Sydney's Vitals
Name: Sydney Gale Prowers
Race: Weretiger
Shortdesc: Sultry brunette with storm blue gray eyes
Position: Bouncer and Dancer at The Second Circle.
Fame: Reportedly a killer. Strong with dangerous temper
Temperament: Aggressive, confident and lascivious.
Themesong: TBA
Katherine Isabella as Sydney Gale Prowers


Born an army brat on a base in Columbia, South Carolina Sydney, for the first twelve years of her life, never stayed in one city longer then two years. She had a younger sister by 2 years named Lucy, who was born while they were living in Texas. Her father was an internal affairs officer that showed up to make sure the boys were doing their job. As such, nobody was ever truly happy when Sydney’s Father moved on base. It was hard for Sydney to make friends because her father was always ‘the bad guy’ on base. This didn't bother Sydney much as she learned early to go her own way. She and Lucy where close. Lucy was the smart one, and Sydney the more physical and better looking one. Lucy always had a mousiness to her being shy and quiet. They looked out for each other and Sydney learned early on about having to protect her sister. Sydney developed a near fearless streak, but she wasn't to the point of being foolish or reckless.

Sydney was almost 13, and Lucy was 10, by the time her mother had had enough of the Army life and Sydney's dad was determined to be in for life (or until the bottle killed him). The divorce was clean and Mom took the girls to go live in Boston. Sydney kind of liked Boston, as cities went. She felt odd not being on a military base. The other kids appeared to be so sloppy and listless. She and Lucy stuck together and never made many friends. This was nothing new to them, but it worried their mother. Also around this time Sydney was starting to fill out and draw more of the boy's attention. Her confidence and 'don't screw with me' attitude was more of an attraction then a deterrent. Neither Sydney, nor her sister, ever dated much, yet they decided to accept an invite to a party on Halloween. Sydney was 15 it was the party that would change her life.

The party was held in an old warehouse, and far as parties go it was lame. She had brought Lucy with her just to be sure there would be one cool person at it. During the party, some moron of a boy had spiked his girlfriends drink. When the drugs didn’t work, he got pissed and told her what he did. In turn, his girlfriend got pissed, too. Then she got big and furry. That's when hell was set loose in there. Everyone panicked and started to clog the exits. Then panic and the shifting girl caused a few others to start shifting as well, spawning leopards, wolves and other beasts into the warehouse. Sydney got a good look at who some of the shifters were while she moved to one of the unclogged exits. While she was able to stay calm, the panic and shifting beasts got the better of Lucy, and Sydney had to lead her by the hand.

Sydney never had a chance to save her sister. There was just movement and then instead of leading Lucy by the hand, she was leading Lucy's hand. The rest of her was under the big wolf that was splitting her open and eating her guts. Enraged beyond sanity Sydney charged the wolf and used her dead sister’s arm as a club against the wolf’s head. Sydney remembers yelling and calling to her sister, then she remembers hearing a deep rumbling roar. She turned in time to see something large with orange fur and black stripes, before it slammed into her. She slapped at it's muzzle while the beast's claws tore down her left side arm and leg. The tiger swatted at her, sending her flying through the air, head banging into a support pole. There was pain, and then all faded as blackness took her.

Sydney woke up in the hospital. The doctors said the tests were inconclusive, but if she wanted to she could be checked into one of the facilities, just to be sure. "Fuck that”, was Sydney’s reply. She was able to talk her mom out of signing the papers that would doom her. When she was out, Sydney immediately went looking for one of the ones she saw change. Without a word she dragged him off to a corner, accused him of what he was, and then showed him her injuries. After that, she met a 'senior' member of the pard. They waited the eight days to the moon with her in a 'safe' place. When she woke up the next night nude and with no memory what happened, she knew she had contracted Therianthropy. Those that had stayed with her seemed surprised about something. They assumed that when she changed her beast would be a leopard, as were they all. It took some doing but she learned that she was, instead, a white tiger.

Sydney accepted the fact that she was a Therian, and a Tiger, well enough. There was nothing she could do to change it. She did not take to loosing Lucy as well, though. Sydney’s progress and adaptation to her new life was quick, and members of the pard were surprised at how fast she mastered her beast. The pard reminded Sydney of the military in two ways. The first was it’s structure, a hierarchy of rank that one could rise within. The second was how easily the member’s slacked off when no one was standing over them, just like the bases her Father used to inspect. Yet, despite the military similarity of the pard, Sydney found herself different from many of it’s members. One difference was her drive. She mastered her beast quickly while other, older members still struggled with it. Another difference was how easily some of the weaker cats easily shrugged off their responsibilities and work for the pard. Many pard members accepted this attitude, but Sydney found it to be annoying in the least of terms.

Sydney continued going to high school after her change, pushing herself to graduate for Lucy. Graduation wasn’t the only goal she had set for Lucy. During her those years she continued to push herself as a Therian, using the pard to grow strong, and in turn, test that strength by climbing through the ranks towards Alpha. Yet, Sydney didn’t care to be Alpha, instead she still had one small order of business to deal with. After that, Boston and the pard would be just a memory. It took almost as much work to get the name of the wolf that killed Lucy as it did for Sydney to prepare for facing the killer. Yet, she never wavered. She wanted blood for blood. There would be on forgiveness for the one that killed the only person that mattered to her. In the end, the fight was savage and short. Sydney tore the other woman open, destroying and scattering as much of the wolf as she could. She took care not to swallow any of the disgusting wolf-flesh less she become burdened with it’s spirit, and did all she could to keep the dead wolf’s pack from doing the same. There would be no after-life for that wolf, as far as Sydney was concerned. The local pack was not happy with the lose of their bitch. They were not willing to risk a war with the pard, but, also, the deed could not go unpunished. It was decided by the Nimir-Raj that Sydney would be banished in order to keep the peace. That was fine with Sydney as she had planned on leaving anyway. She had already talked with a pard in Cincinnati that needed strong females. Everybody won, and Lucy could rest.

Cincinnati was good to Sydney. She quickly got to know the pard and there were no memories of Lucy haunting her. The pard was in need of strong females, and someone that could actually fight. They were having problems with the local wolves, stereotypical, and were loosing the war. Sydney fought well, she protected her own, and for her capabilities, she soon grew into an Alpha. Sydney didn’t stop pushing herself even after achieving Alpha. The demands of war nurtured her, helping Sydney to continue her growth into a better, stronger warrior. Her experiences with soldiers and soldiering, while growing up on the army bases, gave Sydney an extra edge in the conflicts of Cincinnati. Sydney's healing ability's were put to the test often, and while not the best strategist, she knew fighting and knew how to win battles. It did not take long for the wolves to start cursing the 'ghost hell cat' of the pard. In the end, none could slight her efforts in defending the pard or the new territory it was able to gain, before the truce was finally called. The war left it’s marks upon Sydney. Her long battle times spent in Tiger now marked her human visage. One change was a lock of white hair, a shock of lightning striking through her dark mane. Yet, the greater change was something in the air about her; the way she moved made it harder to hide her beast. She rather liked the shock of white in her dark hair, and it didn't take her long to stop trying to dye it.


Cincinnati had become a bloody city for Sydney. Not only did she have the wolves to contend with for the protection of the pard, but there was also the Vampiric Master of the City. To worsen matters, Sydney learned that the Master was able to call upon the leopards of the pard. While she wasn’t a leopard, many of the pard were, and this placed her and the pard at risk. With the truce in place, trouble started to brew within the pard for Sydney. Some of the pard started to worry about Sydney’s growing strength, that her drive for strength might push her to take even more standing among the pard. Other’s worried that, because of her temperament, she might pick a fight with the Master of the city. Rumors circulated that the Master of the City was interested in meeting the ‘ghost hell cat’ the wolves so often cursed of. It was in that desire that the Master of the City learned she could call upon tigers as well as leopards.

With the Master of the City’s newly discovered ability, the balance of power started to shift against the Pard. Like the leopards, the tigers found themselves helpless against the call of the Master Vampire’s will. As for Sydney, her will was strong enough to resist the Master’s call. Even then, it was not easy an easy feat, as the pulling lingered and nagged at her senses and mind. With the possible new threat to their safety, and to deal with their growing concerns over Sydney’s own power, the Pard made a peace offering to the Master of the City in the form of Sydney herself. Officially, Sydney was to be the liaison between the vampires and the pard. Unofficially, most knew that Sydney was the sacrificial lamb, appeasing the Master Vampire by making the ‘ghost hell cat’ her own personal pet and meal. This fate didn't set well with Sydney, but she couldn't say 'no' to it without that refusal becoming a full challenge to the Raj. She might be ready for another fight, but the pard was not. If she won the challenge, that would set the vamps on the pard. if she lost the challenge, she might be dead, or worse, the 'pet' of a now angry Master of the City. With no other choice, save to run, she accepted the fate handed to her. At least this way it was more on her terms. Especially when it meant the Vampires left the Pard alone, as well as giving it a strong ally in which to keep the wolves from attacking again.

The time at the Master's side was not all bad. She learned many things. Got to see a bit more about how the vampires worked, and the way a vampire court can be held. Not to mention that she learned some new things in bed. It took some time to realize that she had started to meet weaker vamps in the eye without fear, and that even some of the lesser 'masters' had no pull over her. Only the Master, herself, was able to still yank her chain at times. This seemed to please the Master, as it made the vampires of her court uneasy around Sydney. Sydney quickly became the Master’s favorite show piece, a nearly unstoppable force which she, alone, kept restrained. Sydney saw herself differently. Her life had grown into a repetitive cycle of service to the Master in court, service in to the Master in bed, and assuring the safety of the pard. Without new challenges and hew obstacles, Sydney found her life had sunk into rut. The pard was doing alright now that the war was over and the boundaries were clearly drawn. She couldn't move any higher in rank in the city without a major shake up. And a major shake up which would ruin almost all she had fought for. Further, some of the weaker members of the pard were relying on her too much, rather than standing up for themselves.

It was time to move on. Leaving the pard wouldn't be hard. More and more they had become uneasy around Sydney. Chicago had rumors of being an open city. Maybe she could go there and stake a claim all of her own; keep a pard as friends, but not be part of it. There was only one way to find out. She'd been in Cincinnati for the last four years. Now it was time to move again. She’d learned all she would be able to about the vampires, strengthened herself all she could from this pard, and honed herself as far as she could from the war. Peace did suit her and she was tired of being a meal. She knew for sure it was time to go when she heard some vampires talking about Sydney as if she were a weapon in a glass case labeled 'break glass and use in case of emergency'. Getting away from the Master would not be easy. She was fond of Sydney for many reason. She helped her keep her power base safe, she was an in to the pard, and both the wolves and the vampires feared her.

Yet, being free of the pard, and not having been told to stay by the Master, meant she was free to roam as far as she could. So one day she packed her few clothes and left a small goodbye note. It was nothing sentimental, ungrateful, nor did it reveal where she was going. The Master was old and strong, she'd get over Sydney’s leaving. It was now time to go to the Windy City. Cincinnati let her build a strong reputation for not making idle threats, for a having a vicious streak, and also of being very serious about those under her protection. More then once someone had thought she was bluffing and learned too late she doesn't boast. It was time to build that reputation further in a new city, a new home.

Chicago Life


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