TJ's Vitals
Name: Thaddea Jocasta Tamsin Jema Theophilus
Race: WereLeopard <Black Leopard ~ Jagar>
Shortdesc: Striking Grecian beauty with ebony hair, golden eyes and bronze skin
Position: CEO and Owner of MoonShadow Publishing
Fame: n/a
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: n/a
Alicia Keys as Thaddea Jocasta Tamsin Jema Theophilus


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

CEO and Owner of MoonShadow Press, a large multi-country printing company. Not known to many and mostly a recluse the last five or more years, it's a surprise to many to hear the rumors of her arrival in the city. MoonShadow Press has a small office within the city limits that is said to be opening in late 2008.

Rp Possiblities:

  • Greece/Europe: TJ was born in Greece and traveled all over Europe in the last twenty years or so.
  • Old Family: The Theophilus family is very well known for high Socity and holds old bloodlines into the history of Greece. Rich is an understatement.
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Basic Description:

Long ebony hair has been plaided into a multitude of tiny braids that hug her head closely and hang nearly to her knees. Each plait is twisted and held with a band then allowed to fall free. Two small curls tease the high cheekbones of her bronze face and draw attention to her eyes. Easily her most compelling facial feature, they have an exotic cast, their intense amber orbs gleam with feral appeal beneath a thick sweep of sooty lashes. The rest of her features are a mix of hard planes and gentle curves. Her nose is wide but centered, her lips dark and full, showing her striking Grecian heritage.

Standing at well over six feet, she towers over most women and even some men, but carries herself with pride and a touch of self-awareness. The clothing she wears is comfortable, elegant in an organic way and tailored for her form. A half tee-shirt in the mottled brown and cream of raw cotton accents the warm tone of her flesh, as the shirt's short sleeves give way to reveal her bronze and cinnamon colored arms. Gently hugging her breasts, the shirt falls loose over her concave stomach to an inch above the small indention of her navel. With her waist and abdomen bared, it's on the swell of her curvaceous hips that a pair of faded low-rise black jeans rest. With an old braided brown leather belt woven through the belt loops, in contrast with the snug fit of her shirt, the jeans look to be a couple sizes to large. The wide baggie legs of the jeans fall to almost completely conceal her leather hiking boots that protect her feet, the battered and scuffed toes of the boots peer out from under the dusty cuffs of her jeans. Over all this she is known to wear a soft leather jacket, complete with hood that has the feel of soft silk.

The only jewelry she wears is a pair of bead adorned earrings, and a necklace made of a leather covered tong from which small carved golden figures of a cat, wolf, and hawk dangles.

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