Tamsin's Vitals
Name: Tamsin Austen Brody (but she'll tell you anything but!)
Race: Caucasian
Shortdesc: Young woman with cherry-red hair and bright-green eyes.
Position: Former child star in disguise. While she's independently wealthy, she might pick up a job, in order to begin a "normal" life.
Fame: Tamsin Brody is officially a Missing Person, best known for her role as the title character in a children's show called "The Truth About Molly McGee," which aired for several years and garnered quite a following of child fans. She has been "missing" since January of 2008.
Temperament: Guarded, deceptive and manipulative when she needs to be for her self preservation, if she trusts someone she is free spirited, whimsical and sweet.
Themesong: There She Goes
LittleMeWhatever@DeviantArt as Tamsin Austen Brody (but she'll tell you anything but!)

This redheaded girl showed up in Chicago in October, 2008. The young woman often lies about her name and is usually seen wearing hats and big sunglasses. Those who see her face may find it oddly familiar — something like that kid actress who went missing not too long ago. For a teenager, she seems to have plenty of money.

In January 2008, when Tamsin Brody went missing, the country was plastered with posters searching for her. Her parents were afraid she had been kidnapped for ransom, but no ransom note ever came. Photos of the teen star were everywhere, on the news, in news and celebrity magazines, but nothing ever came of it. From time to time, a milk carton or a poster will still be seen with her face: But the whereabouts of the blond, blue-eyed girl has yet to be discovered by authorities.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Tamsin is a native Californian girl who was thrust into the limelight by stage parents at the modest age of three. After starring in a few commercials for a national fast-food chain, she soon began to acquire small movie and television roles. Finally, she landed her own show on a children's cable channel, "The Truth About Molly McGee." Soon, she was making millions of dollars based on the sales of of dolls, lunch boxes, video games, and clothing but found no real happiness in the shallow world of celebrity status. Her parents only seemed to care about her ability to make them money and her friends were only interested in being a part of her glamorous life, not listening to her problems.


In January of 2008, after five years of being "Molly" to her adoring public, Tamsin simply disappeared. Her disappearance was covered in depth by the media, and posters and milk cartons still bear her likeness — a publicity photo of a sweet-faced, blond girl with blue eyes. Tamsin, not wanting to be found, has changed her appearance — with fire-red hair, bright-green contacts, and clothing greatly different from anything sweet and girly teen idol "Molly" would have worn, most would never put two and two together. The girl has been moving from city to city, moving whenever she felt someone might be turn her in. She's just biding her time until she turns 18, and can do whatever she wishes.

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