Travis Jenson's Vitals
Name: Travis Jenson
Race: Wererat
Shortdesc: Dark hair, goatee, golden eyes.
Position: Manager and Body-Guard
Fame: None, and that's the way he likes it
Temperament: N/A
Themesong: N/A
Kevin Tod Smith as Travis Jenson


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Travis has recently come to a business arrangement with Selene, and has agreed to manage both "The Second Circle" strip club and "The Third Circle" Club for her. He still carries himself with military precision, and still does body-guard work on the side.

Travis was an executioner prior to 1993, one of the few that was kept under contract with the U.S. Government. When that job was shifted under the Federal Marshal service, he took a position in the Preternatural Operations Division where still works to this day.

A large black furred were-rat with golden eyes.


Recently, there has been a change about Travis. He's still the same man, but he's allowing that softer side to be seen more. A good thing? A bad thing? Who knows.

There are a few words that mean a lot to Travis, and the two primary ones are Respect and Power. The order of them varies depending on the day of the week. If he respects you, for whatever reason, he is polite, the perfect gentleman. If he doesn't, you are beneath him, and worthless to him in the future no matter what you are. He is similar with power. He has never desired the throne, in any situation, but enjoys the power of being the one behind it, the one guiding it and shaping it. This rat is a master manipulator, having spent years learning from some of the best that the U.S. Government has to offer (and trust me, some of them are damn good!). Each word he says, is measured, careful, judged several times before it leaves his mouth. He thinks that shifters have gotten the short end of the stick, and unless one of them does something openly stupid (costing his respect) he will stand up for their actions, particularly if he can use them to his own ends. Young shifters, particularly rats are of higher concern to him, and are perhaps his greatest weakness. He will go through great lengths to protect them and show them the power that they can control, hoping to bring others into his thought process, and of course gaining some measure of influence over them in the future.


Travis was a soldier during several 'unofficial wars' of the US government. He holds no rank, nor is he enlisted in any branch of the service, and until 1993 his payroll code listed him as a fitness instructor for the governmental employees at one of their wellness centers. Oddly, he never taught a class, and was very rarely scene there. After 1993 he took a position as a member of the Preternatual Operations Division. His last official military post was during the closing of the Vietnam war, where he served as an Army Ranger. During the course of the war he was infected, and for years the US government used him to learn about Shifters and their loyalties. During this time he met with Rafael, and while the two never openly acknowledged friendship, they spoke many times until he left the government's primary service. While still retaining his position, he joined the Rodere in St. Louis, learning more about his people and their culture, letting himself explore. Using the skills that he learned in the military, Travis worked black ops for the Rat King, proving his use many times over. Recently, he found himself in conflict with one of Rafael's lieutenants and it was decided that perhaps the strong willed soldier should travel north, seeking out their brothers in Chicago.


  • Coming Soon.

Recent Unfoldings

  • After a long disappearance, Travis returns.
  • Apparently breaks up with Rachel and is being seen more frequently with his shifter employees.
  • Is noted gathering more contacts rapidly, preparing for… something?


RP Hooks

  • Weapons
  • Bounties
  • Body guard work.
  • Pro-shifter activities, or likewise, those that are anti-shifter (and more specifically, those that are Pro/Anti Rat)
  • He is interested in learning more about the Chicago preter culture, and finding out where exactly he may fit.


Three Simple Rules (from Road House)

  • Never underestimate your opponent. Be ready for anything.
  • Take it outside
  • Be nice. Until it is time to not be nice.

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