The Returned

Lights flash by as the shadows move trough the darkness.. Within the softly illuminated interior of the uropean Sports ca thee sits a a man with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, eyes that bare the burden of ennui while burning with a smoldering will. Theres something off about them though.. not quite human.. The iris is mishapene, ad the color too bright… They are the eyes of a wolf. Not a man. The numbers upon the display continue to rise one eighteen, one twenty, one twenty six.. up and up befor they begin to level off. A small piee of ood rolls between those masculin ips with a deft unconscious effort as the man adjusts i hi seat.. Events replaying though his mind of the last few months… Months that have felt like years..

"I need you to do what I cannot.. Riley. I need you to walk in the darkness and do the things I cannot do.." - The words of the Fallen King, Gone but not Forgotten, Jake.

I will honor your memory.. I will not let you be forgotten… You are even in death. My King.

"You don't have to be the villian anymore Riley.. You don't have to be the one to carry the burden anymore.. I can do my own evilwork.." - The words of a Brother, the only Lukoi unchallenged for Jake's Throne, Robert

Brother… I hope I do you proud… On so many things we never saw eye to eye and even now… I worry not about my capacities… but that I will lose the humanity you gave me..

"I need you to perform your duty, to do what must be done. Reclaim your position as Bolverk. Do the evil that must be done." The words of a Sister, a Mother, the Geri turned Ulfrica, Maryjane…

Sister… I cannot dishonor Jake and decline the role… I cannot give up my duty… But what of my mate… What of my Child? I once again shed the sheep's cloths to become the wolf in the mist… I do this for you.. for the Pack.. But at such a cost..


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