Sylvia Autumn Thatcher
Sylvia's Vitals
Name: Sylvia Autumn Thatcher
Race: Were-Tiger
Shortdesc: Tan skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes.
Position: Unemployed Bartender use to own a bar, mated to Frey
Fame: Her bar was burned to the ground in New Oreleans
Temperament: Mostly calm and collected, but also can have a heated temper when provoked.
Themesong: None yet
Sofia Vergara as Sylvia Autumn Thatcher


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Info-General - Sylvia is a native of New Orleans that has only recently rolled into town on a motorcycle with her long time boyfriend Frey.

Info-Preternatural - Sylvia is a Were-tiger and mated to Frey, ex-King of Louisanna's Tiger Clan. She doesn't seem to have the faction arrogance that most tigers can be known for.

Info-Tiger - Sylvia is mated to Frey, and seems to have the ability to keep him calm and get him to see reason.


Odd Childhood- Sylvia was born to a pair of bikers. Not exactly a healthy family life,for a young girl and wen she was seven years old, they were killed in a were animal attack, tigers. Sylvia would have nightmares nightly of big striped beasts, half man and half tiger. She never had to go into the system, her parents will left her in the custody of her uncle, Chuck, who was not as hardcore a rider anymore. He owned a shabby little bar in the backwater areas of the bayou, with the whole back area as their living space. The bar catered to bikers and swamp folks. So literally the young girl grew up over a bar. She even had a family, a surrogate family in the way of Ms. Morris and her large family.

Ms Morris was an elderly lady who ran the kitchen and who ended up being a mother figure for little Sylvia. She was a firm task master and made sure Sylvia kept in line. Ms. Morris' daughters would often sit and help Sylvia with things like homeschooling her, since the schools were too far away. Of course the many grandkids were her playmates and classmates. So it's not like she had everything, but she always have a good home life.

Since life in the Bayou could be rather unkind, Sylvia was a bit more rough and tumble than most girls. She seemed to get along with the boys well and spent a lot of time wrestling them and acting more tomboy than a proper little girl. Ms. Morris always had to correct her on such things, but it was the one thing Sylvia never let the old woman change. Her life was pretty good up until she was about sixteen years old.

Infection - She was 16 years old when life took and strange and frightening turn for her. She was outside the bar one evening after the Morris kids had gone home for the night. The bar was just starting to get customers when a big man on a chopper rolled up. Something about him looked familiar, but she didn't know what. So she kept to the shadows and crept closer. When he looked her way and his eyes seems to flash in the dim neon lights of the bar front and she remembered. She remember who this stranger was. He was the animal man who haunted her nightmares.

“I smell your fear little one.” The man seemed to purr into the air. “You know me.” It wasn't a question it was a statement.

Sylvia was scared so she ran. There was the sound of crashing behind her and she knew he was following her. She screamed just before she was hit from behind and driven to the ground on her stomach. The hand that held her head down had huge black claws and felt furry. And then a muzzle lowered into her view and the words just growled out. “You were the one that got away so long ago.” She could hear him snuffle at her hair and then there was burning pain down her back as he sliced claws down her back. Opening her back wide open as she screamed her pain. She just knew she was dead. %r%r%tAnd she might have been if there hadn't been the sound of men in the distance, having heard her screams. “You are lucky little one.. but I will be back.” And he was gone.

The full moon was a few days later and while she didn't remember anything there were reports of a tiger spotted in the swamps. And that report changed her life when a man in a business suit, looking completely out of place, swept into the bar with an offer she could not refuse.

The Clan - Not long after that first full moon and the report of a tiger in the swamp, Mario swept into the bar looking for her. He was the King of the Louisiana tigers. He explained that tigers were hard to find and that when new ones are found they are brought into the fold. What else could she do but go with him? She was too much of a danger to her family.

Before she left she talked to Ms Morris and told her everything about the attack and the moon and being something else. The old woman hugged her and told her to come home again when she was done. “This is only a new part of you. I can see your heart is still good and that little Syl is still in there.” Those words made it easier for Sylvia to leave the bar and go with the Mario. And her new life began.

From square one she learned that this was not a fun life. She had to not only learn control, she had to fight for her place in the clan. Her trainer was a man named Mack and she swore he had to be insane. He enjoy her suffering and pain, showing her no mercy in anything. She hated it. Hated what she was. However, she quickly learned that while he seemed heartless he taught her to be tough and it helped her climb her way higher in the ranks.

She could never seem to climb as far as she wanted, the more alpha members of the clan were good that smacking her down, but she tried her best to give them a run for her money, even if it left her broken and bloody.

She stay with them for about four year, even after she was declared in control of her beast. The tigers are never really willing to let their own go, since they are so rare in the world. But when news came from home that she was needed, she didn't hesitate to leave and Mario surprisingly didn't keep her there.

The Bar - Sylvia ran home when news reached her that her uncle was diagnosed with cancer. It was getting harder for him to keep up with everything that needed to be done. So Sylvia started to take on more and more responsibility. She learned the ropes as time went on, so when he asked her to take over the bar when he landed in the hospital, she was ready. When she wasn't at the bar, she was at her uncles side going over the administrative work. It was hard for her since she had to watch him slowly get worse.

When he died six months later, Sylvia was surprised to find that he left her the business in his will. Ms Morris approved the choice and stood by her side when Sylvia told the rest of the workers about herself. Many of them left, but at Ms Morris' prompting other were animal's were hired. She had a were-bear bouncer, a wolf bartender… and that was to start. It was unusual considering the typical tiger arrogance about other groups.

A few months after she took over the bar that she found out the clan had a new king. She found out when she was out on her motorcycle on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. She felt Frey before she saw him. A large imposing man on a custom chopper and she knew who he was. She had often seen him at a distance during her time with the clan. He hadn't been happy to find he had a lone tiger in his territory so he came looking for her. He was a scary man, he was not only a large man he had a nasty temper is seemed like.

What they didn't expect was the instant connection they had, they were literally drawn to each other.

Gained and Lost - She hadn't expected to find herself so… completely unable to resist Frey. At first she thought it had to be some sort of power he had over her. But she learned quickly she had an affect on him as well. She found she kept him calm and was his voice of reason at times. Every time he seemed ready to kill her strong headed cook, a touch from her and a reasoning voice would bring him back from the edge.

So it was no surprise when he showed up after closing time, one night and claimed her as his own. She was his and he was hers… they were mates, in the eyes of the preter world they were in a sense married. He even gave up his lush apartment to move into the small shabby apartment she had grown up in. He helped her fix up the bar and even at times helped her run it. He even taught her to love what they were.

As part of her commitment to be his, she had him put on the deed for the bar, making him her partner in the business. Life seemed as perfect as it could get for the pair. And they were happy for many many years, upwards to ten years. That was until the vampires started strengthening their hold on the area. The wolves were weak and found themselves pulled under the control of New Orleans' Master of the City. It was a scary time.

Frey didn't like what he was seeing and started to rally the other were's to fight them off. The vampires got wind of it and came to visit the pair at the bar. Threats were made and Sylvia had to literally wrap herself around her mate to keep him from declaring all out war right then and there when they were so badly outnumbered and so many innocents around. They were told to rethink what they were doing. Of course, this didn't stop the pair and they still worked to get support from other shifter groups.

Things went downhill when the pair decided to go out for a much needed ride. They were gone for only a few hours, but it was enough. As the pair got closer to the bar in the hours just after daylight faded, they smell the fire and the scent of burning flesh. They went full throttle the rest of the way, only to find fire and police trying desperately to put out a raging inferno. The vampires had torched their home of the past ten years. Sylvia was crushed, but that wasn't the worst of it. Lots of charred bodies were found within. The people closest to them had been killed as well.

As they looked at the smoldering wreckage of their home the next morning, a man came up to them, wearing a suit and smelling of vampire. He simply handed a small envelope to Frey and walked away. When it was opened, it was a hand written letter from the Master of the City simply stating that if they didn't want harm to befall the rest of the Clan or their families that Frey and Sylvia were to leave the state and not return.

So with heavy hearts the packed up what little they had left that would fit on the back of their motorcycles and left. Their journey has brought them to Chicago where they plan to lay low and lick their wounds.

Her Mate

Frey - They have been mated for over ten years. She is his calming voice of reason when his explosive temper get's the better of him.

Friends and Associates

None yet


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