. There is a receptionist sitting behind a glass window, moving about as she files papers, takes calls and schedules appointments. The air smells like something somewhere between cinnamon and vanilla. As if some constant air freshener scents the air.




Travis stands 6'4" and weighs in at about 215 lbs. His thick dark hair shows a hint of curls, and a rich goatee surrounds his lips. Hazel eyes that appear almost golden are deep set under thick eyebrows, and a well weathered face holds a look that is almost always stern. His wardrobe is simple, almost all of it consisting of black t-shirts that are plain and logoless, tight enough to allow a view of his well formed chest through it. Tanned arms extend to strong hands, a simple watch at his wrist. The belt around his waist has several worn spots, showing where numerous articles have been attached to it in recent history and distant past. At the small of his back is a holster, twin straps securing a black gripped pistol within it. Black cargo style pants are tucked into combat boots, both appearing polished and crisp, just tight enough on his body to prevent any restriction of movement.

Bright metalic red hair with dark roots fall in a straight flow to just below the shoulders of this girl in her late teens. The hair is parted in the middle with with two thin braids pulled back, one to tuck behind each ear to keep her hair from falling fowrd into her face. Dark brows and deep brown eyes make the fairness of her skin to appear even more so and when she talks, the glitter of a silver stud flickers from her tongue. There are other piercings as well, two loops on her left ear and two bar studs at the corner of her left eyebrow.

She's short about 5'2" with her slender body hidden by her clothing. She is wearing today, a faided black t-shirt under a long sleeved denim jacket that has =No ones Pet Toy= in white bedazzle sets across the back. It hangs to just below her hips where her loose worn denem jeans take over to cover her legs down to her black mens work boots. At the end of her right sleeve showing on the back of her wrist is the tip of what looks like a tattoo, but impossible to tell what it is unless she pushes the sleeve upward.

Pocket Watch(#7043)

It'd midday at Serenity Medical Clinic, and about as busy as the quiet and efficient clinic ever got. There were about ten people already in the waiting room, of various ages and genders, waiting around for everything from various enlargements to reconstructive surgery. They're mostly of the ordinary sort. Perhaps one person sitting in the corner is slightly different from the other: a woman who introduces herself at the counter as Marissa Lees, who looked like a lovely young lady - if not for an adhesive gauze patch over one cheek, and the set of small lumps that stand out from her facial structure as if they were knobbly extensions of her very bones. She's sitting next to the few open seats in the medical clinic.

For those sensitive to it, she has the feeling of some kind of death magic wrapped up around and inside of her. It's a slight, nagging sensation, like something sleeping just under the woman's skin.

The dark haired club manager walks in, dressed comfortably in his usual cargo pants and a black t. Heavy combat boots step hard on the floor, and on his right arm is an attractive young redhead. The pair approach the counter, and he looks at Miss Lee for a moment. "I'm Travis Jenson, one of my employees asked me to stop by to check on her. A young woman, Candice Freeborne?" For one that sees him from behind, at the back of his belt is a gun holster, the black grip visible with the straps.

Rachel has her hand on Travis's arm, keeping close to him and looking even more pale than usual from the sleepless time she's just had. While he is talking to the woman behind the counter, Rachel suddenly stiffens slightly then starts looking over the crowd in the waiting room as her nails suddenly dig into Travis's arm, he would sense alarm as well as a hard touch of fear, though she keeps that from showing in her expression.

The receptionist makes a few clicks on her keyboard with a few neatly trimmed nails. "Candice Freeborne," she says, and scans the computer screen. She then says, "Mr. Jenson? You can meet her in the recovery room down the hall. We ask that all visitors please use the facilities to keep the place clean," she indicates a handwashing station that's been set up near the hallway entrance - it has a bottle of liquid hand cleaner, paper towels, and a disposal bin.

Marissa Lees looks away from Travis as he looks at her. An intern calls for Miss Lees, and she's led away to be prepped for surgery. It's fairly quick and efficient. The feeling of death magics leaves with her.

Rachel is suddenly sweating and she is holding Travis's arm as if she let go, she would die. Her head tilts up at him, her lips quver then she looks at the woman behind the desk. "er,,, wash our hands" and she gives him a little jerk toward the washing station.

While Miss Lees is prepped for surgery, the surgeon's voice is audible down the hallway, through a crack in the door. "So Miss Lees, the process we are going to do will involve shaving down these bony growths to give you a more uniform shape. It's not going to completely eliminate them, but it will minimize their appearance as much as can be safely done…We will also be able to mostly correct this ruptured bony cyst."

The doctor's words don't seem that odd, but Travis likes to think that he knows Rachel well. "Yeah, washing our hands… so we can check on Candice… the reason we are here, remember?" He begins to scrub at the sink, and studies his companion carefully. "Well?"

Rachel whispers to Travis. "she's…got .." she glanceds down the hall and listens to the doc then turns back to Travis. "we got to go down there, Travis… hell is about to bust out." she looks at the hall again and with a determind look on her face she starts in that direction.

"Are you ready?" The surgeons words are to Marissa Lees. Her answer is nearly inaudible, but it does sound affirmatory. "All right," the surgeon says, "The anesthesiologist is almost here." Through the double doors in the surgical ward, Marissa Lees is cleaned, and given an intravenous, general anesthetic.

The receptionist looks busy with another attendant.

As Rachel begins to move down the hall, Travis nods his head quickly following her. One hand slides to his back, and his thumb pops the two straps securing the gun in the holster. His other hand reaches into one of the cargo pockets, and when he withdraws it a clip is within his hand.

Rachel keeps moving then slows and stops when she reaches the door that she had heard the doc's voice coming from. She glances up at Travis, yes filled with suppresed fear as she puts her hand on the knob of the door. Slowly she leans her head untill her ear is almost pressed against it so she can hear better what is going on in the room.

Inside, there's the sound of movement. Ordinary movement, the swishing of cloth, footsteps and the careful arrangement of the surgical bed. Thankfully, for now, the hallway is empty as the majority of the staff are in the operating room itself. The doctor's voice is audible again. "So incision one…" The doctor occasionally calls for various pieces of equipment, or to the anesthesiologist to tell him how Marissa is doing. For Travis, he can hear the number of people in the room, there's about three staff - the surgeon, the surgeon's assistant, and the anesthesiologist, and there was, of course, Marissa Lees herself. There is, for the wererat, the additional bonus of being able to hear the flesh being cut, the harsh scent of the industrial sterilizors under the slight scent that's been carefully overlaid to help mask it, and then, the smell of blood, and bone.

Travis pauses by the door, inhaling deeply of the scents within. "I'm here." He touches the young woman at the door on the shoulder as he glances down the hall, subtly reaching behind him to slide the clip into the pistol with a muffled click. "What do you mean… all hell?" There isn't fear in his eyes yet, but the hairs at the back of his neck are rising after her reaction yesterday and seeing her acting like this.

Rachel puts her finger to her lips then whispers. "just be ready if I jerk this door open… ok.." the door opens inward and she is set to turn the handle and push hard if what she suspectes that will happen,,, happens.

The surgeon's voice is again audible: "The structure here is a bit unstable," he says. "See," he says, to his assistant, assumably, and there's a faint cracking sound, like the first, slight crack of an eggshell. "We're going to have to stop the surgery," he says. "From the initial scans, as you can see here and here, it looks like it was solid bone, a bit more than calcified growths. But it's thinner than we expected it to be. There's also some discharge here." At that, there's the smell of something like embalming fluid, an added slight tinge to the already chemical air - like a drop in an ocean of scents. "We're might end up having to send her to Memorial."

The rodent wrinkles his nose, and shakes his head slightly. He would ask Rachel what it was, but he's aware that she is still human. Frowning he waits, one hand resting over the still holstered gun to hide the fact that it's unstrapped.

Rachel doesn't even risk moving at this point, even to check up and down the short all for anyone coming. Her mucles tense, as she readies herself to push into the room. She blinks as sweat rolls down the side of her face and touches the edge of her left eye.

"Dr. Johnson," it's a new voice, either the anesthesilogist or the assistant. "You might want to take a look at this."
Their words become quicker. The beat of the human hearts in the room is quicker, with the exception of the sedated Marissa Lee's continual, slow breath. "There's something living in there." That was the surgeon again. "Oh christ."

Rachel suddenly twists the knob of the door and pushes hard to try to slam the door open. It does hit the wall behind it, but doesn't make that much noise as she makes a way for Travis to enter the room.
When Rachel begins to move, Travis allows his reactions to take over. Spinning along the wall, he keeps his back to it, drawing the pistol as he does. His eyes follow his nose, and he turns his attention to what he is imagining is a group of rather shocked medical professionals, and one messed up looking woman.

Marissa Lees lies upon the operating bed in a blue surgical gown. With minimal invasiveness being a key medical practise, the woman's face hasn't been laid bare to the world. Instead, a small, fiber optic camera has been inserted into a pucker of her flesh, along with the bone shaving apparatus. The results of the camera are being displayed on a very modern LCD monitor to the side - in it, a scissorlike black line is making its own incisions in a whitish-grey lump, slicing its way out. One of the boils on Marissa's face stretches in lines as if pins are being poked out from inside her skin.

The Anesthesiologist looks afraid, as does the doctor and the doctor's assistant. They're not sure whether ot not to be afraid of the thing slicing its way out of Marissa or Travis with his drawn pistol.

Rachel says loudly, but not a yell for fear of alarming those in the waiting room. "undead,,, your' dealing with undead, Doctor." she looks up at Travis… then at the woman on the table the feel of the death magic making her skin crawl. "it's hell breaking loose."
Travis pauses as he hears Rachel's words, and nods his head slightly. He takes a moment and trains the pistol at Marissa's head. "Leave the room, and make sure no one in the adjacent ones. Calmly… you don't want to startle your recovering patients." His voice is gruff, but under complete control as he studies the thing he is aiming at. "I'm assuming you've got something in that bag of yours hon?"

There are three different responses from the surgeon, the assistant and the anesthesiologist all at almost exactly the same time. The surgeon looks like he really doesn't want to believe Rachel's words, "Undead? She looks very much alive."
"The undead." The anesthesiologist says. "Well." he seems to think about it pragmatically. "I'll get right on to clearing out the rooms."
From the assistant: "Are you guys like the ghostbusters?"

As they speak, a spidery leg cuts its way out of the flesh, crawling out like a insect moulting, and then starts to work on the adjanctant lumps. It is about four inches high, walking on the end of four legs that look like razor blades. There's two additional legs that are held upright, like bladed hands.

Rachel shakes her head at Travis, "It's undead, it's death magic. I can sense that." she speaks while stareing at the nightmare that has come crawling out of the womans face. "But this,,, this I'v not seen before." she glances around the room then suddenly knees to pull open her back pack to reach in and pull out two jars… one holding salt and the other an ointment of somekind.

"Yeah, ghostbusters." Travis flickers his gaze towards the assistant without shifting his aim. "I left my proton-pack with the stay-puft man out back." He smiles slightly as he says the words, shifting to stand beside Rachel, prepared to defend her if needed. "Take your time… but when I see more of that thing… we will see how it handles silver rounds."

Travis has a small collection of perfectly legal handguns, all registered to him. If he has one on him it is normally his 9mm, a Springfield Armory XD with it's Trijicon night sights. He would usually carry two clips as well, both removed from the gun but within quick access for him to be able to load. The first clip is standard 9mm rounds, the other with 9mm silver. And yes, he knows which one is where. — x4 damage

The anesthesiologist grabs the assistant and takes him along with him to help clear the rooms. The sound of the patients being moved is audible to Travis, along with the instruction to call the police to the receptionist.

Meanwhile, the spider-like thing has cut out round circles with its bladed legs out of the surrounding lumps on the woman's face. More of the creatures are visible struggling to emerge from her skin, black legs stretching and slicing. The whole time, Miss Lees sleeps under the now unwatched anesthetic. The surgeon is still there. "I will stay around," he says, "I feel responsible for this."

Rachel stands up with the jars,, puting the one filled with salt on a table and opening the one that holds the ointment. "it's times like this that I wish I could believe in god." and she quickly takes the lid off the jar then scoops out a hand full of the mess, a rank odor filling the room with much of it drowned under the smell of cloves. She darts foward and slathers the ointment around the womans face slapping a large dollop of it on the spider thing on the womans face.

Watching as Rachel moves forward, the ranger trained were-rat shakes his head, moving with her. Watching as she globs the woman he frowns, noticing the spider thing dangerously close to Rachel. Sighing he takes aim at the free one, and pulls the trigger as he focuses on it's core. Hopefully he can get rid of the free one before it damages her.

The ointment is slathered around the woman's face, but not before the first of the spiders manages to jump, springing away it leaves small nicks in the woman's flesh as it jumps towards Rachel instead, and misses, landing and skittering on the floor. Travis's shot rings close to the woman's head. The other spiders are briefly rendered immobile by the cream before starting to cut out alternate routes to the air, vanishing back into the woman's face.

Rachel dips again, moving in again and slathering the ointment into the opening of the womans face. She moves back to the salt and grabs it as she puts the ointment down. popping the lid off and spinning back to the woman. "I might as well try." and see tosses salt at the womans face, muttering. "with salt I bind you to your grave." then she drops the jar of salt on the floor where it lans on it's side, spins a few times with the salt pouring out in all direction while Rachel grabs for one of the scalples on the tray.

Missing his shot, Travis growls under his breath, watching how quickly the one that got away moved. With a frown he turns towards it, tracking it with his eyes. "This isn't gonna work. Faster would be good…" He reaches in to feel the beast within him, and begins to draw it out, stuffing the gun in the holster as he begins to change into a rat man.

There's movement underneath the skin as the spiders cut paths through tendon, muscle and cartilidge, trying to escape the ointment. Rachel can see it through the skin, long legs scrabbling and slicing. Eventually they go deeper, through the nasal cavity and dissappear. The salt doesn't seem to bother them so much, although there's a slight pause at the words, as if they're aware of them, but disregarding the instructions. They probably needed a bit more power to force them to do something.
While Travis is shifting, and Rachel pouring the salt, the skittering spider creature on the ground starts to chase the still watching surgeon, who backs away, but not quick enough for the spider. It hops and then crawls up the man's operating gown, and then up to his face, walking back and forth in front of his mouth and nose. It takes a few moments to see what it's doing, and then it becomes apparent. Gossomer threads sew the man's lips and nostrils together, rendering him unable to breathe.

Rachel had managed to get the scalple without cutting a finger off and she moves close to the woman again. Holding up her left arm she slides the scalple across a place where there already where scars from before. As the blood flows she catches it on the blade of the scalple then swings the blade to splatter the blood over the opening of the womans face, hell across her face. "With blood,.." then she presses the flat part of the blade over the opening. "and steel, I bind you to your grave. … Sleep and walk no more." she is desperate, not even knowing if the ritual will even work or not.

Travis hears her words as he completes the change, the golden eyed rat man hissing loudly towards the spider creature that is loose. He recognizes the potential danger to the surgeon from the threads, but his first focus is on removing the danger. With a screech he lunges, claws moving towards it in attack.

Two of the spiders were starting to crawl from the Marissa Lees' mouth as Rachel says the ritual words. When the last word is spoken, however, theres a sense of binding over the woman, and only one manages to escape. The others go entirely still, except for the rise and fall of the woman's chest. The spider that is swiped by travis goes flying. It starts to skitter towards the medical refuse bin, running away from the wererat as fast as its bladed legs will carry it. It isn't, however, faster than Travis as a rat can move.

The surgeon is struggling to breathe, scrabbling at his mouth.

Rachel looks at the scalple and the blood that's oozing down her left arm. Shes not that familar with it and she looks around the room again then snatches up one of the hand towels that they use to clean up behind the doc there. "ok,,, " she drops the knife and tries to net the thing with the towel, or at least get it off the womans face.

Beastial instincts rise within Travis, and he continues the chase and assault of the Spider-thing. Golden eyes show the black of a hunter's pupil, expanding even in the light, seeing any spot that his prey can try to hide before it can make it there while his claws chase it.

Spider A is netted in Rachel's towel. It scrabbles and tries to slice apart the cloth but to no avail. Travis' spider, Spider B is torn to pieces by his claws, little black blades skittering in different directions - this time without being attached to one another.

The surgeon's passed out from panic and lack of air, lying in the floor in a crumpled blue heap.

Rachel is still not thinking of keeping the spider for someone to see so having netted the thing, she goes to one knee and begins to slam the thing onto the floor, she does this about three or four times then stands, leaving the bundled undead spider thing on the floor and starts to stomp on it.

His own prey destroyed, Travis darts across the room, seeking out any more of the spiders while enroute to the surgeon. With a caution that he didn't show against the creature he places a claw against the threads, slicing at them until they open enough to allow air in. (not taking the time to open all of them)

There's a cracking sound as Rachel stomps on the undead spider thing on the floor, and the sense of fading undead magic. The unconscious surgeon starts to breath again as he's unstitched, and opens his eyes. He stands up, and then looks at the woman in horror. Meanwhile, the sound of police and ambulance sirens is audible as emergency vehicles start to arrive.

Rachel looks at Travis then goes back to her knees to stuff things into her backpack, including the scaple.. it has her fingerprints while she talks to the Doctor. "is there a back way out of here, quick, we don't want the cops finding him in his shifter form." as she stands up she grabs another of the small towels and wraps it around her arm.

Travis looks up as she speaks, taking his eyes to the redheaded woman. Only the hint of gold surrounds the orbs of the black furred rat-man and he nods his agreement. Those eyes scan the room, and he points a single claw at the lcd monitor, squeeking loudly as if it concerned that it might show more that just the surgery.

The surgeon says, "I see," as he shakes off his topor. "Well, I couldn't let someone who saved my life get into too much trouble." He appears to think about it. "There's windows in the patient rooms, go there." He walks towards the woman. "I…will see what I can do about her," he says, about the still unconscious Marissa Lees.

Inside the surgical room itself, there aren't any cameras for the privacy of the person involved.
Rachel touches the doc's arm and points to the screen, "what about that, is it recorded anywhere." she nods to Travis. "you go now, I'll follow you… run." and she looks at the doc again.
The rat-man nods, and his claws touch the redhead for just a moment. It almost seems as if there is more concern in his eyes about her than him. After several long seconds he moves towards the surgical suite door, and moves towards the room that Candice was listed in.

"It's just for the endoscopic camera - " The surgeon says, "It's not recorded, it just shows us what the camera sees." The room that Candice was listed in is empty, as is all the other rooms. It looks like the hospital really did get cleaned out as per Travis' earlier request to the anesthesiologist.

There's the sound of an ambulance and police arriving on the scene, pulling up into the parking area for the clinic.

Rachel smiles at the Doc. "thanks man,,, I hope you can help this woman too." she glances around to see that Travis is gone. "see you around." then she trots off after him while pulling her back pack over her right shoulder and ducks into the same room that he had.

From the empty room Travis peers out the window, ensuring there are no officers or the like outside before he pulls himself through. Silently the rat-man takes to the nearest alley, seeking the shadows to take the time to return to his human self.

Rachel is out the window not long after Travis with her following him into the Alley.

Behind them, at the clinic, Marissa Lees is loaded up into the ambulance. The other recovering patients are being transferred to other clinics or the Memorial hospital. The police squad investigates, and finds only the broken legs of the critters, one smashed one wrapped up in a towel, and one shaking, sweating surgeon in an operating room, with stitches hanging out of the sides of his mouth.

As the attention of the police is entirely on the clinic, the two are unnoticed.

GAME> You start the General Rumor of 'Did you hear about that thing at Serenity Medical? It's the plastic surgery place. Apparently there was this really freaking weird infestation of aliens or something in a womans face. These two people just busted in midway through some kind of surgery to fix it - probably a nose job or something. One was this big guy, with a goatee. Yeah. The other one was like 18, with crazy red hair. She did some kind of magic ritual on it. I heard it from an orderly there, that one of them turned into a giant rat! And then attacked the aliens. And then the police arrived.'


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