Something Wicked - Blue Island Avenue: Crimson District
Immediately upon stepping into the club one is greeted by life sized figures of Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and the WolfMan standing silent vigil in the black painted Foyer of the Club. Each has been carefully arranged in a pose suitable to its nature. Frankstein's Monster's arms extended, palms down, Wolfman balanced in a low crouch on the balls on his feet, Dracula standing regally, one hand extended in a beckoning gesture. Beyond them stands the Bouncer's table, manned by broad-shouldered mean-looking gentlemen dressed in black leather checking incomers. (SEE: +view)

Once inside, the club is painted floor to ceiling in flat black paint, the walls and ceiling traced with cobweb patterns in a dark shade of grey. Black lacquer tables and chairs offer places to sit and drink, or carry on conversations under the protective cover of the throbbing bass. The dance floor stretches out in the center of the club, the tiles designed to look cut stone, twin gargoyles looming over the archway that leads to the dance floor. Overhead, a series of platforms are hung from the ceilings: Professional dancers wearing carefully designed costumes in tight black leather twist to beat of the music, their bodies grinding for the potential enjoyment of the audience below.

At the far end of the dance floor, another gargoyle adorned archway leads to the bar that dominates the far end of the club. The bartenders and waitstaff are all clad in tight fitting leather, purposely cut to reveal trim hard bodies.

<O> Out <AW> Archway (bar) <HW> Hallway (offices)



The place is literally hopping tonight. Tons of folks everywhere. The dance floor is rocked, the music is loud and blaring. The bartenders and waitstaff are harried and rushed trying to get people their orders. The club's manager, Agnese Casanova is nowhere to be found. One of the bartenders shoulders over the music to one of the waitresses, "Where is Signora Casanova? She said she'd be out to help us in an hour!"

"Has it been a hour?" The waitress asks as she shoves drinks onto a tray.

"It's been THREE!" The bartender shouts as he moves away to get the next order, and the waitress spins away to take the tray of drinks to a table full of rowdy frat boys.

Mia breaks away from a group of other club regulars and makes her way towards the bar. Motioning a bartender over the Blonde with a thick Russian accent says, "One bottled beer." Looking down the bar she asks, "What is going on tonight?" Motioning to the people behind the bar she raises a brow in question.

Roxxy is out on the dance floor with Angel, letting the music guide how she dances. She's been there for a while, writhing and grinding with Angel and anyone else brave enough to engage with them in standing, near sex, gyrations.

GAME> Roxxy rolls 84 against 40% : 44% failure
GAME> Mia rolls 76 against 44% : 32% failure

Angel Smiles as she dances with roxxy and ddoes her best to look naughty and make roxxy look good at the same time really grinding and swaying her hips back and forth.

Angela slips through the crowds of people, wandering in a slow, round about way to find an empty spot at the bar, dodging a dancing patron here and there as she weaves and slips through the bodies. Once there she waits patiently and with little fuss for a passing bartender before hailing them ordering herself a tall, topshelf chilled vodka.

The bartender drops a bottle onto the bar infront of Mia, forgetting to uncap it as he shouts over the music, "I don't know! It's like someone tossed in a 'Busy Bomb'!" The bartender then scurries down the bartop to the next order.

Mia takes the bottle from the bar nodding to the bartender, "Tips should be good foe you then." Nodding her head in thansk she pays for her beer then looks about the dancefloor, her head bobbing to the beat comming out of teh house speakers.

GAME> Melpomene rolls 37 against 40% <+5%> : 8% success
GAME> Melpomene rolls 66 against 44% <+5%> : 17% failure

Roxxy wraps herself around Angel moves with her, gazing out at the flowing crowd of dancers. She rubs gently against Angel while rolling her hips and shoulders, something unusual tickling the back of her head, distracting her some from the rythem of the music.

Angela plucks up her drink and sets some cash on the bar to pay for it before she turns around and leans back against the bar to watch the dancers as she sips at the vodka. She's apparently not one for dancing, but rather acts as a spectator for now until something more interesting catches her attention.

Angel Smiles and purrs kissing roxxy openly on th dance floor twisitng and rubbing her backside against her lover as she holds her arms over her headd swaying ad twisting to the music enjoying herself . She smiles brightly and blows kisses at some bosy and girls on the dance floor with them.

"It's close to midnight, and something evil is lurking in the dark! Under the moonlight you see a sigh that almost stops your heart. You try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make it. You start to freeze, as horror looks you right between the eyes. You're paralyzed.. Because this is…!"

That's right ladies, thriller is the newest song being played on the dance floor. The crowd on the dance floor lets out a hyper scream of joy. And several people start trying to do the dance. But they are mostly drunk, and end up stumbling around and falling over each other. To say the least, none of them dance nearly as well as Mr. Jackson or his back up dancers.

GAME> Angela rolls 21 against 50% <+11%> : 40% success
GAME> Mia rolls 86 against 50% <+13%> : 23% failure
GAME> Angel rolls 38 against 50% <+10%> : 22% success
GAME> Roxxy rolls 26 against 50% <+20%> : 44% success

That's it. That totally destroys the mood for dancing. That, and what ever is bugging the back of Roxxy's head. She gives Angel a kiss on the cheek and starts to leader her off the floor "Come on, lets get some drinks."

Mia watches the display from her spot against the bar. Shaking her head she smiles waving Roxxy over, "Natasha, you do not feel like dancing with them?"

Angel Sighs as roxxy is put off and nods pulling following her off the dance floor " I don't like the song " She smiles at mia and nods to her as she stays close to roxxy.

GAME> Mia rolls 3 against 35% <+20%> : 52% success
GAME> Roxxy rolls 18 against 30% <+20%> : 32% success
GAME> Angela rolls 40 against 10% <+20%> : 10% failure

Roxxy looks to Mia and smiles, her voice rolling richly with her Russian accent, "Not to that song." Something in the crowd catches her attention and she pitvots on her heel to visually track what ever it is. "Sister, by the prick of my thumb something wicked this way comes.", she growls deeply in natural Russian.

GAME> Angel rolls 9 against 10% <+20%> : 21% success

Angel Blinks and shakes her head " Okay somebody slip me something when I wasn't looking that felt like " she pauses " Crap " She frowns " Not good ".

Angela drinks her vodka and seems more interested now with what's going on upon the dance floor then she had seemed previously, a smile creeps on the girls' lips and she sips some more at her drink and even taps her foot with the music now.

"Where the hell is Casanova?" The bartender shouts over the music to one of the waitresses who comes to a stop next to Mia, setting her empty tray down. More drinks are piled onto the tray. The waitress responds, "I don't know! The door is locked and she wasn't answering." The tray is filled up and the waitress is off again into the crowd. The bartender looks greatly annoyed but is swept up in the business of the club.

Mia steps forward and offers Angel and Roxxy a hug, 'I do not blame you, the song is not one I would pick.' Shaking her head she steps back against the bar. Blinking to Roxxy she asks, "You felt the gauze over your mind also my Sister?" Looking from the waitress Mia asks, 'Is she alone in there?' <Speaking in Russian>

The waitress glances over to Mia and says, "Huh? Sure, yeah." And then's she's swept up into the crowd, working on getting the drinks to the right tables and dancers. Meanwhile Thriller continues to play.

Roxxy gives Angel's hand a warm squeeze and looks to her Sister, speaking with a serious tone, "There is more than that. There is some… on… moving through the crowd, dripping with some sort of… aura. He's moving to the private area. What ever it is, I think he's responsible for what's going on." <Speaking in Russian>

GAME> Mia rolls 86 against 60% <+13%> : 13% failure
GAME> Angel rolls 2 against 60% <+10%> : 68% success
GAME> Angela rolls 28 against 60% <+11%> : 43% success

Angel Looks at the two " What's going on cause my hooker sense is telling me to get the hell out of here and that's not good that's never good ". <Speaking in Russian>

Angela drinks a little more heavily of her vodka, draining some more back as she continues to watch the dancers in her observational way. She finally casts a glance about the bar and notices her next door neighboors not that far from her.

"Michael Jackson?" Asks Mia as she twists the top of her beer. "He is in here?" Looking towards the private area she takes a few tentative steps that way. "Natasha I bet it is a joke from the radio people. A promotion of sorts yes?" Motioning between Angel and Angela she says, "Club makes business and so does the radio station."

Now comes the voice over part of Thriller. A thick british accent saying:

"Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand.
Creatures call in search of blood, to terrorize y'awl's neighborhood.
And whosoever shall be found without a soul, must stand and face the hands of hell..
And rot inside a corpses shell."

The crowd goes WILD as the voice over continues on. Women bounce up and down, and men chant alone with the words.

"The foulest stench is in the air, the funk of forty thousand years.
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb, are closing into seal your doom.
And though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver.
For no one can resist the evil of the the… THRILLER."

And as the maniacal laughter ends the song is crowd goes even more wild, screaming and dancing. Men laughing and chanting, women bouncing up and down. Wild and uninhibited.

Roxxy flickks her glance down the bar and to Angela. She blinks in surprise at seeing her neighbor, just as it's been a bit, and offers a smile and a nod, though some tension is in her face. Then the song ends and that tension builds again, it's not the laughter, not the bouncing, it's the chanting. It's only been a little over a week since the Snake incident and all of it's trappings. "Angel, love, guard yourself." she gives Angel a quick kiss on the cheek and steps to Mia, hissing quietly under her breath "Sister…" and nods towards the crowd.

Angel Blinks and frowns whimmpering now " roxxy I'm scared I want out of here, I'm getting out of here roxxy this is too creepy for me " <Speaking in Russian>

Angela returns the glance to Roxxy and nods her head in reply, disttrated now from the dancing as she pushes away from the bar and heads over to greet her neighboors. "Bon Soir." She greets the group, pausing for a moment as she notes something odd about the song, but seems quick to dismiss it. "How goes?"

The crowd continues to go wild, nigh-rioting, screaming for more Michael Jackson. The waitresses flee from the dance floor, and the staff huddle together for a moment. Then one of the waitresses runs out of the club shouting over her shoulder, "I've got one of his CDs in the car!"

Mia sets her beer down on a nearby table and steps closer to Roxxy and Angel. Clasping her hands at the small of her back she looks towards the direction of the Hallway. Possibly answering Angela she says, "It is not going in a normal way. Not at all." Nodding towards the private area she looks to the bartender, "What has Agnese done?" Rocking on her heels she keeps her hands clasped at the small of her back.

Roxxy looks from the crowd to Angela. 'I would have to say that it is not going well. Things are amiss, something is going on with that crowd, and it is quite possiblly dangerous', her voice is calm though her attention keeps shifting slightly to her surroundings. She looks to Mia and touches her shoulder. "We should try and get people out of here or go in deeper to investigate?" <Speaking in Russian>

The waitress comes back in record time. And she's disappearing into the back and soon enough Thriller is playing again. The crowd goes wild, but they seem contained on the dance floor for now.

"But we're in the middle of a crowded club…" Angela says. "What trouble could be brewing in such a public place? Granted the music choice is a little weird, but what else could be amis?" She sips her drink and then glances to the crowd again.

Mia nods, "If you think it is dangerous..I have friends here you know that." The Blonde Russian begins scanning the crowd for the normal group of club goers she's ussually seen dancing with over the time she's spent here. <Speaking in Russian>

The bartender turns to Mia once more, now that the the crowd on the dance floor is being contained and is enjoying their music. The bartender gives a soft little hiss and says, "What do you mean what has she done? She went to do the books and never came back."

Roxxy looks to Angela "A lot can happen. What ever finished off that song wasn't the DJ. I've been dancing in clubs long enough to know that what ever is happening with that crowd, it's not natural. Despite the chanting and the primal bouncing, No One likes Thriller THAT much." she looks back to the crowd again and nods to Mia "I'll follow your lead then." she pauses and looks to the bartender and back to Mia "I felt some… some force coming from back there just before things went strange." <Speaking in Russian>

Roxxy looks to Angela 'A lot can happen. What ever finished off that song wasn't the DJ. I've been dancing in clubs long enough to know that what ever is happening with that crowd, it's not natural. Despite the chanting and the primal bouncing, No One likes Thriller THAT much.' she looks back to the crowd again and nods to Mia "I'll follow your lead then." she pauses and looks to the bartender and back to Mia "I felt some… some force coming from back there just before things went strange." <Speaking in Russian>

Angela shrugs and then nods, watching over the crowd again as she leans up aginst the bar. "I suppose…" She says. "Anything is possible. I just mean that it's only a song… Seems a little odd for everyone to get worked up…"

Mia isn't stopping everyone from being an impromptu MJ fan, just a few on her way towards the private area of the club. "We should check on careful Sister." She nods some more, "No one likes the song this much." <Speaking in Russian>

Roxxy nods and motions for Angela to follow, saying to her 'I was at the Arabian club when the dancer and her music routine turned her into a giant snake. Trust me, only a song doesn't mean it can't be harmful.' She walks along behind Mia, glancing around for anything she might pick up as a weapon. "I'll do my best." <Speaking in Russian>

Angela laughs at the notion and shrugs her shoulders. "Probably isn't the worst thing I've encountered…" She quips and pushes away from the bar after setting her nearly empty glass down upon the counter. She follows after Roxxy, in relativly light heatered spirit it seems. "where are we going?"

Roxxy follows along close behind Mia, giving her sister just enough space to manuver, but not so much that things could seperate them. Then something makes her stumble, her breath catching and her eyes going wide. She rights her balance and lashes out a hand to Mia, grabbing her tight and pulling her back while she hisses "Death. Death. Death. Death." Her fingers claw in tight to Mia's shoulder while her body goes tensle ridged "We need weapons. Lots of weapons. Something very bad bad bad is in there." <Speaking in Russian>

Mia stops when Roxxy grabs onto her and blinks, "What? here?" Looking to the others before Roxxy again, "Still in here?" All the while the girl has been keeping her breathing pretty normal, not to labored or worried. She's holding her breath it seems as she tilts her head to the side as if listening for something. <Speaking in Russian>

"Whoa, careful Roxxy." Angela says coming up from behind. "Are you alright there?" She steps up beside Roxxy. "Are we even supposed to be back here? Isn't this like the non-public part of the establishment? I don't want to get kicked out of some place this early…"

GAME> Mia rolls 52 against 45% : 7% failure

Mia glances back to Angela and speaks in in English, wich by the sound of her accent is not her first language. "We will work things out if we get…caught." Looking around the office she asks the area, "Agnese?" Wrinkling her nose before she fights the urge to sneeze.

Mia glances back to Angela and speaks in in English, wich by the sound of her accent is not her first language. "We will work things out if we get…caught." Tapping the the office door she speaks up, "Agnese?" Wrinkling her nose she fights the urge to sneeze.

As Mia knocks on the door is swings open. And the smell of incense floods out of the room, intense and overpowering every other smell. The lights are on and the sight that greets the three women in the hallway is not a pretty woman. It is down right gruesome. Blood splatters the wall directly across from the hallway. Spelt out in this, drying, coagulating dark blood are the words, 'Rot inside a corpse's shell'.

Roxxy blinks and stiffens, then hisses to Mia "Danger, you just triggered something." She moves back from the door, opening her sister for plenty of room to manuver with. Normally she's much more confidant, but tonight's wierdness is going completely buggy with her head, with all the strange feelings that are tripping off in her. <Speaking in Russian>

Mia actually smies and motions inside, "I just knocked…look." She reads, "Should that read, Vampire in a dead body?" The smile leaves her featueres as fast as it arrived, "What do you mean I triggered something?" She calls into the room, "Agnese?"

Angel Pokes her head into the hallway now and looks around checking to see if he coast is clear or if the crap hit the fan

Roxxy says "Your grave humor leaves something to be desired, Sister." she sighs "I don't know. I've been feeling wierd things all not. Like… like forces and other strange wierd things. And when you knocked there was just something like a click, or a switch being thrown. Something I felt more than anything else." <Speaking in Russian>

There is no answer from within the office. Though now it becomes apparent that there is also blood on the floor. An arch of it that disappears out of sight into the office. Like the curve of a circle.

Mia scratches the tip of her nose, "I smell decay..and the rot of a dead body." Fanning a hand about she peeks into the office looking to the left and the right, "Agnese are you dead?" Smiling she shakes her head a tiny little bit, "Someone in here reaks of it.

Roxxy reaches out, again, to Mia, taking her shoulder, though more gently this time. "Sister, you're acting wierd." She glances back over her shoulder and spots Angel and gives a shake of the head "Watch the hallway, scream if anything bad starts to happen." She looks back into the room, her eyes twitching at seeing the circle arc of blood and face wrinkles at stink of decay. "Ritual group magic can draw energy from an unknown source if that source is aligned with the ritual magic that is happening. The dancers reactions maybe to be powering what ever is happening." <Speaking in Russian>

Angel Frowns and whimmpers " Roxxy you okay? " She calls out looking down the hall smelling the rot .

When Roxxy and Mia look in they are greeted by the most macabre sight. The body of Agnese Casanova literally -staked- to the floor, a silver stake gleaming and covered in blood. Her hands are stretched out to the side, also staked to the ground with silver spikes. And her feet staked together as well. She has been crucified to the ground. Except one HUGE difference. She is laying inside of a pentagram drawn in what is likely her own blood. Her naked body has been cut open as well. Her chest and abdomen cavities splayed out wide and the internal organs removed. All of them have been placed around the body. Her face is a rotting crumbling mess, one of her eyeballs missing. Most of the flesh of her body has is already in the stages of decay. Agnese's mouth is opened wide, and her fangs are -gone-. Blood coagulating into her mouth there.

What a mess.

Mia nods to Roxxy, "We should kill the music then..if you think it is still happening." Tucking some hair behind her ear she looks over the sight in the room and nods once, "Yes Agnese is dead." Looking between the two of you she says, "I swear that I did not have anything to do with this." Shaking her head she lets a slow unneeded breath out, "Sister, do you think who did this is still here?" Crossing her arms she looks a little perturbed, "This changes things." <Speaking in Russian>

Angel Shivers and walks over closer to see what's going on but she's going slow and keeping a good eye on the exit just in case.

Roxxy galnces back to Angel and waves her back "Stay back. You don't want to see this." She looks again at what remains, and then pulls her attention from that to the room. Ok. Something twitched or triggered or flicked when Mia knocked. She starts to scan the room looking for something, anything that might hint at trouble. "You know her?" She says, looking to Mia and growing a bit more uncomfortable with the way he sister is reacting. Finally her sister starts to sound like he sister again "I would say yes." Her gaze moves up to scan the ceiling as well now. <Speaking in Russian>

GAME> Roxxy rolls 35 against 60% : 25% success

Nothing jumps down from the ceiling at Roxxy or Mia. And Agnese's corpse does not move.

Mia nods, "Agnese Casanova…a Morte d'Amour. She managed the club, I was begining to talk business with her." Shaking her head some more says, "Yes Angel, do not come near, it is not something you need to see." Hands at the small of her back again the Blonde Russian says, "I was trying to talk her into finding a new club to run. I suppose I do not have to convince her anymore." <Speaking in Russian>

Angel nods her head and stays in the hall way shaking in her boots acutally and chewing her lower lip as she waits " Somebodies dead earn't they ? "

Roxxy says to Mia "What ever that feling was, it's not strong in here any more. Maybe that trigger was it stepping out?" She sighs and looks to Angel "Gory dead, hon. Just enough stuff to give some nightmares. I know you're tough, just saving you the restless sleep." She smiles to her wife and then looks back to Agnes "They tried to stop the music before and the crowd went crazy. But if the magic is powered by the crowd, then it's a cyclical feed. The magic ramps up the crowd primal instincts to generate more power and reward with pleasure. The music stops and they get kind of, well, you saw. So the music keeps the sedate but also powering. If… if that's still happening out there." she looks back to Angel "Love, are they still freaking out on the dance floor to MJ?" <Speaking in Russian>

Angel Blinks and peeks out then back " People go pop what ever was giving it is gone they all sorta leaving "

Mia shakes her head again, "Not how I wanted this to happen." Looking down the hall to Angel she asks, "They are just walking out? Following or just done dancing?" <Speaking in Russian>

Roxxy lays a light hand on Mia and remindds "Don't touch anything. RPIT will be dusting for prints and my psycomitrying if they still have one." She steps out into the hallway and looks down it, the opposite side from Angel, then back to see what she says. <Speaking in Russian>

Angel Looks back out at the crowd " No just like the fun left so did they still people but most left "

Mia nods to Roxxy, "I wouldn't want to get into trouble for something I did not do." Rubbing the side of her neck in thought the girl looks to Angel, "Angel, the Bouncer with the Mohawk, his name is Ernst…you see him close by?" <Speaking in Russian>

Roxxy sticks her nose back into the office. This time she starts to look over the room for anything that stickst out or looks overly disturbed. Beyond that, she tries to memorize the lay out of the room, though her memory is only average at best for such things. "I really wish I had my equipment." she mutters to herself. <Speaking in Russian>

A big strong looking woman, nearly seven feet tall, with a mono-bro makes her way in from the club proper.

Mia motions down the hall, "Go get what you need, Agnese is not going anywhere." Smiling she peeks back into the room and says, "Cookie, is Rogger working? I think I need to see him also." Turning and looking upwards at the girl she calls Cookie, "I hope he is, this is important..I think he would like to know whats going on." <Speaking in Russian>

Angel Blinks " I don't see anybody ummm " She looks around out the door "I don't see them , hey umm what abot that creepy person that walked out before you guys decided to rush in ? "

Roxxy looks to Angel and shakes her head "I don't know. The last I saw him was he was coming back this way, but the crowd was so dense it was hard to keep track of him." She looks down the hall and then heads that way, looking for the supply closet or a utility room.

Mia starts to make her way down the hall catching up with Cookie and Angel, "You saw someone leave here?" Slowly looking from side to side Mia again takes another breath, "I missed what the two of you saw."

GAME> Angel rolls 16 against 51% : 35% success

Cookie frowns slightly and looks at the mess, though she doesn't comment. The woman says to Mia, "I'll go find him." She then turns away and makes her way back out. Seemingly not bothered by the gore at all.

Roxxy pauses and looks back to Mia and Angel "You saw him leave?" She asks to her wife.

Power flares from Mia and the shadows appear to draw away into the cracks of the floor and the ceiling. The room has noticably lightened up a decent amount. "You sure its a him?"

Angel Shakes her head " Just saw him before when everything was calm but I got the heebie jebbies "

Roxxy comes back up the hallway "Going into this area or leaving it, hon?"

Mia is about up to Angel as well, "You are ok thought right Angel?"

Angel Nods her head " Yeah still got my get the F out of here before the cops show up or something bigger and meaner does though that's still going on nice and strong " .

Mia looks to Roxxy, "Natasha, I first felt something from back here when we where out front, I didnt know what it was." Looking out the way to the general club area she allows her gaze to bounce over anyone who's present. She's doing a private count, her lips moving silently.

Roxxy "I first felt something when we were out on the dance floor. Then it got worse around the time Thriller started. Then on the way to the bar I saw that… that man, and he was just reeking of some kind of… of power? I don't know. It was like something tangible but not… anyhow, that's when things started to build and get worse, the music changing and stuff. And there was also some kind of… of I don't know, like something treid to mellow me out… but failed.

Angel Nods and " Yeah trying to make me mellow but I'm never mellow so I freaked "

Mia nods, "I felt the same..wanted me mellow, wanted me just relaxed." Wrinkling her nose she grummbles, "I do not like Thriller…Going to ask the DJ who played that..I have a few friends inside that might of seen something also. Claire the bartender and I get along, and Im always here so the bouncers might talk to me if they have seen anything."

Roxxy nods "Ok. Um, on a side point, what just happened a few moments ago with the shadows and the light?"

Mia smiles to Roxxy, "I wanted to be able to see better, I didnt know if it was a Vampire with power to control the shadows and hiding that way."

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