Talk With Auranna

April 4, 2011


Survival Compound - By The Pond




Sitting by the pond is Forest, his shirt off even in the cool of the day. His hair has been left undone today, covering up most of his back. His eyes are closed and he seems to just be relaxing, taking slow, deep breaths.

Auranna comes along the trail towards the pond. She wasn't necessarily looking for Forest, she just had to get some air. She has had a really rough day and it shows in that even alone, her beast is much more quiet than it should be, like it is hiding, supressed. She does see Forest and almost looks like she might just turn and walk away. She stops where she is, "My Nimir-raj do you have a moment for me? I understand if you would rather be alone." her words are slow and show a bit of how she is hurting inside too.

Forest remains sitting where he is, a calmness about him as he continues to just relax, meditating perhaps. He's quiet for a bit before he finally says, "What is it you need Auranna?" His tone is friendly yet still holds that sense of power.

Auranna takes that as an okay and moves over to kneel next to him baring her throat, "I beg forgiveness for my display this morning, I became agitated when Gage took my right to challenge Grace from me, and misunderstood what was going on when you explained my punishment to him." she is cringing as she kneels there, both in reality and her beast as well.

Forest opens his eyes slowly and gazes out over the pond, his peace disturbed for the moment. "No one can take away your right to challenge anyone away. He was offering assistance as he sees fit. He probably believes Grace to be your better as she is his mate and he thinks highly of her. It is up to you to change his mind on that."

Auranna looks confused for just a moment, "So them being placed above me does not affect my ability to challenge them?" she asks as she looks at him, "I ask referring to those you put above me as well." she still is skittish something else is going on too something she is scared of asking.

Forest nods, turning his eyes to look at you. "This is how things work with Shifters Auranna. It's natural for us to challenge each other to rise in the ranks. You can challenge anyone you want that is higher than you, it's how you show you are more dominant than they are. Gage is my Second, so long as he can keep the position. Course, I won't tolerate having a Second that I don't think can do the job. He would of course have the right to challenge me if he wished."

Auranna nods, "I know that Forest, but you are also my Nimir-Raj, I wasn't sure if you could place others above me, since it was a punishment." she doesn't look up at him, just the ground. "Might…I be permitted to know, how long my punishment will last?" she asks softly, hesitantly.

Forest nods a bit, "Gage has determined his own placement by claiming Second. I claimed Nimir-Raj and none stood against me. I have claimed Zack as my Ra, technically you could challenge him, but I wouldn't suggest it." That last is said with a level gaze and the feel of his beast. "The rest of you have to work out your own pecking order. But there are things more than just how strong your beast is that make you important to the Pard."

Auranna nods, "If I relied on the strength of my beast, I wouldn't have the right to challenge anyone." she knows she has one of the weakest if not the weakest beasts in the pard. "I wish to prove myself worthy of your respect, to earn it back, to see the punishment ended. Is there any way I can do that? I have been good, I have behaved, I have helped where I could, when I could. Or have I just messed up too much in the past?" she does cring at the feel of his beast, "That look…when you told Gage the reason for my punishment." she just looks down and away.

Forest studies you for a few moments, letting out a sigh before speaking. "We all do things we regret Auranna, it's how to move on and learn from them. It is also how we take the punishment given that marks as." He reaches a hand out to briefly brush his fingers over her arm, "I will speak with Jin soon, and you, we will decide from there what you need to grow."

Auranna almost pulls away from that brush, so skittish is she, but she doesn't. She nods, "Yes my Nimir-Raj, again I appologize for earlier. It seemed as though you were stripping away all rank I had managed to earn, all rights, that nothing I have struggled to do since my stupidity had mattered at all. It was wrong of me." she turns and moves to for the moment crawl away. She will stand when she is further away.

Forest lets you leave without making a fuss over it, perhaps he's not in the mood to talk any further. His eyes move back over the pond before closing and he returns to his meditation.

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