Here on Windy City Mux we use a percentile based system utilizing your PC's statistics and skills. To simplify the explanation of the system….

  • Take the relevant statistic to what you're trying to do.
  • Add to that your skill level in the relevant skill
  • Add or Subtract any situational modifiers. (SEE: 'Situational')
  • If resisted, Subtract the resistor's stats.

This final number that you come up with is basically the percentage chance that you have for succeeding at your task, should you choose to roll dice for it. You do this by typing +roll/per X where X is the number you have come up with (the 'per' part is short for 'percent'. One can also do '+roll/percent X' if one is so inclined).

If the d100 that the code rolls is under your number, you succeed. If it's over, then you fail. The amount by which the roll is lower or higher, is the /degree/ to which you succeed. And the code will tell you Y percentage of success or failure. A common method is that 1/10th of the success is how many points of 'whatever' are done, or how many poses/turns the 'whatever' lasts.

Two special notes, the first being that because of the points given in chargen and the way characters are statted, if you /only/ use your Stats and skills, your PC may seem less skilled than you'd like. Situational modifiers are /highly/ encouraged, and even required to really capture what's going on. Again, refer to 'news situational'

The second and final note, is that RP should always trump dice. If you can gain the consent of everyone involved in the scene or action to just 'glossing things over' without rolling dice, then /great/. If it's a very very routine use of the skill, or something that at your stat/skill level should be 'child's play', then as long as there are no objections, feel free to assume auto-success (or auto-failure in the inverse, whatever's best for the story)

And most of all, have fun.


If you're looking for combatty details, try here.

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