Tombs's Vitals
Name: Tommy "Tombs" Boons
Race: Wereraven - "Corven"
Shortdesc: Pudgy fellow, early 30's, brown hair, bright eyes.
Position: Slacker
Fame: King of Britt'in
Temperament: Cheerful!
Themesong: 'The Blue Wrath' by iMonster
Nick Frost as Tommy "Tombs" Boons


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Brief History

Tommy Boons would fancy himself the 'most wanted man in all of Britt'in' and he wouldn't be too far from the truth. Known to be a rapscallion (though he prefers to think of himself as the breaker of hearts worldwide!), he is evidently part of a Gypsy like group of people. Travellers some call them, others call them Pikey's. Seems he landed himself in a bit of hot water a few years back, forcing himself to exile from his native home of the UK. Though he seems to have taken to the American lifestyle pretty good, all things considered.


Preternatural Info

Tommy or 'Tombs' claims to be a Corven, some.. grouping of WereRavens from the UK. He definitely can been called a rather unique individual. He has been all around the United States and has come across numerous people (Page or @mail if you would like to know him from earlier events). A likeable fellow, this guy is definitely for the birds (yes, pun intended) and a bit bird brained (oh! They don't stop!). With that thick accent and his eccentric ways it is a wonder he hasn't been put down already.

While new to Chicago, he hasn't made any waves yet. He has a very clear 'live and let live' sort of feeling about him. Part spiritualist, part purist and really fancies himself some sort of 'Priest of the Corven', seeking to enlighten the masses to the Ways of the Sky. Unlike some other Preters, he does not view this as a bad thing. In fact, he views it as a blessing and is always willing to bring others into the Corven fold. OOCly speaking, he is an Alpha wereraven and I am looking for good RPers that want to start a 'Murder' (see also: Pack). I am up to infect ICly or you can go through Chargen and create one that is preferably from the UK, though an American wereraven being taught his unique beliefs would be welcomed as well. ;)

Character Synopsis

Now, Tombs is supposed to be a comical character. Light hearted, smiling, he is a rarity in the AnitaVerse some would say. Which is fine by me. I play Tombs to be a smiling, laughing, jester type that gets a long with anyone. Very forgiving and not argumentative, he seeks to just enjoy what life has given him and to help others as best he can.

And yes, he sounds like Ed from Shaun of the Dead mixed with Brad Pitt's portrayal of a Pikey in Snatch. ;)

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