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Survivalist Compound - Ivy Cottage: Back Room - Wauconda, Illinois

The polished wooden floor is both warmed and softened by a pale rug decorated with a pattern of flowers and ribbons in shades of blue and green. A tremendous armoire of dark wood sits against the south wall to the west. The door to the bath is further along the wall to the east. Dominating the room against the eastern wall is an ornately carved, canopy bed in a dark finish. It sports a lighter green coverlet and pillows edged in dark blue cord. To one side of the bed, a small table in front of the only window holds a candle and a doily. Dark blue draperies and pale white sheers help to dim the northern light in the mornings and to keep out drafts in the winter. The door to the living room is in the center of the western wall. A few tapestries of flora and fauna hang upon the walls of bare stone to soften the look of them.




It's a few hours after Forest left with Zack and they're back at the compound where he felt it would be safest for Zack in case he shifted. Zack is laying in the bed, still not having woke up, and Forest is currently pacing across the floor from the door to the window where he pauses to gaze out for a few moments and then back to the door. His beast is highly aggitated as he paces back and forth, worry and hurt foremost on his mind.

Lenore wonders in and she is covered in dried blood, not bothering to wash it off. Her eyes are vacant and her beast is even sedated. There is a dry emptiness to her right now as she looks up, tears streak her face and she is shaking when she see's you. "You can strike me down or turn me out and I will not think ill of you in the least My Raj. I failed to save him…" She swallows and sets a bag down with a squish. She had been cradling it when she walked in. "He stabbed himself though the chest with his silver thing, he chose his own fate. We added him to the Munin though, I would not loose him completely to the Pard. He is loved after all and should be remembered." She starts to cry silently as she drops to her knees by the bag.

The scent of blood draws his attention from the window and he turns, almost as if in slow motion to face you, his face pale and almost ashen but he doesn't seem to comprehend your words at first. He shakes his head, eyes going to the bag you put on the floor and tears start to stream freely down his face. His voice is broken as he speaks, "Tal…." And then he's on his knees on the floor as grief washes over him.

Lenore stays where she is leaning over a bit to pet the bag, loving and pained as she does so. "We need someone who can channel Munin in the Pard Forest, so that he will never be lost. I took him into myself, Jacobi and I so that he would not be lost even in death Sir." She is shaking and the tears fall as she sees the pain in you. "I carried him home so we can burn and bury him with respect." She is feeling a bit sick and just shakes as she watches you.

Forest just seems to fall apart, his heart feeling like it's been torn out of his chest, sobs heave his body as he reaches out to grab the bag and pull it to himself. The grief seems to be almost too much for the man and he trembles as he kneels there.

Lenore stands and goes to your side, her beast searching out yours for and to comfort. "I am sorry Forest, he did not want to be helped and he did not want to be saved but I refused to just let him go." She caresses your back and you can feel the remorse coming off of her. "I love you and Zack and all the cats, Please Forest, please…" She cant finish it and just hugs you unless pushed away.

Jeremy enters from the living area.
Jeremy has arrived.

At the feel of her hands on his back Forest lets out a howl of rage and grief, his back arching as the sound rises from his lungs, arms flung out to the sides and the signs of his beast rising start to be felt by those around him.

Lenore wraps her arms around Forest quickly and she hugs him tight from behind. "Forest deep breaths, dont do this…" She is trying to be soothing and her own beast leaps to calm the other alpha. "Clam Forest, be strong please, calm…" She knows if he shifts she will shift and run with him not able to leave the man alone.

Jeremy bolts into the room as he hears Forest's cry. He is quick to bolt to Forest's side and try and grab his face to make the Nimir face him. "Forest…please forest, we're here fer you. We're all here fer you."

Jacobi enters from the living area.
Jacobi has arrived.

Forest struggles against the two of you, the tears streaming down his face as his emotions just seem to take over him, a mix of rage and pain on his face. He just yells out at the top of his lungs, "Talen!" Then he collapses on the floor, maybe not finding the serenity of unconsciousness but a lethargy that won't likely be lifted for awhile.

Stepping into the bedroom with a bolt, Jacobi is dressed in only a towel about his waist.. Having been asleep in the other room on the floor when the others entered he immediately looks towards Jeremy then Forest, then Lenore. Not jumping to conclusions right awya but there's a definative anxiousness to him.

Lenore lifts the Alpha in her arms and carries him to the room. "Jeremy, I know this is a lot to ask but I need you to be with him right now. I'm going to get a good wooden box from town after I shower." She looks at the boy and then up as Jacobi comes in. "He needs you to… Jacobi take him to the room love." She hands the Raj over to her mate and then goes to wash up. Headding out silently after to town.

Jeremy presses his head against Forest's. He touches Forest's face. "I'm here fer you. The pard loves you." He shares the feelings of love that not only he has but those around forest have felt for the nimir." "I love you."

Forest is pretty much just limp as he's picked up, not having the energy or desire to do anything.

Jacobi sighs and goes to pick up forest from Lenore and carries Forest into the other room. Just as the nights past he lays his Raj into the bed and moves to curl up beside the man.. Holding him close to his chest in a paternal sorta way.

Jeremy makes sure to touch Forest as he's moved. He'll have to give jacobi another hug for being so careful. He curls up on the other side of Forest so that he's not alone.

Only the closeness of the Pard keeps the man from losing it completely, he wraps his arms around Jeremy's form in front of him, muttering as he lays there Talen's name and tiny dancer over and over until he finally falls into a troubled sleep.
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