Morgue: Memorial Hospital - Lake Shore Drive: North

Like most of the other rooms here in the hospital the morgue walls and tiled floors are hospital white and kept very clean. Yet the smell in here is a mix of cleaning agents and something else, its a smell that threatens to cling to you. As one would expect there are many body sized drawers covering one wall. In the middle of the room there are also 3 tables for bodies to rest on so the doctors can inspect and perform what is needed. There are also a couple workstations for performing tests and write ups.

A plaque on the wall reads in Latin, "Is est a Locus qua Nex est Gauisus iuvo Victus" (translated: 'This is a place where death helps the living').



With her hair pulled back and her labcoat actually closed for a change, Maeve enters the Morgue. There's a press of lips that passes for a serious expression, and she seems to be waiting for something. The body, perhaps. Or a non-corpse to tell her where it is.

The body has been carefully laid out. Though it is horribly DISGUSTING. Really, horribly, horribly disgusting. Her organs are laid out on a table next to her in 'evidence' baggies. — She was found with all of her internal organs removed and arranged around her in the pentagram she was found in. — Her chest and abdomen cavities have been opened up, and of course her organs are gone. Just an empty space framed by flesh and bones. Her face is in a serious state of decay, as are her limbs. The only organ that was left inside of her body has been removed, her heart. Or what is left of it. A silver stake was shoved through it — likely the killing blow. Her hands and feet were also pierced with silver pikes
GAME> Maeve rolls 55 against 32% : 23% failure

The press of lips becomes a frown, Maeve moving towards the corpse and unable to keep from wrinkling her nose. "Almost feels like it was something personal," she murmurs to herself, voice just above a whisper. She puts on a pair of examination gloves from the side, but not before clicking on the little recorder she keeps in her pocket. "Examination of the body of Agnese Casanova, victim of what appears to be a ritualistic murder. Organs have been removed by the perp, save for the heart, which was pierced by a silver stake, as were her hands and feet." Carefully, she leans in to examine the wound on the right hand, as if measuring the size.

GAME> Maeve rolls 79 against 59% : 20% failure

The wound is about an inch and a half, and looks to be a normal wound.. But consider it is silver and it burns preternaturals it is a little too difficult to see if it was done premortem, or postmortem.

Maeve continues, "Wound from the silver spike appears to be an inch and a half, and due to the victim's vampiric nature, it's unclear if the act was done post or premortem." Careful still, she examines under the corpse's nails.

There is ooze and rot underneath the fingernails, the hands decayed at the fingertips and knuckles.

"Hands and fingers, along with limbs, show signs of decay and rot that do not match up with the believed time of death," Maeve murmurs, as she sets the hand back down with care. Her eyes, shifting subtly in the light, move over the form of the corpse, looking inside the chest cavity, now.

The chest was cut up with almost surgical precision, and the internal organs removed just as well. Someone who knew medicine did this. Which does match up, if Maeve checks the notes, with the fingerprints they found at the crime scene of a Medic named Katherine Williamson. Though a medic with this sort of practice? Not all /that/ feasible.

Maeve does, of course, have and check the notes. "Organs are all intact, save for the pierced heart," she murmurs, "Indicating this wasn't done by some amature." She looks at the face of the corpse, then notes, "Request dental impressions and scrapings from the ME, to attempt blood or other DNA sample from the victim. If she had fed recently, there may be trace and leads there."

Upon inspecting, assuming she does indeed inspect it, she will find that the fangs are missing, and that they were not with the organs found at the scene of the crime.

Maeve, upon discovering that, blinks a few times. "Victim is missing her fangs, but all other dental structure seems intact," she notes. "Fangs do not seem to be with the organs that were found at the scene." She looks to the notes, trying to see if anyone noted where the organs were located around Agnese.

They were indeed all noted, but none of the on the scene seem to know what any of the placements meant. None of them being witches or with any kind of witch-knowledge.

Maeve huhs, softly. "Organs were placed in a specific manner." She peeks through the notes a bit more. "Request photos from the scene from lead investigator. The placement, as indicated in the notes, corrisponds with navigational compass directions and the points of a pentagram. Ritual magic is definitely a factor, and was used to distract those in the club above, to call on energy, to hide the magic itself and…" She pauses. "To keep the victim's Master, being the Master of the City, from becoming aware when she was killed." She moves to the other side of the slab, looking for more wounds.

Suddenly as Maeve moves around the table the body crumbles in upon itself, and turns into ash and bones upon the table. Some of it spilling over onto the floor.

Maeve just stands there for a moment, blinking. "Well, shit," she murmurs, followed by a sound of fustration. "The body has disintergrated, turning into ash and bone." Then, louder, "I need a dustpan!," is called out to whomever might be around. "And don't step on her!"

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