Talen's Vitals
Name: Talen Daeg
Race: Were-leopard (Persian Leopard)
Shortdesc: 5'6" skinny blond teen with bright blue eyes.
Position: Dance instructor at Aragon
Fame: Infecting Zachary, branded as a cheater
Temperament: Quiet and a sensitive to those around him.
Themesong: n/a
n/a as Talen Daeg


General: He is the dance instructor at the Aragon Ballroom. He is passionate and very involved in the arts. He's also a young mechanic that seems quiet gifted at fixing things.

Pard: He's left the pard and since has been no where the pard will ever see him.

Performing Arts: Anyone in the dance field would know Talen is very gifted with dance. It comes naturally and he can pick up choreography very easily. He can also play piano and guitar as an amature. He also sings. He is quite emerged in the arts.

Vampire: The young leopard works for Keme Moonriver at the Aragon Ballroom.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Human Form

Before you is a man standing 5 feet 6 inches high. On his head is straight dyed blond hair. The hair looks messy but clean. It also looks soft and silky. His eyes are bright blue and slanted towards his medium sized nose. His cheekbones are high and eyebrows sharp. His lips full and slightly darker then his skin. His jaw is well defined and his skin is smooth and pale and slightly freckled. His neck is thin, muscled and long.

He has broad, thin shoulders, which are slightly freckled. His shoulders run to his muscled arms. Little veins show over his long arms. Blond hair covers his forearms and his biceps are tight with muscles. His wrists are thin and bony. Wrapped around them there are two inch wide plain leather bracelets, one on each wrist. He has large but thin hands. Like a piano player. His hands are soft but muscled. His nails are trimmed, short and well manicured. His legs are also thin and strong. He is obviously fit.

Critter Form

The Persian Leopard before you is quite large, much larger then it probably should be. It still looks quite thin. The male leopard has a very pale yellow, more white fur with dark black spots. Strikingly, it's eyes are bright blue. Around its ears, it's has been groomed with little ear tuffs. Strong leg muscles leading to powerful hind quarters. It's long tail is thin and slightly curled.


Who Am I? Simply, I don't know. I can tell you where I have been though.

As the beginning of all people, I was born. October 28th 1991 is the day I took my first breath in Los Angeles, California. It wasn't an eventful day. My parents barely remember it. I am the middle of 3 children. The older of my siblings is the trouble maker. He is always getting into trouble and causing issues with the family. The youngest is the prodigy. She is good at everything she does, music and math alike. I, however, have nothing to the extremes as they do…until I was 14.

As a child, I was a quiet unopposing little person. Nothing would really bug me. If someone picked on me I would walk away. I just didn't really care. If people wanted to be stupid that was up to them. I used to love school though. It gave me time away from my parents. Their constant ignorance of who I was becoming got exhausting. I wanted to go to school and be a Gym Teacher. Yeah, small goal but they have the best job ever! And I wanted the whistle. I never actually went to college though. I ended up just working as an education. What else could I do? I have no money, no support and no one to help. I was an apprentice for a long time with my uncle. Now I know the Mechanic trade and I moved on.


Name Relationship Notes
Ayden The Beauty He is good looking. Saved his life. He owes him.
Keith The Sibling He feels like their roles some how reversed. He is the responsible one and Keith is the hoe.
Rodney The Strength Great guy. Willing to do anything for him…even until death. Dating Sable. Perfect couple.
Sable The Comfort Trust is given to her. She could easily be the first woman Tal loves.
Keme Boss He works for the man. Keme is like a big brother.


  • His nickname is Tal.
  • He tries to trust everyone once.
  • He hates being called kid.
  • He will walk away when he doesn't want to say something to upset another.
  • Talen was murdered by Lenore and Jacobi. Instead of opting for life…they chose death.

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