The Second Circle
The Second Circle's Information
Type: Strip Club
Rating: 3 Stars
Location: 1032 Michigan Street
Fame: N/A
Atmosphere: N/A
Owner(s): Selene de Segrave
Manager(s): Travis Jenson
Employee(s): Gino, Megan, Chewie, Sydney, Neela, Jennifer, Candy


An upscale strip club (dry bar, no liquor nor beer) associated with The Third Circle. The Members Only private back room is known as 'The Naughty Hellfire Club'. Always hiring ecdysiastic artists (average dancer's income = $200 - $400 per night)


ABANDON EVERY HOPE! That's the first thing you see as you enter 'The Second Circle'. It's scrawled on the wall of the small hallway that leads to the main room, and it seems to glow in the black lights that light this entry.

The main room of the club is fairly large. The decor is set up to look like a fire-lit cave. The predominant feature of the room is the stage. It has a long runway in the middle, and two smaller ones off to the sides. There's the obligatory metal pole in the center of the main runway. There are wooden benches that line the stage, so that folks can get an up close view. Tables are available further back from the stage, with a few odd booths the farthest back from the stage as one can get. In one corner rests an Inquisition Torture array that's really a well stocked faux-bar. While no alcohol is served, virgin drinks of all types are available.

The staff are all courteous, and quick to respond to a patron's need in their little black bikinis, black wigs, and red bodypaint. The club has a small menu of food and non-alcoholic drinks available, at fairly high prices for what you get. A DJ stand is settled in the corner of the stage, filling the club with music for the girls to dance to. There are several large men who wear red horned baseball caps placed around the room. One is stationed at set of stairs that head up to the members' lounge.


Male bouncers are in black slacks, suit jackets and ties with a dark, red shirt beneath (most were polos) and red horned baseball caps tha leave them easily identified. Some are preter, some are human, all extremely polite unless they need to be otherwise. There are also frequently at least a few in street clothes secreted throughout the club.

Female bouncers tend to be in plain clothes.

The dancers when off stage and working will be dressed in bits of their costumes, as appropriate.

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