Tradewinds Coffee House's Information
Type: Coffee House
Rating: Two
Location: 5078 LaSalle Avenue
Fame: Freshly ground coffee and tea made from leaves
Atmosphere: Casual
Owner(s): Brianna
Manager(s): Brianna
Employee(s): None

This is one of the older buildings in downtown Chicago, but the high ceiling and the tall windows make it a light space, and the walls are painted a rich shade of cream. It is clearly a coffee house, from the scent on the air, and the rows of coffee beans on the shelves behind the glass and wood counter beside the door.

Inside, several long wooden tables are placed close together with benches made from the same material, a rich natural shade. Each table has a lamp on it, a soft glow for the evening time.

To the left of the front door, a counter holds a mix of cakes and chocolates, apparently home cooked. Separated by a shelf unit, an old fashioned stove squats, with the tables to its left, lurking in the back of the shop. The shelving unit holds row after row of coffee and teapots, interesting jars of loose tea leaves and coffee beans, a grinder and other implements of caffeine related produce. Next to the stove, a small wooden door conceals what may be a store room or a kitchen. Aside the register is an old-fashioned land-line telephone. There is a large chalk board on the wall with today's special written on it.


There is a range of teas and coffees available. The coffee house makes coffee from beans, ground on demand, and tealeaves. They do not sell things like a mocha or other modern syrup based coffees.


Brazil Santos

Breakfast Blend




Costa Rica



Ceylon BOP De-caffeinated.

Kenya Estate.

Chinese Green Tea.

Earl Grey

Jasmine Tea

Mixed Fruit Tea.

Redbush ‘ROOIBOS’ Tea


Mushrooms & Spinach cooked in cream & tamari with toast

Tomatoes & Herbs - cooked in olive oil, fresh herbs & balsamic vinegar with toast

Fruit & natural yoghurt with honey & seeds

Eggs - scrambled, fried or poached

Omelettes - Plain, Cheddar, Mushroom, Spinach

Full English / Irish breakfast

Cinnamon Toast


Seasonal soup and a wholemeal seeded roll

Spanish Omelette filled with potato, tomato, red pepper, onion, fresh mixed herbs & black olives

Homemade Quiche served with red onion marmalade or homemade chutney

Roasted Portabella Mushroom served in a whole meal seeded roll with fresh tomato, spinach, Dijon mayonnaise & red onion marmalade

Smoked Mackerel Pate served with hot buttered toast

Stilton on Toast served with homemade chutney

Stew, served with freshly baked bread.


Death By Chocolate

Carrot Cake

Coffee and Walnut


A little sign on the chalkboard suggests that politeness is required and cell phones are banned.

Not only is there no WiFi in Tradewinds, but just about any remote device appears to be blocked/scrambled on the property. Cell-phones, wireless laptops, GPS, etc… are all actively being blocked.

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