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SGP is a broad, cross platform coding effort with numerous contributors.
Current contributors of code and assistance in testing, writing helpfiles,
and pithy comments are as follows:

Audumla@Everywhere —A little bit of everything, +staff and +staff/all,
+beginner, +version, and installer files.
BEM@Granite —Much of the base code including +who, joining
and summon commands, debugging.
Miateila@Granite —+finger and LOTS of pithy commentary
Hilikiradi@Sandbox —Debugging, Penn platform tests, +cnotes,
+lwho, PLACES upgrades, and installer files.
Brazil@Everywhere —MUX 2.0 issues
Talek, Javelin, Raevnos, David,
Vexon@M*U*S*H —Penn Issues
Ashen-Shugar —RhostMUSH Issues, +motd
Lilith@Sandbox —Debugging, @register
Hunger@Pacifica —Debugging, Aesthetics
Jeff@TSC —+version, @crontab


SYNTAX: plook
plook <target>

The first form gives you a list of places, in a three column format.

The second form takes the number of the place as an argument, and gives the
name and description of the virtual place. Descriptions are in the final
field of the PLACE# attribute on the room, after the | in the list of

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