Turner Head N Coif
Turner Head & Coif's Information
Type: Hair Salon/Barbershop
Rating: 3 Stars
Location: Water Tower Plaza
Fame: None
Atmosphere: Relaxed & Upscale
Owner(s): Corporate
Manager(s): Numerous
Employee(s): Numerous

General Information

The Turner Head & Coif is an upscale establishment that offers a wide selection of services to both men and women; hairdressing, coloring, haircuts, shaving, and waxing. At limited times during the day manicures, pedicures and limited massage are offered. The atmosphere is causal, but professional at the same time making customers feel welcome.


Two rows of anglepoise chairs with head and footrests stand in civil rows on either side of the room along mirrored walls. Open to both women's hairdressing and treating, and men's haircutting and shaving, Turner Head & Coif is the Water Tower Plaza's one-stop-shop for all matters above the eyebrows short of brain surgery.

A simple wash and dry can be had for those on the go, while folks with more time and money can get a full-on dye and perm from one of the expert staff. On and off through the day are a licensed manicurist and a hand & arm masseuse.

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