Tristesse's Vitals
Name: Tristesse
Race: Fae (Half-Sidhe, Half-Demi-Fey
Shortdesc: petite and rainbow-haired punk
Position: Pintsized Troublemaker
Fame: Other Unseelie Sidhe may know her as a bit of a misfit who left the court not long ago.
Temperament: Impetuous and impish, spiteful and spirited. She likes to have fun but sometimes at other people's expense.
Themesong: "She's a Rainbow" by The Rolling Stones & "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" by U2
Mandy (Miss Aesthetic on Deviant Art) as Tristesse

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Tristesse — the name means sadness, and it is a constant reminder that this young fae was an unwanted child. Her mother Elspeth is a Sidhe of the Unseelie court. After the court of the demi-fey did favors for the Unseelie court, the Unseelie Queen offered the ambitious Elspeth to the small faeries as a tribute. Elspeth, hoping to catch the eye of a Sidhe lord, was ashamed and bitter at this new post, but was eager to ingratiate herself to the Unseelie queen and served her duty. Elspeth became pregnant. Of course, any child is a boon to the Unseelie, but Elspeth was angry. She was forced to marry Phlox, the demi-fey found to be the father of the child, though the two agreed to live separately.

The child born was Tristesse. Her mother was relieved that the child was at least "Sidhe-sized" but dismayed at the various reminders of the child's mixed heritage: slightly pointed ears, rainbow-streaked hair, and the tattoo-like "birthmark" of butterfly wings stretching across the back and down the thighs of the infant. The child grew up with very few playmates because of the rarity of children in the court. Tristesse shared time with both the Sidhe and the demi-fey. Soon she learned how to shapeshift into the size of the demi-fey, and found to her delight that she in fact had real wings in that form. Elspeth, of course, discouraged this when she discovered her daughter's ability. The demi-fey disliked Elspeth's haughty nature and took out their disdain for the Sidhe on her daughter, treating her often cruelly; meanwhile, most of the members of the Sidhe court were kind enough to Tristesse, with the exception of her mother, whom Tristesse could never please.

As a teenager, the unhappy Tristesse found an odd bond with another part-Sidhe named Asprei. He trained Tristesse in weapon lore; Tristesse and Asprei shared in a few more intimate activities as well. Asprei also told her of the outside world. He began spending more and more time away from the sithin as he grew more fascinated with modern technology. It was he who gave her a Glock 23C and taught her to use it, "just in case" she ever left the sithin. His tales of vampires and werewolves fascinated the young Tristesse. Soon, he stopped returning to the sithin, and rumors had it he had found a human lover in the outside world.

Tristesse, now a century old, though still considered a "youngling" to the fae, left the sithin in favor of the mundane world. Her unhappy childhood behind her, she has come into her own power. Yet, she bears some of the worst traits the fae have to offer — she can be spiteful, petty, and hold a grudge. She can be self-absorbed and arrogant. And she still has the demi-fey's love for blood. She doesn't quite fit in, due to her odd eyes and hair, though she can pass for human, and because her mother never allowed her out of the sithin as a child, she doesn't quite know how the mundane world works.

Her "natural" form is a 5-foot tall woman with rainbow-streaked dark hair and tricolored eyes. She has a tattoo of butterfly wings on her back.

Tristesse can shift into an eight-inch tall fairy with wings.

Tristesse, if trying to appear human, usually appears with hazel eyes and either dark brown or rainbow-streaked dark hair.

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