The Third Circle
The Second Circle's Information
Type: Dance Club
Rating: 2 Stars
Location: 1030 Michigan Street
Fame: N/A
Atmosphere: N/A
Owner(s): Selene de Segrave
Manager(s): Travis Jenson
Employee(s): Gino Contaré, Payton Barnes, Elizabeth Bauldin, Megan Leslie


Bar & Club associated with The Second Circle next door.


The pulsing beat of the music surrounds you at all times when you are present in this club, be it the dirges of Goth, the synthesized sounds of trance, steamy Latin rhythms, or familiar Top 40 hits. The music is loud enough that it can likely be heard from the street, though it's not quite to the point of sheer, deafening force.

To either side of the entrance lies the bars, stool often crowded with people who are busy drinking and watching the crowd. Tables are scattered for a short distance, but most of the room is taken up by the dance floor which is a huge area, usually filled with people grinding to the rhythms of the music in all sorts of garb. This is the home of black children of the night, brightly colored ravers, and stetsoned cowboys, all mingling together in a strange melange that actually seems to work in this environment. Lights of varying colors shine down upon the rounded, open dance floor, pulsing in time with the music. At the back of the dance floor is the DJ's booth, which has been glassed in with enough room for a few people, though an opening is present so people can come up and shout requests for a certain song.


At the bar, one can find advertisements for other establishments that might catch a club-goer's eye.

  • The Lucky Star — Casino showboat typically found on Navy Pier.
  • MacKeough's Bistro & Bar — Small bar located off of Clarke Street: South
  • Divine Torture — Private club for discriminating tastes located on Ashland Avenue

Underage Drinking

The Third Circle is a member of Chicago's Coalition to Stop Under Age Drinking (CCSUAD). We recognize it as a bad thing, and if you are caught doing it you will be banned from the club and your face plastered on the bathroom walls as well as your phone number. Minors ARE welcomed in the club, but when they pass through the bouncers at the door they get a massive red halo stamp on their left hand. The ink used is enchanted to stay for 8 hours, then washes cleanly off. Trying to pass a fake ID? Don't, the bouncers at the door are that good. You would need a masterful forgery to have a chance.


The waitresses are skimpily clad in red wigs and bikini tops worn with either short skirts or shorts. Black body paint is often worn in tribal design. In the corners of this room are a few cages where dancers strut their stuff as skimpily clad as the waitresses. No nudity here - if one wants that, they'll have to go next door to Second Circle. Who knows, one might be lucky enough to even win a coupon for a free lapdance from one of their dancers if you're the right evening's number coming through the front door.


Male Bouncers are simply dressed, black slacks and jackets with a dark red t-shirt underneath. They are expertly trained at diffusing situations before they arise and can handle almost any threat, preternatual or not. The Third Circle is an EOE employer and while a majority of the bouncers are human, there are Fae, Vampires and Shifters throughout them, as well as 'Special' humans. There are also several dressed as club goers scattered throughout the crowd most nights.

Female bouncers are dressed in slightly varied outfits, allowing them to mix along the floor easier.

In Character Events

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