Telling The Boss


Name Of The Room
Floor -5: Office 3 - John Hancock Building - Michigan Street: North

This office is large enough to be comfortable, giving plenty of room for movement between its white plaster walls. Four white walls match the white ceiling where the plaster there has been textured, providing a slight play of shadow in the ridges where the florescent bulbs cast them. There's very little to take up floor space. A potted palm tree takes up a back corner, breaking the starkness of the office, while at the center of the perfectly square room is a thick and well-built desk of cherry wood. Comfortable leather chairs, overstuffed, are situated around the desk: one at the back, two at the front.

IC Date/Time

Saturday, Feb 05 16:41:46 2011 - Winter Night < Blizzard >



It's a normal night for Amun. Which is to say, he's in his office with one of the day's latest newspapers. His legs are crossed in a casual pose and his eyes are on the printed page.

As soon as Stormy woke, she got dressed and headed to Amun's office as she said she would in the message she left for him before daybreak. A nod to the secretary, and she heads into his office, once again, to knock once before peeking inside, soon to step within the office to strip and then make her way to his side. In her hand are a few envelopes that were sealed, but have been opened. "Master.." She whispers as she kneels at his side.

There's no waiting this time. Amun shuts his paper, folds it, and turns to regard Stormy as soon as she's kneeling before him. "Stormy, my pet," he says, reaching down to touch her hair for a moment.

Dipping her head, Stormy leans into his touch before she looks up to meet his gaze, "I have found evdience of what led Justin to go after the Pard, and seek your advice as to what I should do next…" She offers the envelopes to him to look at as she speaks, "He was contacted by a trio of witches with the offer of $50K per leopard pelt that he could bring to them. He countered with an offer for $100k if he brought them the pelts of alphas. These three witches believe themselves to be the Moirea - the Maid, the Mother, the Crone - and look to ascend to a higher existance with the use of those pelts. Justin seemed to have agreed for the excitement of the hunt.."

While breathing is not required, this news does cause Amun to draw a breath, and sigh it back out. "Justin was treated far kinder by the Pard, then, than he would have been by me." He takes the letters, quiet as he reads through each one.

The letters just seem to be written agreement between Justin and these three women, a contract of payment for goods, if you will. Stormy nods quietly before she looks up at him, "The problem is that these witches remain out there, and likely still attempting to get the pelts that Justin did not deliver. The question is.. shall we give the Pard this information, and let them take care of it, or should we capture the witches, and hand them over to the Pard as a gift? " She blushes, and then admits, "My new Pomme helped me find this information, and he could well help to discover where these three witches are in the city."

There is little thought required from Amun in this matter. "Bring the witches to me, Stormy. Helpless, bound in such things as are required. I will seek out the Pard, on my own. We are long overdue for a conversation, anyways."

Stormy nods quietly at his wishes, "Then, I will see if Ibn will help me track them down, and prepare them for you, Master. Do you still wish me to get in touch with the Pard, or shall I wait till all is in preparation before doing such?"

"I will see to the Pard myself," Amun repeats, in case he was not clear with his first iteration of those words. "You just see to the witches running amok in my city."

Stormy dips her head, smiling quietly, "As you wish, my Master. I will speak with Ibn when I return to him, and get started on searching them down. " A look up at him, and she asks, "Do you mind if I ask Nuri for help? Her expertise as a fighter might come in handy, if it is needed."

Amun considers the request, the nods his head. "Very well, you may ask Nuri for her assistance. She may go with you for this matter."

With a smile, Stormy leans in to kiss his thigh, to brush her cheek there, "Thank you Master. I will get started on this mission as soon as you allow." The young vampire speaks up before falling quiet, a certain dark excitement to show beneath the surface. She's going to enjoy this entirely too much, isn't she?

Amun offers, "I want them brought alive," and he grins, "but that doesn't mean in good health, either."

Stormy grins a little, "Fear never hurt anyone.. much." She does say with a wicked smile that shows her fangs.

Amun inclines his head once more. "Then you have your orders, Stormy. See that they are carried out with all do haste."

Stormy nods, and rises, to lean in and offer her throat to him before she leaves, "I will get on it posthaste, my Master." With a quick kiss, she will head off, dressing first before going to look for Nuri and get ahold of Ibn.

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