Since the early 1990s, vampires have been recognized as official citizens of the US after being made public knowledge in the early 1800s. In the 1800s many of the European fairy population picked up roots and moved to the New World, leaving their brethren to their antiquated court-games. Lycanthropes and users of magic have been begrudgingly accepted as a part of reality for at least as far back as the Dark Ages. And yet, the legal aspects of this world have not managed to keep pace with the preternatural aspects.

Although killing with magic is a capital offense in America and new vampires are brought over by death with a magical aspect, arrests are waived due to the victim often dropping charges. The Bill of Rights only pertains to humans in its original writing, yet is often carried over to fae residing in the United States. Many areas allow for lycans to be killed as "varmints" when in animal form, but grant them full rights when in human form. Due to most prisons being ill-equipped for preternatural inmates, felonies committed by preters tend to be met with death penalties when a hefty fine is not enough of a punishment to fit the crime.

This world is one where legal and social standards are often unqualified or unwilling to account for the presence of the preternatural.

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