Log:20081118 - The Mirror Has Five Faces


<NIGHT> La Pomme Rouge: Paradis/Enfer Salons - Cermak Road: Crimson District

The VIP room: Two salons come together to form one lavish area. Paradis (paradise), in the front, boasts elegant couches, fireplaces and a Victorian sideboard on the back bar; Enfer (hell), in the back, is a "den of inequity" with fabric-covered walls, dozens of pillows and the design decadence of an opium den. The only divider is a fireplace that serves both sides of the room.
Red is the base color for the two salons. Paradis blends the red with gold and white, and Enfer sets the red brutally against black and Tyrian purple. The floors of both salons are lined with various thick, soft, rich rugs, and patrons are often seen sprawling on the floor amongst the many pillows of Enfer. Food is served throughout the salons, but Enfer offers a small cigar bar. A wine bar is featured in Paradis, and there is a small dias with a white baby grand piano for private entertainment. Most of the time, the salons play whatever music is currently spinning in the cabaret lounge but not always. A few small enclaves are curtained off for a private rendezvous, and all feature a rich autumnal palette.
If one does not have passage, he or she has to either impress the guards at the door with impecable style or have an invitation from someone who does have passage into Enfer and Paradis. And while the guards are a nice touch, one could easily be more afraid of the beautiful patrons (and perhaps should be).

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The Traveler is here. Who knows when he got here but he is here. In fact he's over in the corner speaking with Lillith and Tobias. Glancing between them. We know it is The Traveler, because the power coming off of the man suddenly is vaster than any ocean.

Elle sits quietly with Rodrigo, doing the 'prim and proper' thing beside him.

Koray has taken up a seat near what seems to be the back judging from where the Traveler currently stands. He's not against the wall, but a divan or ottoman from it.

Lionel simply stands apart from most everyone else, listening keenly, with his hands grasping his chain. He has nothing to say, really, but can't help glancing curiously at the one that must be the Traveler.
Alexander is leaning against a wall. He doubts he will have much to say here but is more then happy to simply observe and learn.

Malcolm arrived on time, not a minute early or a minute late, and has settled himself along the outer edge of the room. The last meeting ended so disasterously, and he had so little to contribute, he suspects being out of the way is the best course of action for this meeting.

Lillith has what seems to be her permanent small smile on her lips as she speaks with Tobias and the Traveler. Her attention is mostly on the two of them, though she does, on occasion, glance about towards the others.

Andrew, or Andy, as he has come to be called out of some misgotten idea of adopting american customs, specificly the idea that all americans use nick names, has been having a strange day to say the least. Of course, any day where you supposed to meet the Traveler defently counts as a strange day. He pauses in the doorway before entering the lounge to knock a bit of mud from his shoes, and survey the place. His light green eyes sweep the room, pausing momentarily to study each person before turning to look at Lillith and the two with her. The start of a smile slides over his face, curving the corners of his mouth upwards as he watches them. Maybe it's the power rolling off of the group, or the clothing that he isn't used to, but he seems to be fidgeting. He glances towards the exit in his nervousness before letting out a mental sigh and sliding into the room with all the grace of a hyena around a pack of wolves.

Tobias stands with the Traveler, speaking in quiet tones with the other Vampire. He is, notably, only speaking when either Lillith or the Traveler address him, and also without his cane. His hands rest loosely by his side, but his body is tense, and his eyes are generally downcast, unless it is to turn and look at those arriving.

And as the Traveller's power makes itself felt, Amalesh nods politely to the people he had been talking to and turns to face that particular corner. His hands clasp in front of him and he goes utterly still, the stillness of the long-dead.

Adele is hiding somewhre, in the back. The shadows clinging to her as if they were a live. Her blue eyes glow with vampire fire.

Valentine moves to sit, settling on one of the divan. Perhaps thankfully, she can't really feel the vast energy that pours off those present. The dress is settled, a swirl of silk as she sits. Wine lifted to her lips, she watches the crowd -carefully-. Oh, so carefully, demure and quiet and well polite. Of course, soon her own escort arrives in the arrival of a Spanish gentleman who comes to sit at her side. Lowering her head gently she rests her head on Estabon's shoulder and says nothing more.

Parvani makes her way over toward Amalesh, stepping up next to him and her gaze shifting about the room silently. She will then follow Amalesh's lead.

Elle must be lucky she can't feel all that power rolling off. She looks pretty calm and collected right now and simply awaits for the meat of the meeting to begin.

Andrew spots someone hiding back in the shadows, Amalesh, and decides to follow the mans example. He slowly crosses the room, his footsteps almost unheard as he glides through the room, eyeing each person that he nears. His skin is warm and a bit of color is splashed on his face, betraying the fact he is eather a human servant, or maybe he's just fed reciently. He gives the traveller, Lillith, and the peacock a nod and smile before drifting further back in the room to join the man in the shadows, his gaze watching outward for the first signs of trouble. Not that it will probably be physical, but if anything happens, well it will turn from a strange day, into one hell of a bad day. And in bad days, people die.

The Traveler finally finishes his conversation with Lillith and Tobias. He steps toward the center of the room and calls out, "Silence."

Rodrigo remains silent, one leg sliding over the other. He dips his head, offering the side of his neck before his eyes rise to take in the Traveler and listen.

Lillith stays where she is when the Traveler moves off, turning to face him as she falls silent. Her hands, for the moment, clasp together in front of her, as she waits and listens.

Tobias, without needing to be told, falls silent as the Traveler walks away. He walks a couple steps closer to the center of the room, still keeping himself near the outer rim, and moves his eyes quickly around the room. As the Traveler speaks, however, Tobias' eyes move up to him, and watch.

With a soft sigh, Malcolm studies his fellow kith and kin quietly before moving along the wall, settling close to where Koray has settled himself, his green-gold eyes meeting the previous Master of the City and giving him a slow nod of recognition and respect. His head turns however, as the Traveler speaks and pressing his back against the wall, his folds his arms over his chest and waits patiently to learn who his new Master is going to be, his gaze resting on Lillith and Tobias.

Louis? He was here the whole time, of course, silent and still, his head lowered halfway. Circumastances have him in his own part of the room, giving a good distance from the rest. He keeps his hands loosely clasped behind his back.

Alexander was not talking. He now looks upon the Traveler and waits to hear what he has to say.

Andrew's whole body seems to freeze, like a single frame from a movie when you tap the pause button. His light green eyes continue to scan the room, but keep flirting between the Traveler and the two he was talking to. Not that the traveler has used any power, his very presence is commanding in and of itself, there is no need to add to it with some minor display. The question remains what exactly is planned for this meeting, outside of the declaration. I hate social gatherings, give me a dark alley and something to hunt and I'm happy. Get me into a room full of monsters, and I'm well… let's just say, I hope no one starts trouble.

Koray gives Malcolm a polite nod, then, at the one word from The Traveler, still silent, redirects his attention to the council member. He shifts to sit upright, and there is curiosity in his eyes.
Amalesh stays where he is, head humbly lowered and hands clasped in front of him as the Traveller calls for silence. He reassumes his utter stillness, with the rather more alive Parvani by his side.

Adele was silent already, her hands folded over her stomach, as she sits in the shadows.

Parvani stands by Amalesh, very much alive, but still silent and still. Though she breathes, of course.

Valentine is still settled at Estabon's side, both hands gently clasping the glass of wine she holds. Now and again she peeks beneath her lashes but never for long. Her hand weaves around Estabon's arm, lightly from behind, manicured fingertips sliding over the man's sleeve.

Elle remains silent with Rodrigo, her own hand touching his lightly as she continues to wait.

The Traveler seems to waste no time at all. He turns about the room and then gestures toward Lillith and says, "I yield this city to the vampire known as Lillith. She is now your Master and she is in charge of your fate here on out."

Rodrigo dips his head silently to both, his face serene and his body already still in that way of the very old.

Lillith inclines her head respectfully towards the Traveler when he speaks, then takes a few steps forward, not going as far towards the center as the Traveler. Her gaze slides around, taking in the visual reactions of those present to the announcement.

Koray rises and bows first to The Traveler and then to Lillith - silently of course. Those in a position to notice it will see a faint, knowing quirk to his lips.

Parvani silently watches looking from The Traveler to Lillith, her expression doesn't change at all.

Elle glances between the two as well, following Rodrigo's silent nod.

Tobias slowly bows to the Traveler as the announcement is made. As Lillith steps forward from where they were, Tobias takes a couple steps to the side, giving her a wide berth, should she choose to walk forward, and turns to bow to her. Once finished, he stands straight again, turning his attention back to the Traveler.

"With that." The Traveler says taking several steps back, "I give you one last bit of news. The vampire known as Iain shall be going with me. I have use for him elsewhere. Now I tender the floor to your Master." The Traveler then steps into the back and finds a wall to lean against.

Louis shows no signs of being surprised by the announcement. His is a reserved expression, favoring few other than a brief glance at his own nearby human servant.

Amalesh's hands steeple before him and he bows over them to the Traveler and then to Lillith; from there, his right hand lifts, fingers touching his cravat pin.

Not knowing or having even met Lillith before, save for the last meeting when the Traveler first arrived, Malcolm's expression is utterly neutral, neither pleased nor displeased. Time will tell what his assessment of his new Master might be, but being in the position that he is in, it is likely he will ever have the audacity to make his displeasure, if that be his reaction, known. Good way to lose your head, that. His head tilts slightly at the announcement of those who will be leaving, but again, there is little reaction.

Alexander nods to the Traveler words and then gives Lillith a small bow if her eyes goes any where near his direction.

The corners of Andrews mouth raise even more, until the flash of white teeth beneath can be seen. Ofcourse Lillith would get the city, this isn't news. This was fate, something destined to occur. His light green gaze drifts over to Tobias, the peacock. Andrew didn't like him, hasn't like him since he had first heard his name, and still didn't like him. That would never change untill he returned to shadow and dust. He shifts his gaze to Lillith, standing so proud next to the peacock. He gives her a nod, an aknowledgement of her new position, before turning back to the Traveler. Surely he is here for more. He frowns a bit, not reconizing eather name just offhand. Still two less that will require dealing with. He turns back to Lillith, stepping forward without a sound so his face is visable even if the rest of him is lost in the corner of the room.

Valentine has no facial response, she has no dog in this proverbial fight. Instead, she crosses her legs, smoothing the silk down her thigh where it flutters all the way to her feet. Her arm still gently tucked in Estabon's own, her warm body leans against his.

Lillith nods once more to the Traveler. "Thank you." She glances to Tobias, motioning him towards her. "In order to help me run the city, to help me deal with the issues that plague it at the moment, Tobias is now my second. As such, I do expect that he receive the respect due to him. There is quite a bit to deal with now, and it /will/ be dealt with. The petty squabbling that has gone before is beneath us. We are not children, we are vampires, and we should /all/ act like it," she says, loud enough for everyone to hear without her actually shouting.

Rodrigo bows his head, a bow to both Tobias and Lillith. "As you wish, master," he murmurs politely.

Elle lightly strokes her thumb along Rodrigo's hand, her gaze going to Tobias as he is called over and then back to Lillith.

Koray bows to Tobias next, "Congratulations." With the punchline of the meeting delivered he steps back a bit and scans the room.

Tobias bows to Lillith as she names him, and then walks towards the center of the room. For now, he remains silent, simply turning to look at the rest of the Vampires gathered, watching them carefully.

Andy slides back into the shadows without a sound. His gaze drifting through the crowd, studying each face he can find for their reaction to the news.

Amalesh inclines his head respectfully to Tobias, then resumes his prior stillness. There's no sign of any emotion about him whatsoever.

Hazel eyes flicker over to study Tobias, one brow lifting curiously, since he was such a player in the first debacle. Malcolm can't help but wonder if he is truly a good ally for Lillith, or if it is more a question of keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer. He had no beef with the now newly seconded vampire and as such Malcolm merely dips his head in both assent and acknowledgement.

Lionel steps toward Lillith and offers a bow. "Congratulations with your position," he says, his voice still dull, lifeless. "And you," he nods at Tobias. "However, with your permission, I would like to return to my old ways, and leave the city tonight." He stands then, clasps his chain, and raises an eyebrow.

Lillith looks around again after her announcement, then continues. "Things will be a little different than they were. The pard are our allies, and treated as such. Unless they do something to break the treaty, there will be no attacking. I am speaking with the new Ulfric of the wolves now, working out a treaty with them. However, the rats have expressed no wish for such a treaty. Furthermore, I have been informed that Eric believes that he needs to destroy one of the Masters of this city. Because of this, I warn all of you to be careful when dealing with the Rat King." Her attention then shifts to Lionel, and she inclines her head to him. "As you wish. I know that several Masters have come here for the express purpose of trying to become this city's Master. Those who wish to leave, may do so."

Rodrigo dips his head polite, a low bow. "What are your plans with regards to the Rat king then, if I can ask master?" he asks politely at the low point of that bow.

Maybe only because he's not spinning, does Lionel's speech manage Louis's attention. There is a moment where his forehead wrinkles as he takes a new inspection of the man; still, it is a fleeting moment, and his attention soon drifts back to his new master. Like so many others around him, he remains silent.

Elle actually notices the difference in Lionel also. A small smile flickers about her lips and she nods her head to him as he prepares to go. Although, it seems like she would like to gain his attention before he does. She tries not to interrupt anything else, or the sanctity of the meeting.

Tobias watches Lionel for a long moment, and then turns to Lillith. As the discussion turns towards the Rat King, his expression falls from neutral, to lifeless, and he slowly turns his gaze from one person involved in it, to the others.

Lionel bows slightly to Lillith after she speaks. He turns to leave, but stops and spins slightly. "Before I depart, I will offer a bit of service, I think. Sadly, I heard from a little rat recently just who the master is that their King is after." He sighs rather overdramatically, and nods as though agreeing with himself. "He's after your new Master," he says to the room, dully. "Only trying to help." With that, he whistles low, under his breath to himself, and makes his way to the door.

Lillith nods to Rodrigo, but before she can speak Lionel is continuing, arching a brow. "Well, with that news…Eric will be dealt with. If he cannot come to realize that a war with the Kiss will only lead to his rats being killed, then he will be /harshly/ dealt with. If he thinks that he can kill a Master, /any/ Master, without consequence, then he is a danger to us /and/ his Rats. This will /not/ be allowed. For now, Tobias will go speak with him. Eric is not under my protection, and if he attacks any of us, you are welcome to fight back, even if it means his death. We are vampires, not his playthings, and he will come to realize this, one way or another!"

Rodrigo dips his head politely, a low bow again. "As you wish Master," he replies.

The information is accepted without much reaction at first, for he pretty much gets along with all shifters so long as they choose to get along with him. The news about the King of the Rodere, however, causes one brow to arch sharply. Not being a master himself, it doesn't put him specifically at risk, but the fact that such a threat could be levied and war not declared is curious at best. The question then becomes, is it a particular master who deserves Eric's wrath who is at risk, or is this a declaration of war against all master vampires? But at Lionel's comment, Malcolm's lips purse thoughtfully. Well, well, well, sounds like war indeed. He is gratified by Lillith's shift in demeanor from casual acceptance that one of her kind might be at risk to tigeress … though the shift is in it's own way bothersome.

GAME> Lionel rolls 100 against 27% : 73% failure

Tobias steps forward at this point, and glances around at the gathered Vampires at this point. He is silent as Rodrigo speaks, and then says "some of you may have heard that I had placed the King of the Rodere under my protection. Now that I have an opportunity to speak with you, that protection is now lifted. However, be warned, Eric is dangerous, and has apparently spent a good deal of his short life learning combat. Should you choose to act against him, do so with care. It would do the Kiss little good to have our number killed by the Rodere."

GAME> Louis rolls 15 against 43% : 28% success

Rodrigo offers a moment later, "If I may, master. Elle," he indicates the woman next to him. "Has done a great deal of work for the preternatural community. In addition she is currently working on a large scale bill that would directly benefit Eric and his people. She would be a much better liaison, humbly, in that she has no previous interactions with the man. And Tobias Eric hates, he is almost guaranteed to attack him or move to violence."

GAME> Amalesh rolls 24 against 49% : 25% success

GAME> Tobias rolls 89 against 62% : 27% failure

GAME> Rodrigo rolls 87 against 82% : 5% failure

GAME> Lillith rolls 54 against 46% : 8% failure

GAME> Koray rolls 52 against 78% : 26% success

Rodrigo adds a moment later, "I am…. I mean no offense," he tells Lionel. "But something about your words does not ring true. Am I alone here?"

Staring long and thoughtfully, Louis regards Lionel as well. "He is just guessing," he adds his voice to Rodrigo's, with a glance to Lillith. "At best. Still, are not all of our unlives equally urgent and worthy of saving?"

Koray nods at Rodrigo. "I too can taste the lie in his voice." He looks at Lionel, head cocked. "Perhaps you had better leave sooner than later?"

Amalesh's head comes up as he gazes at Lionel. "Your words do not ring true," he agrees with the others. "I am curious as to what he has found so offensive about the Rat King that he would attempt to start a war."

Lillith nods to Tobias. "Indeed. You will be under no punishment whatsoever if you kill him. Any of you." She then looks to Rodrigo. "I am aware of her past, though I do not trust Eric not to harm her. Do you truly wish to risk your human servant so lightly?" she asks, brow arching slightly, before she shakes her head and looks to Lionel. "Mmm. Indeed. Lionel, if you wish to leave this city with your head still attached, I would suggest you do it /now/. To risk a war is not something to be undertaken lightly. You are lucky I do not give you to a member of this Kiss who truly wishes us well, to punish as they see fit," she says, even as she looks around, as if debating who to give him to.

Lionel does indeed pause in the doorway. "Hm, perhaps I am short-sighted, hm, yes, possibly." He looks around a little bit. "But I haven't been in the city long, no, no…however, a Kiss that allows a Rodere King to run as rampant as the one you have here, well it is a sad state of affairs indeed. Sad." He twitches the corner of his mouth. "If it takes a little white lie…to get things done, well perhaps it needed to be said. Hm? Hm? Do something about it, coat him with words and he will behave?" He smiles at Lillith when she is done speaking. "A war is what you need, I think, as your words have done you little good to date." With that, he bows slightly, and is out the door.

Ahhhh, there is the ugly. It was bound to raise its head at some point. Being outside of the matter, and with so many already alert to the lie, there's little point in chiming in as well. So Malcolm remains where he is, quietly neutral, arms still folded over his chest as he waits to see how this little drama is going to play out.

Rodrigo dips his head politely. "Master. I do not risk her so lightly. I am merely .. concerned. If you send Tobias, he will be attacked. You and I both saw how he reacted to Tobias in the past. If we seek to prod him into war, sending Tobias will assuredly do that. And I do not disagree with this. BUt if your aim is to broker peace, sending Tobias, with all due humble respect master, will not do so. He will see it as a slap in the face." he says, bowed.

Valentine is still beside the stolid vampire Estabon. Looking towards her Master for a moment, they seem to exchange some silent words and she tips her head down again. Wine finished, she simply holds the glass gently with both hands, and observes.

Tobias opens his mouth as if to add something, and then shuts it again. Instead, he turns a cool look on Lionel, as the other man starts to walk out of the room. A small frown has made its way onto his features, before he turns back to the rest of the room, and looks at Louis. "You are correct. I do not feel it matters what Vampire Eric wants dead." He glances up at Rodrigo, and takes in a long, slow breath. "I am afraid, Rodrigo, that you make it obvious that you have not paid as close attention to this as you think. Eric and myself have reached an agreement that could have stopped the bloodshed here. However, if my new Master wishes that another be sent, then so be it."

Carmen has been here the entire time. Really! Though it may be easy to miss someone so quiet. Indeed, Carmen seems to be taking 'Do not speak unless spoken to' very seriously as she stands just off in the corner watching the preceedings.

Amalesh's brown-eyed gaze remains on Lionel; his lips part just enough for his fangs to be visible. He goes still again, only moving his head as he turns it to watch Lionel depart while the rest of him remains totally, utterly still.

Elle remains quiet, she can say little more. A light touch goes to Rodrigo's hand again and she tucks her fingers within. A simple shrug following along as she continues to listen. When Lionel is found out though, she glances toward him and does a slight shake of her head.

"Nor do I," Lillith says in response to Tobias' words. "I will not let Eric kill a single member of this Kiss. I will not let the insult he has paid us again and again continue." She tilts her head, considering, then she smiles, and says. "The vampire who brings me Eric's head will be rewarded. We do not need the threat, and the rats do not need a King who will bring war down upon them. But do not risk yourself unnecessarily."

Rodrigo dips his head politely to Tobias, another polite bow. "My apologies then. I knew only what I had seen with my eyes, I had seen no update that indicated this agreement." he falls silent as Lillith's word, dipping his head again.

"Lionel's lie aside, I feel the time for using words when dealing with Eric is past, master" Koray says. "It seems clear that he will continue in his ways as long as he is given any sort of leave to do so."

Tobias nods his head slowly to Rodrigo, but doesn't respond, instead turning to Koray, and listening to him as well. Finally, he turns and looks back at Lillith, waiting for her to speak, though his gaze will be drawn to anyone that contributes in the conversation.

"If there is action to be done," Louis's voice finally raises, "then it ought to be done overwhelmingly, and all at once. Not as a group of lone assassins. That will only give him time to prepare, or to hear advance warning. Not to mention…" his eyes scan the group, "I wonder if any single one of us could do it ourselves."

"I concur," Malcolm finally calls out in support of Louis' recommendation. "The fact that he is allowed to make threats against us is intolerable. And while I have not been here long, I have heard that he is a difficult advesary, not easily killed. Perhaps a task force should be assigned to 'deal' with the problem of Eric the Rat King, once and for all?"

Adele shifts from her spot in the shadows now, a frown being given. She lifts a hand to her eyes face, pressing over her eyelids for a moment. Then she drifts back into her shadows. A soft whisper of, "I foresee blood."

Andy steps out the shadows, his movements graceful as he walks towards the group surrounding Lillith. His gaze drift over the group, considering them as he approaches. "Congadulations" he say in his russian accented english giving Lillith a nod.

Carmen glances toward Louis when the man speaks before turning her gaze back toward Lilith. Quietly, she bows. "Forgive me, Master. But I must agree with Louis. I believe we must show the rats that we are united in this."

"Indeed, Koray. That he has been allowed to live this long…" Lillith trails off, shaking her head. "And Louis does have a point though. Plans will be made, and each of you who must be involved informed. We will lure him out, catch him offguard. He will not escape all of us. He will not be given that chance." She smiles faintly. "Now enough of that nuisance. As I said before, those Masters who wish to go, may. Anyone who wishes to stay, come, make your oath," she says, extending one arm towards the group as a whole.

Rodrigo lifts his hand, "Master," he says. "The only advice I will give is this. If Tobias and he have an understanding, perhaps it is worthwhile to try to speak to him first. Yourself, whoever else you bring. Talk to him," he says, "He cannot lie to us, at least not those of us like you that are powerful. If he is lying, we can act. But if that man," a nod to Louis, "Is prodding us to war, a bloodbath against Eric and his kind will only make that ratman a martyr and insure the next leader of his people hates us twice as much as he does. I agree we should not brook insolence or arrogance, but we must also think of our future. That is all I say," he adds politely.

Amalesh's eyes go from vampire to vampire. "You wish to tell me, vampires of Chicago, that you do not think any one of us can stand against a mere rodent alone - but you also think that slaughtering their King will not lead to reciprocal action on their part? How many of those in this room - and of the Rodere - will die before it is ended?" And then his hand goes to Parvani, the movement sudden after his stillness.

Elle can't help but agree and nods to Amalesh and his words, then looks around the room to the others once more as her hand squeezes on Rodrigo's.

When Amalesh's hand goes to her, Parvani moves toward. Curling her fingers over his. Her blue-green eyes drifting around the room before falling upon Lillith.

Turning his gaze to Rodrigo, Malcolm shakes his head and notes, "Long before Lionel spoke up, the Rat King has shown us scorn, derision and threats. He has not only been a tyrant toward our kind, but even toward his own. I think many here would agree with me. The time for talking is over. Any more efforts at placating or pleasing him only shame us and pander to him. A show of strength, on the other hand, will garner us the respect that we deserve." His head turns to consering Amalesh, his shoulders shrug as he asks, "What of the other shifters? Do they stand in support of the Rat King, or do they similarly hold grudges and have offenses to pay back?"

Tobias looks at Rodrigo, and then nods silently. After a moment, he turns to look at Amalesh. "There are those here that would be capable of defeating the Rat King. However, the reason that they have survived as long as they have is caution." He looks up at the gathering again, and turns to look at Rodrigo, then Koray. "However, I do not believe that the Rats will counter too fiercely. Their previous Queen was not nearly as… volatile as Eric, and she understands that his actions cannot lead to peace for her kind." He looks down at Malcolm, and then half turns to Lillith, before saying "The Pard will by and large follow us without question, and the Lukoi have had reason to seek retribution against the Rodere. I do not believe we need to fear an alliance against us."

Lillith's eyes narrow, ever so slightly. "I think that a show of force is needed to show not just the rats, but /all/ the shifters of the city that we are not weak. That we will not tolerate threats and insults. I think that Eric has done too much to allow his continued existance. As I said, plans will be made, the former Rat Queen spoken to. There will be no war if this is handled correctly, and the city will be free of a threat. The wolves and I have already agreed to meet, and they will be spoken to as well. They were dealt an insult by Eric as well. But /nothing/ can be decided tonight, not without further information."

Rodrigo dips his head silently, a low bow. Then he goes still again.

"I would like to be a part of it," Carmen says, raising her voice only enough to make certain it is heard. "Whatever it is decided that we do with the Rat King, I would like to be there. It would be my highest honor as a servant of the new court." As she says this, she bows and goes quiet again.

Lillith looks to Carmen, her head tilting slightly, then she nods. "We'll speak soon on that, then. I will remember the offer. Does anyone have any issues that they wish to be brought up now?"

Carmen nods crisply. "Yes, Master," and then prepares to take her oath.

Once the matters have all been dealt with, Malcolm gets in line, behind all of the masters of the court, waiting his turn patiently to oath himself to Lillith. Once done? Well, he discreetly makes his way out. After all, there are people to drink and dance with … the night is not over yet and he desires nothing more than to erase the taste of politics from his mouth.

Amalesh, perhaps oddly, takes a place at the end of the Oathing queue; when his turn comes, things are a little more private.

Lillith deals with the oaths, then again asks, "No one has any issues that wish to address? Suggestions or requests? Problems that they have seen and wish to see dealt with?"

Andy moves to join the line, stepping up next to Amalesh. "Does it really matter how many die?" he asks quietly, his eyes studying the man who has been near him .

Rodrigo shakes his head to the new Master, dipping his head politely. "No master," he murmurs.
Amalesh nods to Andy. "I would be a poor Maharishi if I was not concerned," he says, voice a bare murmur as they wait. "Even the life of a flea is sacred."

Alexander shakes his head to Lillith "No Master… I have no issues."

Elle remains silent as the oathes are taken and when Rodrigo returns, she slides her hand into his.
After taking his Oath, Louis returns to the others, eventually coming to stand near Carmen; she receives a simple nod in greeting. Although his eyes regard Lillith, he says nothing to her question.

Andy nods to Amalesh. "If you free later tonight, I would like to talk with you outside of this…" he says quietly, making a small sweaping gesture to illistrate what he is talking about.

Carmen responds to the question with a "No Master" before quieting again, As Louis stands near her, she offers an inclination of her head in greeting before glancing back around at the group. Malcolm and Rodrigo receive similar greetings.

Valentine stirs, for a long time having sat in human stillness. A gentle inhale of her breath, the brushes hair from her shoulder and rises up only to return her glass to the bar. A soft whispering of her silk dress is heard and she waits off to the side lines, properly and patiently for her Master to finish. As she waits, her eyes flicker over the faces.

Rodrigo squeezes Elle's hand with a smile, glancing over at her and squeezing it once more.
Koray shakes his head in response to Lillith's question. "No, master. With your leave, I shall be on my way. Though I am at your service always."

Amalesh's lips twitch into a faint smile. "If the Master has no need of us," he replies, brown eyes turning in Lillith's direction before he puts his hands before him and bows to her.

Lillith glances around, then nods. "Very well. You're all free to leave. Some of you I'll be speaking with in private over the next few weeks, as I settle in, and try to resolve outstanding issues."
Elle glances to Rodrigo and prepares to stand and go, if he is ready to do so.

Rodrigo bows his head to Lillith, a smile. "Aye master," he murmurs. With Lillith's leave he prepares to go.

Tobias oaths himself to Lillith, and then moves to stand by her side. Even as permission is given for all to leave, he stands, and waits, watching the gathered and dispersing Vampires.

Andy follows Amalesh's example, folding his hands gracefully infront of him before bowing. "Thank you master, if you have need of me, you know where to find me." he says softly, glancing up to Lillith with a smile.

Carmen bows deeply before quietly following the others in leaving.

Elle nods to Lillith and Tobias, placing her hand in the nook of Rodrigo's arm and she begins to head for the doorway. "Perhaps, Lionel ran off quickly, but we shall see if we can find him in any sense, hm?"

Amalesh's Oath, having apparently taken a little debate between the two Masters, goes smoothly if very quietly and last. It'd take sharp ears - or being close - to hear that it wasn't quite the standard oath. One word got changed, but without any apparent change to the effect.

Valentine smoothes her dress, the woman's hands settle together on her lap as she waits patiently for the vampires to disperse. Manicured fingertips smooth the silk. The Oath is watched with curiosity, learn something every day when you hang out with the undead.

After oathing Alex seeks to leave with Lillith permission.

After the oathing, when some people begin to leave, Lillith moves off to the side, but makes it clear that she's available to speak with any who wish it.

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