Grayson 'Tex' Beckett
Tex's Vitals
Name: Tex
Race: Were-Rat/Australian
Shortdesc: 6'5" blue eyes and dark hair.
Position: Mechanic
Fame: Rat King
Temperament: Quiet and rough
Themesong: Pain - Three Days Grace
Alex O'Loughlin as Tex


GENERAL: A mechanic with a gift to fix even cars that seem to be totaled.
RODERE: The King, he's known to listen to all who come to him.
SHIFTER: The King of the rodere who is looking to build strong allies with other groups.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

The Name

So how did an Aussie end up with the name Tex? One day, while hunting with his father, he brought two hand guns with him instead of a bow and arrow. He saw the deer and lifted the guns. He spoke a single classic phrase. "Go ahead, make my day."1 From that day onward his father nicknamed him Tex. What is this mans real name? He's never going to tell willingly.2

Some of the Background

What was the life like before infection? I could say it's pretty much the same shit but a different pile. One day you are worrying about how to connect the old carburetor parts to the new engine bits and the next you are dying of a damn fever and the next you don't remember what you did but you know you're forever fucking altered then you are back to worrying about the damn carburetor and if you are going to shift and kill the next person who refuses to pay their damn tab.

Let me get this straight, right now. I am not a nice person. I'm not some fucking furry. What I have is a disease that manifests itself physically much like leprosy. You know, the disease where your body falls off.

I got off track. Alright, let me start from almost the beginning cause really my childhood and teen years were rather normal. I was a good kid with a good mom and a stupid dad. It's normal. I grew up and had average grades. I fell in love with Lucy, my high school sweetheart. She went to University and I went to trade school. We lost touch and broke up. I have had flings and random encounters but I just don't seem to care about relationships. I have friends but again it wasn't something I valued. I tended to be practical and efficient. However, I'm also over-critical. My friends and family tended to get the worst of that. I'm also over-critical of myself. It drives me to move forward though I do realize most people get whiny easily when you point out where they suck. I've learned to hold my tongue. Let me get to where my life because interesting.

Bateman's Bay, Australia. South East of Canberra. 5 years ago.

I was out hunting. Going for the big game that day. There are some great game around that area. I've been hunting since I was young. A gun in my hand is really like a third appendage. I guess you could call me a gun nut…or a gear head. I won't fight either title. I liked going out with hunting parties and shooting the thing I was hunting. One day\, while the moon was up I was still sleeping in my tent when I heard screaming. I got out of my tent and grabbed my gun. There was a big fucking rat. I got one shot off before it was on me. I don't remember much but when I woke up I was alone. I went home in a daze. I completely missed my fucking friends who were torn apart. I curled up in bed and when I woke I felt horrible. I kept calling in sick the rest of the month. I'd go to the hospital and they'd say it was just a fever. I wasn't going to tell them I got bitten by a ROUS. Before the full moon was the worst. The fever and the pain. I was lucky to wake in my house.

Illuminatus II - H.R.Giger
The deer in my garage though was not so lucky. Someone ate the whole fucking thing. I was found out quickly from the local King. He took me in and felt something stronger about me. I went through all the training and a little more. I was trained in hand to hand combat. Yeah, we are talking about the school of hard knocks. It took over a year of constant training and practice but I have it. I finally understood how to be normal in a world where I didn't feel like I belonged.

I decided to leave the Swarm and moved to a place where I could some good work. I moved into Chicago a little while ago and set up my business. I'm a mechanic you see. I fix broken cars. I sup up shitty cars. This is what I do. I am a rat shifter. That is what I am. Now here I am in Chicago.


  • Danny - Something about the kid moves Tex to protect him.
  • Naeva - This one is a hand full. Sexual and full of piss and wind.
  • Trixie - Good feminine compliment to his more gruff side. She will be good for him in the long run.
  • Jace - Calls Rats. Son of a… If he calls my rats without being in dire need, I'll tear his heart out.
  • Royal - Childish and stupid. He feels entitled and Tex wants to knock him down a peg.
  • Alexavier - Young and very jaded. I hope he finds what he's looking for.
  • Emil - Young and foolish. He was willing to be infected to give me company. Foolish.
  • Amber - Caller of Rats. I miss her very much since she gave me exactly what I needed.

Description and Gallery

The man you look at is well over 6'5" tall, weighing in at just over 14 stones. His skin is slightly tanned with a few freckles. His eyes are a dark grey tinted blue. His eyelids are slightly hooded making his eyes appear slanted. His hair is dark brown with natural lighter pieces from sun exposure. Just over his ears the hairs are slightly salt and pepper in look. His hair is short with curls and cowlicks. His face is thinner but not at the sharp point. His nose is neither upturned nor down turned. His lips are average. His jawline is generally covered by a consistent five o'clock shadow.

The man has tattoos on each arm and on his chest. His right shoulder tattoo is modeled after a print by H.R.Giger called Illuminatus II. On his left arm, the piece has a man meditating on a rock over a lotus blossom with snakes and smoke around the portrait. The rest are most likely hidden by clothing.

He's currently wearing a leather jacket with a stiff oriental neck line, underneath is a basic t-shirt. Dark jeans grace his bottom half, along with black leather boots.


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