Log:20100406 - Training a New Animator


<NIGHT>Rosehill Cemetery - Ravenswood: Ravenswood Park

Sprawling over a few hundred acres is the Rosehill Cemetery, previously named "Roe's Hill" after a local barkeep named Hiram Rose until a map-maker with poor handwriting and/or eyesight mis-spelled the name. Here since 1859, the southern end by the front gate is the older plot, while the northern end is more recent and is almost exclusively flat ground-level place markers.
A few large monuments rise here and there among the trees, as well as the occasional small chapel or mausoleum. Some of the more notable ones are the Egyptian Temple of Darius Miller that cites the buildings of Abydos complete to the massive scarab above the door, a small Gothic Cathedral rendered in miniature, the Vehon site with a large semi-circle stone bench and a lithe Art Deco maiden standing within a central pool, and the Fisher site which is entirely underground save for the markers - the entrance stairs sealed with cement, stone and dirt to keep folks out (or to keep the Fisher family within). Off in one section is the much larger Rosehill Mausoleum, containing many families and famous individuals.
A light rain falls from a grey sky. It's cold and there's a mild wind from the north.


RL Date

Monday, June 29, 2009


It is very late evening in the cemetery, there being almost no light to speak of. The only real light there is, comes from a brightly lit lantern that sits on top of a headstone, close to the entrance. Standing next to it is the somewhat shadowy shape of Roderick. He is leaning casually against a tree, seemingly waiting for something, or someone.

Rachel has her head down as she trudges through the cemetery. Her backpack is hanging from her left shoulder with one strap and it bounces with each step she makes. She stops to get her bearings and turns then starts up again when she sees the light of the lantern on the headstone. Zigzagging around the other graves untill she reaches that one, she looks up at Roderick and smiles.

Roderick pushes himself off the tree as he sees Rachel approaching, "Good evening, Rachel. I hope I didn't disturb anything." He places his hands in his pockets and they come out holding a pack of clove cigarettes and a black Zippo with a skull and crossbones on it. He pulls out a cigarette and lights it, replacing both in his pockets.

Rachel does a little bounce to shift the backpack a bit and settle it. "na, I was just chatting with some friends." she glances toward the headstone. "is that the one." then she looks around as if searching for someone. "where's the family and the lawyers and stuff?"

Roderick chuckles and shakes his head, "You are way to eager for your own good." He turns to the headstone, "This is Mr. Crater. From my research, he has been dead for roughly 6 months. He apparently died of a heart attack." He shrugs and looks back, "This is not a Raising for anyone in particular, but more for demonstration purposes. Hence, the lack of lawyers and family. We just have to make sure to put him back when we are done." He grins slightly, "Now…" He takes a drag from the clove, "….what is the first thing you do, when you are preparing for the Raising?"

Rachel nods then lets the back pack slide off her shoulder to land with a small plop on the ground. She kneels on one knee next to it as she opens it. "Did you bring the chickens." she asks as she starts pulling out things to lay on the ground next to it.

Roderick smiles and inclines his head to one side, "No. I thought I would do this one with my own blood." He watches her carefully, gauging her reaction.
Rachel looks up as she pulls out a jar, the last thing it seems and sets it on the ground next to the wide leather sheath holding a knife. "oh, ok then." and she dusts her fingers off and stands up.

Roderick continues to smile ever so slightly, as he takes another drag from the cigarette. "However, I then realized that, since you are the one in training, that it should be you, not me." He pauses, "I wasn't sure how you would feel about using your own blood, so, behind the head stone is a covered cage, that has a chicken in it. It is your choice, but I recommend the chicken. That is a lot of blood for one to spill. Not to mention having to feed the zombie blood, so that it can regain its memory."

Rachel shrugs and pulls up her left sleeve and shows her inside arm to him. There are faint silvery scars a few inches above the wrist and a bit to the side. "Been there done that, Mary likes my blood sometimes." she looks at the headstone as she lowers her sleeve. "but like you said, I like chickens better." she grins up at him. "better than goats too, had an accident with a goat once."

Roderick chuckles softly and shrugs, "Everyone has an accident with a goat every once in awhile. This guy doesn't need such a big sacrifice, though, I don't think." He sets the lantern on the ground and leans against the headstone, "Alright, so once you have all of your tools set out, what is the next thing you do?"

Rachel kneels and opens the jar and lets the scent of rosemary and cloves fill the air. Diping her fingers into it she smears a bit of the ointment on her, pushing her hand under her top to put a bit over her heart. After she closes the jar she pulls the almost foot long blade from it's sheath and holds the knife in her right hand as she stands. "now I get the chicken."

Roderick arches a brow and nods, "One thing you should know, however, is that in a real situation, when you have family and lawyers, you should always, before starting, survey the site and the body, first, just to make sure your raising will work. For example, it is very hard to get any information from someone who has no tongue." He moves behind the tombstone and grabs the cage, setting it in front of the tombstone. "Proceed."

Rachel rubs the back of her left arm over her cheeks and nods at Roderick. "yes Sir." then she walks to the cage and reaches in with her left hand to neatly grab the chicken by it's legs and pulls it out upside down. The chicken freezes with it's wings slightly spread and makes a short high pitched keening sound as she holds it up.

Roderick simply watches her from behind the tombstone, "Just so you are aware, I will not be intervening, as long as nothing goes wrong. Make sure your circle encompasses me, however, or I will have no control, if something does go wrong. Especially since we are not doing a joint Raising."

Rachel looks at Roderick again, then useing the knife she points on her side of the grave. "you need to come around and stand with me then, Ok."

Roderick arches a brow and smiles at her, "I'm good back here. Trust me." He takes another, final hit of his clove and squeezes out the cherry, placing the butt in his pocket. "Just make sure the circle encompasses you, me and the headstone.”

Rachel nods then steps to one side of the headstone, still holding it's legs together, she lifts the chicken and with a quick sliding slice of her knife cuts off the chickens life. Just as quick, born from the practice she's already had, she lowers the chicken closer to the ground with the knife under the flow of blood. She walks slowly letting the blood drip off the end of the knife as she concentrats on her circle, one that will enclose her, the headstone and Rod.

Roderick watches her carefully as she draws the circle with the blood of the chicken. He crosses his arms over his chest, but does not say anything, so as not to break her concentration.

Rachel is sweating by the time the circle is closed and she looks at the headstone and waves the knife so that blood splashes on it then she holds the chicken carefull with the hand that still has the knife as she smears a bit of blood on her forehead then under her shirt again over the heart. She is almost holding her breath as she reches her hand out to rub a mix of the chicken blood and ointment on the headstone.

Roderick moves slightly, so that he doesn't get splashed by the blood that hits the headstone. He continues to watch carefully, though.

Rachel lowers her head as if bringing her focus out then she lifts it and calls out. "come forth, Mr. Crater, come forth now."

GAME> Rachel can Raise 2 fresh zombie(s)/night, with a 14% chance of a spare.
GAME> A 214% chance, with -1% per year post-mortem (and -100% after a raise)

While the ground before her seems to move and ripple She shifts the chicken back to her left hand.. then hands reach upward through the mound, followed by a head then body. Very soon he stands befor Rachel who lifts the bloody knife and with the flat side of it smears blood on his lips. "Mr Crater, can you speak." and she stands there watching with held breath.

Roderick stands up, fully, from behind the headstone, looking much more alert now that the zombie is up. He watches carefully, as the zombie sort of mutteringly responds, "Yessss…"

Rachel smiles and seems to relax a bit. "What do you want me to ask him now?" she seems to be admiring her work.

Roderick grins slightly as he watches the zombie sort of sway a little bit, as he stands there, "Well, he is going to have no memory until he is fed, so the best option would be to feed him and then ask him a couple of questions of your choosing."

Rachel nods then moves closer to the zombie and holds up the chicken neck to it's mouth to allow it to feed on the blood. Then pulling it back when it seems to show a bit of alertness in it's eyes. "ok,, Mr Crater.." and she steps back again to see if he will respond with anything. "what is your first name?"

The zombie drinks thirstily and looks a little disconcerted when Rachel pulls the chicken away. Nonetheless, he answers, "Jason." Short and sweet.

Rachel smiles at Jason then looks at Rod again. "I'm going to put him back now, unless you want to talk to him."

Roderick nods quietly, "Sure thing. I have nothing I need to ask him. This was for your benefit and so I could see where you were in your training. Go ahead and return him to his rest." He turns to the zombie, "We apologize for waking you up, Mr. Crater. Sleep in peace."

Rachel smiles at the zombie. "thank you Jason." she bends over and reaches into a metal coffee can and pulls out a hand of salt. She tosses the handfull of salt at him where it hits to slide and bounce off onto the ground at his feet. "with salt I bind you to your grave." then she lifts the knife blade again and smears it over his lips. "with blood and steel, I bind you to your grave." she lowers her hand and says "Jason Crater…. be at peace and walk no more." The zombies eyes slowly lose that spark of life and he just lays back on the grave site and slowly sinks downward while the dirt reformes over him.

Roderick smiles and steps out from behind the tombstone as the zombie returns to his grave, "You did a wonderful job, Rachel. I am very impressed. I am not sure that there is much more I can teach you, to be honest, outside of an watching an actual for real Raising."

Rachel smiles tiredly up at Rod, "It’s wearing isn't it." she looks at the chicken then goes to her knees again to reach into the backpack to pull out a heavy plastic small garbage bag and puts the dead chicken into it. "some times, Mary would have me do it, I don't know if she was just lazy or just making sure I was learning stuff." she looks up, "but she always kept the full payment," she grins then tends to putting things back into her bag, the last is the knif which she keeps out of the sheath untill she can clean it.

Roderick chuckles and shakes his head, "No worries. It is very tiring, but if I ever ask you to do one for me, I will more than compensate you for doing so. It can be exhausting." He looks around slowly and then looks back to Rachel, "You know, I have considered starting my own Firm. If I do, how would you feel about working for me?"

Rachel is wiping her knife off, getting most of the blood cleaned from the blade. She looks up in supprised. "you would have me, really." she seems delighted. 'hell yea, I would love that."

Roderick smiles and nods, "Excellent. I will let you know if it all goes as planned." He watches her clean up, "Despite whatever methods she used, Mary has taught you well. I still want to have you practice a little more, with me observing you, and I want you to see an actual Raising, and also do one, but those should be easy for you." He shrugs, "Now, once you get done cleaning up and collecting your things, you should get some rest."

Rachel pulls a very small flat can of oil from one of the many pockets on the backpack and putting the bloody paper towels into the garbage sack with the chicken she then pulls a soft cloth from another pocket and begins to really clean her knife. "I'll do that, for sure." she works over the knife carefully then finally when she's happy with how it looks, she slides it back into it's leather sheath and then puts it into the depths of the backpack. It takes her a few more moments to put the other things away and she finally stands up. "ok, time to go now?"

Roderick smiles and nods, "Time to go now. Very good job tonite. I am going to go get some rest, myself. I will speak to you again soon."

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